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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Dark Trinity | Comics

Establishing his new status as a villain, Red Hood decides to  take down Gotham's underworld while joined by a fallen Amazon and a faulty Superman clone.

Years before, Jason Todd was a street rat in Crime Alley who was stealing to survive and he was visited by Batman when he was trying to steal tires off the Batmobile. Never really found his comfort zone by working as Robin alongside The Dark Knight, Jason Todd eventually became an outlaw named Red Hood after he came back from dead.

While recalling these past events from his life, Jason came in his motorbike and shot the mayor on street before being confronted by his former mentor. These two fought a very brief yet intense battle and Red Hood then cheated his way out of the fight early on.

As he was having a drink in a bad-guy bar and got lost in thoughts from old days, a member of Black Mask's False Face Society approaches him to inform about their boss's invitation to join his cause. Jason then came saving life of a woman named Ma Gunn, whom he and Batman used to know from years before.

He stopped her from running criminal activities behind the cover of a Boarding School for Wayward Boys, which she used to run. Ma Gunn believes that it surely was Black Mask who gave the order to kill her for not joining in his recent mad schemes.

red hood and the outlaws rebirth
Red Hood and the Outlaws– Dark Trinity | Comics

After catching up on old times, Jason learns from her that her place was about to open weeks ago and that means, the villain had planned for a mass-murder when he blew up her house. Still not giving in to his rage because of his promise to Batman, Red Hood decides to face crime-boss Black Mask about his offer.

The way he made an entrance by shooting at his guys and broke into his personal convoy impressed the villain. He actually opens up to him about his intention being different for Gotham City from the likes of Bane, Catwoman, The Joker, Killer Croc or The Penguin.

Jason has become a discussing topic among the bad guys of Gotham City these days for showing his raw boldness by publicly attempting an assassination on Mayor and a clash with The Dark Knight. All of these were what made the villain appreciate his raw talent and even offered Red Hood to be his heir since he has no kids of his own.

Before moving towards their next objective on expanding operation in Gotham City, Black Mask made an example out of his henchmen, who failed to kill Ma Gunn by blowing up their heads with pre-installed neuro-implants in front of Jason.

In order to secure a cargo for his new boss, Jason encounters fierce warrior Artemis of Amazons, who was here looking for an ancient artifact known as Bow of Ra, a weapon of immense power she has always longed for. After their initial encounter, she deduces that Jason is definitely onto something.

Also, Black Mask is not really after the artifact as these two have previously thought but he was eyeing for a more threatening specimen. It was Bizarro, a failed clone of Superman created by former villain Lex Luthor that he wants for his own. In quest of figuring out Black Mask's real plan, Jason feels lost in the midst of Artemis and Bizarro.

red hood and the outlaws dc rebirth
Trinity of Outlaws

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Red Hood and the Outlaws – Dark Trinity

With first monthly series of Red Hood & the Outlaws debuting back on 2011, just as The New 52 wave started taking over DC Universe, the team comprised of anti-heroes and outlaws have changed their line-up recently. When Starfire left this trio, Red Hood and Arsenal quickly formed a new duo of bad-asses but that too has lived for a brief time.

It has come to an end because of circumstances and both of their conflicting nature to each other. However, we are in for an entirely different and all-new alliance up ahead of us where Jason Todd bands together with a fallen Amazon warrior Artemis and one of the many imperfect Superman clones; Bizarro.

red hood and the outlaws dc comics
A Rampaging Bizarro

So, with DC Rebirth launching a new wave of change, comic-book writer Scott Lobdell (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Darkness) and artist Dexter Soy (Army of Two, Batman – Arkham Knight – Genesis) has band together to came up with some great alliance of beloved outlaws which they brought up in "Dark Trinity" storyline.

With issues #01-06 of second monthly ongoing volume of Red Hood & the Outlaws and the one-shot "Rebirth" issue, this storyline is a fresh-start for Jason Todd and his new allies in crime. Each three of them are given a fair share of flashbacks at how they ended up together for a same goal, which serves as an origin for the new incarnation of Outlaws.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Deathstroke – Family Business | Comics

In search for his missing daughter Rose Wilson, Deathstroke came to confront an old friend turned a powerful enemy.

In a quest to find his missing daughter, Slade Wilson has confronted Joker's crazy girlfriend Harley Quinn, fought an army of Bizarros at LexCorp and then went after his contact Victor Ruiz only to encounter Red Hood in an alleyway. Deathstroke managed to find Rose Wilson, aided by a person from his past now calling himself Lawman.

During his recent search, Slade has been shot, stabbed and even stung by Snakebite, all of which has drained his healing factor. Rose is eventually found but sided with his foes; even she wants to kill her father now. When finally confronted, he recognized his enemy as a former mercenary partner named Wardell Chambers.

Five years ago, Slade went to Kahndaq with Wardell for a contract and when his colleague was fatally shot, he had to run. Not only did his associate survived, he developed power to bend minds when enemies revived him with meta-human blood. Thinking he was betrayed and left for dead, he returned as Lawman to exact his vengeance.

So, he came up with an elaborate plan to take D-Stroke down slowly and finally got to her daughter to amplify her hatred for Slade to make her switch side with him. He is also allied with mysterious Nova Council, who wants a piece of Deathstroke and after taking off his guns, Wardell faces him one on one in a knife combat.

deathstroke family business dc comics new 52 tyler kirkham
Deathstroke – Family Business | Comics

Meanwhile, Red Hood gains consciousness back in the chopper and decided give Slade a helping hand. It gave him an opening to slightly recover and had his enemies running for cover but Lawman quickly took over his mind, sending him off to see Batman calling him for assistance in finding The Joker and he then leaves.

Rose managed to break free of the mind link Wardell had over her and starts fighting back but got stabbed along with her father. As Lawman was about to finish them off, they both became invisible to his eyes and Slade sees his son Jericho standing beside League of Assassins' leader Ra's al Ghul, who cloaked them using his powers.

It appears that Jericho has taken sanctuary of Ra's at Nanda Parbat for some time and Slade has accepted to remain there for Rose as well. He continues to take down agents of Dead Bustards and waits to get his hands on Victor Ruiz. Although he is offered assistance from League of Assassins, he refused to be in debt to Ra's al Ghul.

Deathstroke has once chosen to be his successor but things didn't work out like he expected back then. So, he asks that Slade lets his extraordinary children to take that position to which, he claims both Jericho and Rose Wilson are off-limits.

Wardell still managed to get into Rose's head and successfully invoked her into attacking her father under his influence but in between this, Jericho peered into his mind using the same link to know his current whereabouts. Lawman and Snakebite then met Nova Council representative Mystasia to discuss how to apprehend D-Stroke.

Ra's al Ghul suggests that they should take a League of Assassins strike team to wrap things up smoothly but Wilson family decides to do it on their own. Even though Slade came prepared, Rose accidentally got injured so bad that saving her life would require him to be indebted to Ra's for life and pledge allegiance to his cause.

deathstroke slade wilson dc comics new 52 tyler kirkham lawman snakebite
End of The Gauntlet

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Deathstroke – Family Business

With conclusion of fourth storyline "Family Business" from third monthly ongoing Deathstroke series, this publication volume has come to an end. DC Comics assembled writer James Bonny and Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Nightwing) to tie all loose openings for having a new beginning very soon with upcoming "DC Rebirth" crossover event.

Talented artists Paolo Pantalena (Red Hood/Arsenal – Open For Business, War of Kings – Darkhawk) and Tyler Kirkham (The Darkness, Tomb Raider) came on board to help portraying their visions in issues #17-20 from the running series.

deathstroke slade wilson vs lawman dead bastards ra's al ghul dc comics new 52 tyler kirkham
Dead Bastards' Showdown

Following affairs that took place during "Suicide Run" story, Slade Wilson goes on a wild goose chase to look out for his missing daughter. His former partner Wardell Chambers from early mercenary days lured him into an elaborate plan to exact revenge for leaving him behind only for his children to arrive on time to save him.

His biggest silver lining came from a long-awaited reunion with his estranged children who used to despise him and finally came to accept him for who he is. Deathstroke has somewhat sorted out his problems at hand and now moving on from his starting point at "The New 52" timeline to a new beginning in upcoming "The Professional" storyline.
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Friday, September 16, 2016

Deathstroke – Suicide Run | Comics

Harley Quinn lures Deathstroke to Belle Reve and mae him fight the Suicide Squad, Lex Luthor's army of Bizarros to Red Hood.

Slade Wilson was tasked to kill a rogue Titan, Lapetus and gave up his eye as a part of a blood-sacrifice for his action (God Killer). He was training on Danger Island afterwards when his host Victor Ruiz brings him the news about his estranged daughter Rose Wilson, who is gunned down at her home before he could even react to it.

A furious Deathstroke immediately rushes to the spot only to find out it was another girl at his daughter's place with a message on her body that led Slade to believe it a handiwork of Joker's lunatic girlfriend; Harley Quinn, who previously made a deal with him for killing her "Boss" Amanda Waller; director of Suicide Squad.

So, arming himself up to infiltrate Belle Reve, Slade drops an EMP charge over the facility that severed all communications and unlocked all inmates. As guards were trying their best to keep the deranged inmates into their cells, he quietly drops inside.

While Task Force X member Captain Boomerang, Parasite and many other were taking out the guards; Harley Quinn was trying to make an escape out of this loony bin. Deathstroke grabs her from behind, asking about playing decoy with his daughter and got surrounded by other inmates, whom these two easily beat down to submission.

deathstroke new 52
Deathstroke – Suicide Run | Comics

Then another assassin Deadshot showed up there with a vendetta from their previous encounter on Russia (Pure Insanity). Their fight is briefly stalled when Slade explains his reason to be here is to find Rose but Harley tries to re-engage them to save herself.

They are soon interrupted as Deathstroke is quickly pulled to the aquatic block by Black Manta, who also wants to get back at him. Apparently, Manta too has a grudge over him regarding the last time they ran into each other and takes him down under.

At Waller's office, reptilian villain Snakebite shows up during the breakout and he cornered her after quickly killing off her bodyguards. All situations came under control when Internal Forces came to rescue shortly and have Manta diving back to water while Slade heads straight to Waller's office with Harley to finish his work.

There they find out corpse of her security personnel and presumed that she is dead already, whereas Snakebite is actually keeping the director hostage within Belle Reve compound. With a timely assist from Catwoman, they two fights their way out of armed guards.

More convicts approaches there seeing a chance to exact their vengeance on Waller and these three takes them all down before finally meeting the psycho snake man, with whom Deathstroke had a brief tussle with. Snakebite engages in a fight with Slade who ended up being poisoned by his venomous opponent but forcing him to flee.

Slade chases another lead for Rose at LexCorp that involves him standing against Mercy Graves, a Lex Luthor Robot and an army of Bizarros. Then he gets into a showdown with Red Hood, which led him to a man from his past trying to ruin him.

deathstroke suicide squad
Assault on The Wall

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Deathstroke – Suicide Run

Running on third ongoing volume, "Suicide Run" is the third story arc from Deathstroke monthly series, collecting issues #11-16. A part of The New 52 timeline, the story is plotted by writer James Bonny and Tony Daniel (Batman, Teen Titans), while arts were done by penciller Tyler Kirkham (The Darkness, Tomb Raider) back in 2015 for DC Comics.

Special guest appearance of Catwoman and Red Hood was truly a refreshing experience altogether even though it only mattered momentarily when they showed up as well as an antagonist from Slade's past, who wants to see him dead after tormenting him enough.

deathstroke the terminator
Stingers of Snakebite

A pattern is formed from the very first arc of this series; "Gods of War" and then it subtly continued throughout the entire time as other development progressed along and Deathstroke eventually went toe to toe with members of the infamous Suicide Squad at one point, with whom he shares not so pleasant history after all.

Minor hints toward other ongoing stories of DC Universe such as "Robin – Son of Batman – Year of Blood" and previous issues from "God Killer" storyline were given in plot details as reference. Both the series and Slade's chronicles will be concluded within the next arc titled "Family Business" where all stakes will go sky high for him.
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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Batman – Zero Year | Comics

batman zero year
Batman – Zero Year | Comics
A new band of psychotic criminals calling themselves as the Red Hood Gang is terrorizing Gotham City with their very unique way of organized crimes. On the grand opening of the Gotham National Bank, the gang goes there to rob the place blind after pre-poisoning everyone who worked there. A disguised Bruce Wayne is caught by their leader Red Hood One among the others by observing a simple flaw of his habitual trait. Bruce barely escapes through the tunnel from the crowd of GCPD and Red Hood Gang after a brief fight. While he was testing a Batarang and discussing about his recent endeavor, he is visited by Lieutenant Jim Gordon for a brief chat involving some irregular vigilante activities in the neighborhood which Bruce swore to know nothing about. In the meantime, the Red Hood Gang targets Bruce Wayne to pay an unpleasant visit.

Next up, Bruce starts flipping the bird right on the face of Red Hood One in every step he takes and pisses him off. In one morning Bruce’s uncle and the current CEO of Wayne Enterprises; Philip Kane comes to visit, who wants him to go public but Bruce is reluctant about it. Philip’s strategist Edward Nygma suggests him to kill his nephew to get ahead in the power play but he declines the idea. As Gotham City is about to be introduced to the greatest protector it ever had, it’s also going to have a mastermind villain making his grand debut who is literally about to bring the whole city to its knees with puzzles and riddles. Bruce comes out of shadow to face the evil but an accident may have given birth to another one.

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red hood gang
The Red Hood Gang
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Here is your links for "Batman - Zero Year" crossover event from DC Comics.

Batman – Zero Year – Secret City (Softcover)

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zero year secret city
An Urban Legend Is Born

DC Comics – Zero Year (Softcover)

DC Comics – Zero Year (Hardcover)

As of The New 52 era has been running on DC Comics, some new and improved storylines and comic events are being developed along the way as well. Primarily taking place on the monthly ongoing Batman series, Zero Year is a comic event of 2013 which is written by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and James Tynion, teaming up with artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn), Danny Miki, and Rafael Albuquerque. Also related tie-in issues from the respected monthly ongoing from Action Comics, Batgirl, Batwing, Batwoman, Birds of Prey, Catwoman, Detective Comics, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern Corps, Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outlaws has served as tales from their rookie season. It is a year-long event that would reboot the origin of The Dark Knight and two of his most formidable arch-nemesis in this new timeline.
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