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Daredevil – Born Again | Comics

Karen Page has sold out the secret identity of her former lover Matt Murdock and now Kingpin is hell-bent on destroying the life of Daredevil.

To pursue an acting career, Karen Page had left her job of secretary at Nelson & Murdock law offices. She did find success in Hollywood for a brief time but then reduced to be a porn star and a heroin junkie. Suffering from existential crisis and desperation, she hits the lowest point where she sells the secret identity of Daredevil for a shot of heroin.

This information eventually reaches to Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin, who orders his assistant James Wesley to track down anyone who handled the information or even knows about it while he verifies its authenticity. The drug dealer whom Karen sold the secrets to is killed but she narrowly escaped with her life and heads back to New York City.

Matt Murdock wakes up in his own apartment completely unaware of these developments and then finds out that IRS has been auditing his tax files and froze his bank accounts. The next thing he knows is that he has been accused to bribe a witness for lying in a previous case and is testified by an honest to God cop, Lieutenant Nicholas Manolis.

Later at that night, he confronts Manolis as Daredevil in his house but instead of talking, the former attacked him and he leaves. Manolis then called Fisk and Matt learns of it from a little eavesdropping from the roof. Apparently, the guy has his son in hospital who needs immediate treatment and that is how he gets owned by the Kingpin.

Murdock's current girlfriend Glorianna O'Breen moved in to the apartment of his best friend and law partner Foggy Nelson after her house was vandalized. He is later called by Matt to work his case before the court hearing and he is prohibited to practice law.

daredevil born again marvel comics
Daredevil – Born Again | Comics

All of these incidents made Matt Murdock more depressed and then his apartment blows up right in front of him. His destroyed costume is the only thing from the wreckage that helped him piece together all the recent mishaps that took place in his life and it could only be an perfectly elaborated plan executed by his biggest rival; the Kingpin.

Investigative journalist Ben Urich of The Daily Bugle learns of the criminal charges brought against Matt and since his buddy refused to share his problem, he talks to his boss J. Jonah Jameson about Murdock's innocence and wants a piece to write on him.

Meanwhile, on the brink of his sanity, Mathew took a train to face the lord of crime once and for all to settle scores and get his life back. When Matt reached in his office, he engaged the Kingpin in a brutal beat down but got knocked over in the end only to later find himself strapped in a stolen taxi cab, drowning in the East River.

He struggles his way back to Hell's Kitchen and finds his way to his father's gym, where he finally collapses from exhaustion and is found by Sister Maggie, who also happens to be his mother. She took her to the local church and nursed him back to health.

In Mexico, Karen desperately tries to get back to New York to warn Matt about her betrayal and hitched a ride with a pervert named Paulo Scorcese, who saved her from the assassins Kingpin sent to kill her and took sexual favors in exchange.

Manolis opens up to Ben Urich about his involvement in framing Matt Murdock when his son died after surgery, which caused him to end up in a hospital bed and Ben to break his hand by one of Fisk's employee. When Manolis tries to reach Urich again, he was strangled to death as Ben was on line, goading him into continue his investigation.

After getting back to his feet, Matt starts preparing him again for getting back to vigilantism to reclaim his life. Kingpin got worried and hired a deranged psychopath to pose as Daredevil and kill Nelson. Then he released an unstable super soldier Nuke on Hell's Kitchen which caused Captain America and The Avengers to interfere.

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The Devil You Know

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During his long run on the first volume of Daredevil monthly ongoing series, writer Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again) came up with the idea of "Born Again" storyline, which he worked with artist David Mazzucchelli (Batman – Year One, Superman and Batman – World's Funnest) from issues #226-233.

When the story was later reprinted into a graphic novel, it became a phenomenon in comic-book history as well as one of the best stories written on the blind superhero so far. Moving aside from typical fighting with super villains, the plotline uses a variety of Christian symbolism and portrays the rise and fall of Matt Murdock in rough situations.

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God and Country

This best-seller book from Marvel Comics has later served as source material for Season 3 of Marvel's Daredevil web television series on Netflix in 2018, where Wilson Fisk uses the information of Daredevil's secret identity against him to destroy his career, reputation, social life and threatened his friends.

Supporting characters like Felix Manning, James Wesley, Melvin Potter and Sister Maggie showed up throughout the arc and a super-villain named Nuke made his debut within the plot. Reference of events regarding Karen Page from this story will be brought up later in "Guardian Devil" storyline and will add more depth to that.
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