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Daredevil – Guardian Devil | Comics

Karen Page is gone for six months; leaving Matt Murdock completely broken and have his Catholic faith shaken.

Matt Murdock and his long-time love interest Karen Page has been through a lot that they probably wouldn't have survived without each other's support. She went on a separation with him to rediscover herself, leaving Matt in an angered state behind.

She has been gone for almost six months now and all he is left with now is his good old' Catholic faith, which is also pretty shaken these days. So, he heads to church for a confession as he is having a hard time to remember the Lord but it is cut short when he hears something.

A 16 year old girl, Gwyneth suddenly finds out that she was four months pregnant and her catholic parents find it very shameful. One morning she wake up seeing her parents getting murdered in front of her and so, she was running from home.

She gave birth to a baby on her own and as she was about to hit by a car, costumed crime-fighting superhero Daredevil came to her rescue out of nowhere and knocked the attackers down. When he turns back to ask the girl questions and he was left alone to face the cops for the mess he just made.

daredevil guardian devil
Daredevil – Guardian Devil | Comics

Later at Nelson and Murdock law firm, Matt was still unable to shake off the thoughts of Karen when his friend and partner Foggy Nelson introduces a client of a multi-million dollar divorce case named Lydia McKenzie but he hears the heartbeats of that running girl from midnight and her infant child.

Eventually she comes to his office next day claiming an Angel sent her to meet him and she apparently knows who he really is. She hands him over her child to keep it safe from the people chasing after her and then leaves at once.

Matt was astound to learn that she never having engaged in a sexual encounter with anyone before, which means that the child is either a messiah or could be an Antichrist. He called in his former flame and an active Avenger member, Black Widow who thought it was a booty call just like old times.

Natasha Romanov later tries to protect the child from harm upon hearing his side of the story when Murdock even violently attacks her to get the baby. Meanwhile, Karen Page suddenly shows up at his door after having the shocking revelation of being HIV positive because of her time as a drug-addicted porn star in past.

Foggy is suddenly found accused for a murder of a divorcee with whom he was having a secret affair for some time. This led him to be fired by the law firm of his own mother to avoid further problems regarding this case which also disgusts Matthew. While trying to find answers to his questions, Daredevil came across his arch-enemy Bullseye.

He returns to get a piece on him for ol' time's sake and left a lot of bodies behind trying to get the baby. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man also came by to visit him briefly. Murdock is probably going to lose it all soon or getting mad for real but what on Earth are Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange and demon lord Mephisto doing in all these?

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daredevil and bullseye
On Sight of Bullseye

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Daredevil – Guardian Devil (Softcover)

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Daredevil Visionaries Vol 01 – Guardian Devil

Daredevil – Guardian Devil 10th Anniversary Edition

Renowned filmmaker Kevin Smith is roped in for a new storyline for re-launching the second monthly ongoing volume of Daredevil from Marvel Comics and one of the star-artist Joe Quesada (Daredevil – Father, Daredevil – Parts of a Hole) also joined him. "Guardian Devil" is an eight part storyline that collects issues #01-08 from the series.

It elaborates a extensive plot premise where the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is pitted against an enemy he never faced before, ever in his life but already know a lot about him. Quesada's awesome and spectacular drawing lines throughout the mystery-filled pages have made this long-late into an enjoyable ride.

daredevil marvel comics
Devil In Despair

Featuring The Man Without Fear in lead, the story depicts him fighting with his inner demons and many tragedies as he goes out of his mind this time. It is considered as one of the top-notch Daredevil stories around that ran in recent times. Events from "Born Again" is referenced and linked with to tie some loose threads.

One of his oldest enemies, Kingpin has made a cameo appearance in a flashback and friends like Black Widow, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man showed up. DD is troubled by a second-stringer villain Mysterio, who is an enemy of a known ally, who collected vital information against him to beat him.
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