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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Avengers – The Final Host | Comics

Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor Odinson are reunited to reform The Avengers and confront The Final Host!

When the First Celestial Host stepped onto Earth, it was opposed by The Avengers of 1,000,000 BC consisting of Agamotto, All-Father Odin, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Lady Phoenix and a Hulk-like creature powered by Starbrand. Odin proposes a toast before they all face their doom together but Lady Phoenix proposes to kill whatever it is.

Apparently, these Stone Age Avengers have already put one of them down and now there is a group of Celestials upon them. As the female living weapon asks if there is any hope for survival, Agamotto remains clueless while the others all charge into battle.

Today, Odinson, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark reunite after a long time to celebrate and Steve couldn't help but hinting at reassembling The Avengers, which Tony is against of completely. Thor however agrees to Steve saying, they are destined to do this and then suddenly Tony's new A.I. assistant alerts him of a massive energy fluctuations.

In South Africa, Black Panther is aided by Doctor Strange in a cave investigating the remains of two dead archaeologists. T'Challa believes that these men died of cosmic radiation and he wants Strange's power to identify it, leading the latter to discover the magic of Agamotto himself and following the probes deep beneath the Earth.

avengers the final host marvel comics
Avengers – The Final Host | Comics

Robbie Reyes is home with his brother Gabe and hasn't been feeling good lately as he is still trying to figure out his Ghost Rider persona. After her last encounter with The Leader, Jennifer Walters is trying her best not to turn into She-Hulk again when a pervert kept annoying her when she was walking alone on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

A huge warp-hole appears near the low-orbit space station of Alpha Flight and Captain Marvel sees a Celestial hand coming out that causes her to sound every global alarm. Steve, Thor and Tony head towards the site and see something huge fall off the sky.

A journey to the center of the Earth takes Black Panther and Doctor Strange to a place full of egg-like object lying dormant. Meanwhile, Robbie was recalling his encounter with Starbrand when suddenly; he sees a swarm of bug-like creatures coming out of ground and turns into Ghost Rider. Strange and T'Challa faces the same horde at the same time.

What came out of the warp-hole and dropped into Hudson River is a fallen Celestial and The Avengers sees Col. Carol Danvers standing beside it. Tony asks her if she had killed it but she says it was already dead when it came and there are at least hundreds more coming. Cap shouts their iconic battle-cry seeing another group of Celestials coming.

Captain America, Iron Man and Thor charges at this group of The Final Host with everything they have. Jen Walters finds herself near the dead Space God but is immediately attacked by a swarm that caused her to turn into She-Hulk and squish the bugs. She and Robbie Reyes bumped into each other and invoke a fight before getting busy with the bugs.

Captain Marvel plans to hurl The Final Host into sun using her omega-level warp grenades and Cap even pulls off a desperate stunt to eradicate this threat but them all are suddenly restrained by the God of Mischief, Loki. He has allied himself with the dark Celestials and after kidnapping Cap, he left The Avengers dealing with the locust horde.

avengers by jason aaron marvel comics
Battle Against Dark Celestials

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Avengers – The Final Host

To begin with a freah-start, Marvel Comics hired comic-book writer Jason Aaron (Original Sin, Thanos Rising) in 2018 to set a grand plot which will expand to the past, present and future of The Avengers, which takes place on the eighth ongoing volume of the series from issues #01-06. The arc goes back and forth to connect lose knots to bigger secrets.

He was assisted by artists Ed McGuinness (Avengers – X-Sanction, Superman – Emperor Joker), Paco Medina (New X-Men – Mercury Falling, New X-Men – Nimrod) and Sara Pichelli (Spider-Men, Spider-Men II). Also, David Marquez (Defenders – Kingpins of New York, Defenders – Diamonds Are Forever) worked on a few variants.

avengers vs loki marvel comics
Still After Avengers

Although the Dark Celestials were never a Thanos-level threat to begin with, the heroes were still challenged like never before and the next arc promises to be more action-packed. Odin and his Stone Age Avengers have much starting secrets for the heroes to know. Despite The Eternals all perishing during the story, Marvel will probably revive them in future.

Tony slipping into coma after fighting with Carol Danvers during Civil War II, Cap turning into an agent of Hydra from Secret Empire and events of The Unworthy Thor were all referenced as a callback to all three of them to come together once again. "Jen Walters Must Die" storyline from She-Hulk monthly series hinted to her issues as well.
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself | Comics

fear itself tpb
Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself | Comics
After being released by the Red Skull’s daughter, The Serpent, a god of Asgard culminates "The American Blitzkrieg" era, causing a massive spread of fear around Earth. The Serpent also summoned seven divine hammers on Earth that transformed a group of former super-villains and heroes alike into the lieutenant of his cause, dubbed as The Worthy. Just like the few other super villains, Paul Duval AKA The Grey Gargoyle has turned into one of the Worthies, now calling himself as Mokk; breaker of faith. Now with his newly found unmatched powers, Mokk reaches to the city of lights, Paris and after reaching there, he is doing what he does best, turning people into stone.

The ultimate man of science Tony Stark heads to Paris on news of rampage there caused by Mokk and to face him as Invincible Iron Man. But with horror, he sees the entire city is turned into stone by Mokk with his power as Grey Gargoyle. A shocked Iron Man attacked Mokk with no actual success while Tony kept hitting him hard and it seems like Mokk was expecting a better fight from him. Tony’s rival Detroit Steel tried to stop Mokk’s rampage with the cost of his own life. Tony sees no apparent way to fight the mystically powered Worthies but to apply the same manner on them. So, he asks Odin Allfather’s help and blessings to the battlefield. Despite all of this, he also got back to his old drinking habit and if he can get a hold of that, he have to worry about the mischievous Smoke Elves sent by The Serpent.
iron man armor
Iron Man Re-Forged
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The Invincible Iron Man 509

The Invincible Iron Man 504

The Invincible Iron Man 505

The Invincible Iron Man 506

The Invincible Iron Man 507

The Invincible Iron Man 508

The Invincible Iron Man 509

mokk breaker of faith
Wrath of Mokk
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Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself (Softcover)

Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself (Hardcover)

"Fear Itself" is a major comic-book crossover event that tied with many then ongoing series and 'Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself' is a six part tie-in story during the event that ran from issue #504-509 of the first volume of Invincible Iron Man monthly series by writer Matt Fraction (Defenders, Fantastic Four) and the artist Salvador Larroca (Death of Wolverine – The Weapon X Program, Spider-Man – House of M) from Marvel Comics in 2012. The story was preceded by “Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable” and started right after the conclusion of that tale, from where the very crossover event ushered as well. Apart from the appearances of the regular characters featuring the story, cameos were made by The Avengers member Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and Hawkeye.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

The "Siege of Asgard" led by Norman Osborn led The Sentry turning into his other persona, The Void, an Angel of Death who left Asgard in ruins like never before. In post-war, Odin All-Father sends Thor and Lady Sif in the furthest depths of Asgard to retrieve an ancient artifact called Worldheart; which is an immensely powerful cosmic heart giving birth to the world tree Yggdrasill, that later spawned the nine realms.

mighty thor galactus seed
The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed | Comics

While retrieving it, Thor sustained injuries from the worm-like creatures defending it. His brother Loki came to his aid and they successfully retrieve the heart. The all-seeing Heimdall confronts Odin about the artifact and its origin. Odin discloses to him about an apocalyptic prophecy and then places the heart inside the Destroyer Armor for safekeeping. While the whole Asgard gathers to celebrate this feat, Thor remains mildly distracted with his gut-wound that glows instead of bleeding.

Silver Surfer has been a herald of Galactus for a long-time and his true intention of serving the destroyer of worlds is to let him feed onto barren planets that are dead for millennia, thus sparing the ones with sentient life forms in it. Now, he heads towards Asgard sensing the power of the Cosmic Seed and demands it from Odin.

This sparks a sudden heated confrontation between him and the thunder god until he explains his intention of using it to sate the hunger of Galactus forever. Warning the Asgardians that his master will come for the seed, Surfer leaves. For the final showdown, an elderly god must face the great devourer. It's Odin Vs. Galactus.

odin vs galactus marvel
Gods of Destruction

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The Mighty Thor 03

The Mighty Thor 04

The Mighty Thor 05

The Mighty Thor 06

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The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Softcover)

The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed (Hardcover)

Taken place in the aftermath of Siege, "Galactus Seed" is a six part storyline from the first monthly ongoing series of The Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics. Collecting issues #01-06, the story was written by Matt Fraction (Nation X, Second Coming) and he was assisted by artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers Vs. X-Men, House of M) with illustrations, who also provided covers for all related issues.

mighty thor vs galactus
In The Name of Asgard

Though the plotline is of a story-arc, it has an ever-escalating premise of immense importance and it features a wide-array of characters from Asgard like Thor, Odin, Lady Sif, Heimdall, Brigade of Realms, Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg of Warriors Three, Kid Loki as well as cosmic entity like Galactus and his herald Silver Surfer.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thor Vs. Thanos | Comics

Following a battle alongside Odin and his Avenger teammate Scarlet Witch against Loki, Mephisto and The Enchanters, Thor returns to Asgard and discover that someone has brutally defeated the elite forces of Asgard and among them he find out his former lover Sif. Heimdall was found unconscious on Bifrost and Odin Allfather is encountered by a mysterious person.

thor marvel comics
Thor Vs. Thanos | Comics

He forced Odin to give an ancient artifact called "The Map of all Ending", that can lead the universe to destruction. This mysterious person is revealed to be The Mad Titan; Thanos. He is out to collect other mystic artifacts hidden across the galaxy, which will lead him to the fabled Designate, Terene. Who's tears have the power to unleash death across universe upon drinking it from Chalice of Ruins.

Thor is suddenly attacked by Mangog, the creature with immense power of billion-billion beings who were once slaughtered by Odin. Thor and Mangog battles fiercely and exchange heavy blows but Thor is eventually defeated shortly when the beast gets the upper hand in fight. Mangog and the evil Tarakis is teamed up with Thanos in his dark scheme.

Balder The Brave seeks the aid of master blacksmith Jagrfelm in Svartalfheim, on behalf of Odin. Now Thor aided by The Rigellian Recorder and Firelord; former herald of Galactus, must make a final stand against Thanos to stop him at any cost to save the entire universe from its impending destruction and rescue Terene from his clutches.

thor the avengers
Band of Cosmic Avengers

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Thor Annual V2 2000

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Thor V2 25

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Thor Vs. Thanos

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol 04

"Thor Vs. Thanos" is the fourth and final storyline by legendary team-up of writer Dan Jurgens (Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey, The Death of Superman) and one of Marvel's finest penciller John Romita Jr. (Uncanny X-Men, World War Hulk). This five part tale consists of issue #18-25 from the second ongoing volume of Thor monthly series.

thor vs thanos
Thunder God Vs. Mad Titan

Though, the story only took a couple of issue to be told but the significance and the magnitude of the events that took place in it is far greater that. It’s a cosmic level action packed madness, a must read for any fans and the second great appearance of Thanos after the events if “Infinity Gauntlet” of Marvel Comics.
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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Thor – The Dark Gods | Comics

The Dark Gods are an evil opposition of Asgardians and one of Asgard's most dreaded enemies from the past returns and took over the eternal realm of it. While Thor was on Midgard tending business with The Avengers, they invaded and re-shaped Asgard in their own dark view. Not only they took over Asgard but they also have destroyed the Olympus as well.

thor marvel comics
Thor – The Dark Gods | Comics

Ages ago, Perrikus’ wife Tserron was killed in a battle with Lonkarr, a scout Odin had sent to explore the universe who stumbled upon their city Narcisson. They were once defeated by the mighty Odin ages ago and now to avenge their defeat, they returned to claim Asgard and Thor is the one left alone to face them in battle. Perrikus of Dark Gods confronts The Mighty Thor, who once defeated him before.

Thor and Perrikus battled and during their clash, the evil god revealed Thor's disbelief on mighty Mjolnir and even defeated him. The mighty Mjolnir is destroyed during their fight and Thor reverted back to his human form of Jake Olsen only to be captured by Perrikus. This transformation has somehow saved him from a powerful magical blast from Perrikus.

However, he is successful in freeing himself and is assisted by the mysterious Marnot. Thor eventually manages to repair Mjolnir and with the prince of power, Hercules by his side who is also seeking revenge on The Dark Gods, for destroying his home, Olympus and one of Thor's old nemesis, The Destroyer is convinced by the former to bettle alongside them to put a fight against The Dark Gods.

For more information on Thor – The Dark Gods storyline, you can check out these links below.

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thor tales of asgard
Ascension of Dark Gods

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Thor V2 09

Thor V2 10

Thor V2 11

Thor V2 12

Thor V2 13

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Thor – The Dark Gods

Thor by Dan Jurgens & John Romita Jr. Vol 02

Following “Thor – In Search of the Gods” storyline, comic-book writer Dan Jurgens (Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey, The Death of Superman) and superstar artist John Romita Jr. (Uncanny X-Men, World War Hulk) returns in the second run of their take on Asgard's Thunder God's tale in “Thor – The Dark Gods” published by Marvel Comics in 2000.

thor dark gods
The Dark Wars

The stakes are high as always but very difficult to overcome such a threat that has the entire Asgardian Gods held captive on their custody. This storyline features issue #09-13 from second volume of Thor monthly ongoing series. This tale is followed by “The Eighth Day” crossover story where the same creative team has taken part along with other industry talents.
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