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Red Hood and the Outlaws – Dark Trinity | Comics

Establishing his new status as a villain, Red Hood decides to  take down Gotham's underworld while joined by a fallen Amazon and a faulty Superman clone.

Years before, Jason Todd was a street rat in Crime Alley who was stealing to survive and he was visited by Batman when he was trying to steal tires off the Batmobile. Never really found his comfort zone by working as Robin alongside The Dark Knight, Jason Todd eventually became an outlaw named Red Hood after he came back from dead.

While recalling these past events from his life, Jason came in his motorbike and shot the mayor on street before being confronted by his former mentor. These two fought a very brief yet intense battle and Red Hood then cheated his way out of the fight early on.

As he was having a drink in a bad-guy bar and got lost in thoughts from old days, a member of Black Mask's False Face Society approaches him to inform about their boss's invitation to join his cause. Jason then came saving life of a woman named Ma Gunn, whom he and Batman used to know from years before.

He stopped her from running criminal activities behind the cover of a Boarding School for Wayward Boys, which she used to run. Ma Gunn believes that it surely was Black Mask who gave the order to kill her for not joining in his recent mad schemes.

red hood and the outlaws rebirth
Red Hood and the Outlaws– Dark Trinity | Comics

After catching up on old times, Jason learns from her that her place was about to open weeks ago and that means, the villain had planned for a mass-murder when he blew up her house. Still not giving in to his rage because of his promise to Batman, Red Hood decides to face crime-boss Black Mask about his offer.

The way he made an entrance by shooting at his guys and broke into his personal convoy impressed the villain. He actually opens up to him about his intention being different for Gotham City from the likes of Bane, Catwoman, The Joker, Killer Croc or The Penguin.

Jason has become a discussing topic among the bad guys of Gotham City these days for showing his raw boldness by publicly attempting an assassination on Mayor and a clash with The Dark Knight. All of these were what made the villain appreciate his raw talent and even offered Red Hood to be his heir since he has no kids of his own.

Before moving towards their next objective on expanding operation in Gotham City, Black Mask made an example out of his henchmen, who failed to kill Ma Gunn by blowing up their heads with pre-installed neuro-implants in front of Jason.

In order to secure a cargo for his new boss, Jason encounters fierce warrior Artemis of Amazons, who was here looking for an ancient artifact known as Bow of Ra, a weapon of immense power she has always longed for. After their initial encounter, she deduces that Jason is definitely onto something.

Also, Black Mask is not really after the artifact as these two have previously thought but he was eyeing for a more threatening specimen. It was Bizarro, a failed clone of Superman created by former villain Lex Luthor that he wants for his own. In quest of figuring out Black Mask's real plan, Jason feels lost in the midst of Artemis and Bizarro.

red hood and the outlaws dc rebirth
Trinity of Outlaws

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Red Hood and the Outlaws – Rebirth 01

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Red Hood and the Outlaws V2 05

Red Hood and the Outlaws V2 06

Here is your links to buy "Red Hood & the Outlaws – Dark Trinity" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Red Hood and the Outlaws – Dark Trinity

With first monthly series of Red Hood & the Outlaws debuting back on 2011, just as The New 52 wave started taking over DC Universe, the team comprised of anti-heroes and outlaws have changed their line-up recently. When Starfire left this trio, Red Hood and Arsenal quickly formed a new duo of bad-asses but that too has lived for a brief time.

It has come to an end because of circumstances and both of their conflicting nature to each other. However, we are in for an entirely different and all-new alliance up ahead of us where Jason Todd bands together with a fallen Amazon warrior Artemis and one of the many imperfect Superman clones; Bizarro.

red hood and the outlaws dc comics
A Rampaging Bizarro

So, with DC Rebirth launching a new wave of change, comic-book writer Scott Lobdell (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Darkness) and artist Dexter Soy (Army of Two, Batman – Arkham Knight – Genesis) has band together to came up with some great alliance of beloved outlaws which they brought up in "Dark Trinity" storyline.

With issues #01-06 of second monthly ongoing volume of Red Hood & the Outlaws and the one-shot "Rebirth" issue, this storyline is a fresh-start for Jason Todd and his new allies in crime. Each three of them are given a fair share of flashbacks at how they ended up together for a same goal, which serves as an origin for the new incarnation of Outlaws.
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