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Friday, February 5, 2016

Harley Quinn – Hot in the City | Comics

The mistress of mayhem, who is none other than Harley Quinn is wondering what it would be if her life were a comic book. She considers hiring writer Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Amanda Conner, the former of whom is fairly known for drawing big boobs.

When these two starts talking with the issues that they are rightfully being framed of, Harley then starts considering another bunch of talented artists including Tony Daniel, Dan Panosian, Walt Simonson, Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Charlie Adlard, Sam Kieth and Darwyn Cooke, while sometime featuring her best bud Poison Ivy and dropping her pudding The Joker in between plotline. She finally wakes up from her dream and is annoyed at the lack of the crowds’ lack of scheduling commitment.

harley quinn hot
Harley Quinn – Hot in the City | Comics

Harley finally chose one of the artists from an older comic when a law firm representative Robert Coachman comes to inform her about one of her former patient from Arkham Asylum has recently passed away and left her an establishment in Coney Island, New York. So, to have fun and good times in a big city, she packs her loads and hits the street.

On road, she is disgusted seeing a man dragging his dog and she does the same to the man after freeing the dog. As she was busy doing that, a hitman sneaks out on her for the reward on her head. After taking care of him she gets sneaked by another one in Coney Island but saved by a tenant of her named Big Tony. It appears that someone has thrown a bounty on her head and anonymous hitters are on it to collect the prize.

For more information on Harley Quinn – Hot in the City storyline, you can check out the link below.

Harley Quinn – Hot in the City (Comics) DC Comics Wikia

harley quinn comic
Coney Island Loonies

Here is your links to buy “Harley Quinn – Hot in the City" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Harley Quinn V2 0

Harley Quinn V2 01

Harley Quinn V2 02

Harley Quinn V2 03

Harley Quinn V2 04

Harley Quinn V2 05

Harley Quinn V2 06

Harley Quinn V2 07

Harley Quinn V2 08

Here is your links to buy “Harley Quinn – Hot in the City" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Harley Quinn Vol 01 – Hot in the City (Softcover)

Harley Quinn Vol 01 – Hot in the City (Hardcover)

Collecting the first eight issues from the second monthly ongoing volume, “Hot in the City” is the first graphic novel of the character Harley Quinn of The New 52 timeline. Comic-book creator duo Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner (Power Girl, The Pro) serves as the writers for the series while artist Chad Hardin takes the drawing duty.

harley quinn new 52
United States of Lunacy

Amanda Conner also served as the cover artist for all eight issues of the story. The first issue of the storyline features a wide array of artists’ talent which has no connection to the actual story and the book is all about her solo adventures apart from her time in Suicide Squad.
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Maxx | Comics

Julie Winters is a freelance social worker, who had a terrible incident in her life earlier that changed her life forever. One day, when she stepped out of her car to help an unknown hitch-hiker on street who in turn, beats her severely, then raped her and left her to die afterwards.

This however, had a dark influence in her psyche which results her in spending more and more time in a dream world simply referred as The Outback, where she has established herself as an an all-powerful goddess "The Leopard Queen".

sam kieth maxx
The Maxx | Comics

Because of her tormented experience of the real world, she starts spending more time in The Outback and it starts an imbalance between the real and the dream world. She hit a homeless man one night in the street afterwards but instead of helping him to his feet this time, she left him covered with trash and got away.

A link is created between The Outback and that man Dave, is transformed into a superhero called The Maxx. He also starts shifting between the two worlds and becomes Julie’s protector in The Outback and her client in the real world.

The person who raped Julie, a serial rapist named Mr. Gone has also starts stalking her and gets in a clash with Maxx in both realities who shares a connection with Julie. A game of power play begins where Mr. Gone intends to manipulate The Maxx, Julie Winters and Sarah James, Mr. Gone’s estranged daughter.

For more information on The Maxx comics series, you can check out these links below.

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The Maxx (Comics) Image Comics Wikia

the maxx outback
The Maxx in The Outback

Here is your links for "The Maxx" comics from IDW Comics.

The Maxx Vol 01

The Maxx Vol 02

The Maxx Vol 03

The Maxx Vol 04

The Maxx Vol 05

The Maxx Vol 06

The Maxx – Maxximized Vol 01

The Maxx – Maxximized Vol 02

The Maxx – Maxximized Vol 03

The Maxx – Maxximized Vol 04

An ongoing comic book series created by renowned comics book creator Sam Kieth (Aliens – Earth War, Friends of Maxx), The Maxx is first published by Image Comics and ran for 35 issues. Later the title was moved under DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint banner and after that, the series has recently moved to IDW.

the maxx julie
The Maxx and Julie

Along with artist Sam Kieth, who was responsible for both the story and art, writer William Messner-Loebs and veteran Alan Moore (Batman – The Killing Joke, Rogue Trooper) also share credits for plotting this fresh-new superhero saga.

The character Maxx also appeared on Savage Dragon, Youngblood and Gen 13 monthly ongoing comic series. The popularity of the comic book has led it to be adapted in TV Show for the MTV and by 2009, it was also made available on VHS format.
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Death | Comics

Her very existence sprung at the first creation of life and until the demise of the last living soul of the entire plane of existence, she will be there. When that event finally occurs she will put the rest of the Universe to rest in peace. She is one of The Endless called Death, who also happens to be the second eldest member of the group.

death dc comics
Death | Comics

Nearly 80,000 years ago from now, Death and The Endless visited the necropolis to put the body of Despair to leave in rest. She has taken all the kings, emperors and rulers of worlds from the history to their afterlife upon their demise. Despite being the personification of life’s end, she actually is pale young Goth lady who is quite caring and kind to all the beings of existence.

As an immortal being that possess near omnipotence she is not bound by any rules like the other six siblings of her, she still has to follow a single custom. A day in every century she has to live an entire day as a mere mortal and die at the end of that day. So that she could comprehend the value of life and what it means to living actually.

During her journey to the eternal and out of the stars of our reach she occasionally visited earth while having the slightest confrontation with Captain Atom, Ambush Bug, Lobo, Legion of Super Heroes, Lex Luthor over time and The Flash too during the crisis of Brightest Day. It is also implied that there are multiple counterparts of many different character across the Multiverse but for all those universe there is only one Death.

For more information on Death comics series, you can check out these links below.

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Death (Comics) DC Wikia
death the endless
Death of The Endless

Here is your links to buy "Death” comics from DC Comics (Vertigo) on Amazon.

Madame Xanadu Vol 01 – Disenchanted

Sandman – Preludes and Nocturnes (Softcover)

Sandman – Preludes and Nocturnes (Hardcover)

Sandman – The Doll’s House (Softcover)

Sandman – The Doll’s House (Hardcover)

Sandman – Dream Country (Softcover)

Sandman – Dream Country (Hardcover)

Absolute Sandman Vol 01

Sandman – Season of Mists (Softcover)

Sandman – Season of Mists (Hardcover)

Death – At Death’s Door

The Books of Magic

Sandman – A Game of You (Softcover)

Sandman – A Game of You (Hardcover)

Absolute Sandman Vol 02

Sandman – Fables and Reflections (Softcover)

Sandman – Fables and Reflections (Hardcover)

Death (Softcover)

Death (Hardcover)

Absolute Death

Death – The High Cost of Living (Softcover)

Death – The High Cost of Living (Hardcover)

Sandman – Brief Lives (Softcover)

Sandman – Brief Lives (Hardcover)

Sandman – Worlds’ End (Softcover)

Sandman – Worlds’ End (Hardcover)

Absolute Sandman Vol 03

Sandman – The Kindly Ones (Softcover)

Sandman – The Kindly Ones (Hardcover)

Sandman – The Wake (Softcover)

Sandman – The Wake (Hardcover)

Absolute Sandman Vol 04

Death – The Time of Your Life (Softcover)

Death – The Time of Your Life (Hardcover)

Sandman – Endless Nights (Softcover)

Sandman – Endless Nights (Hardcover)

A character that appeared in the second volume of The Sandman monthly ongoing series in 1989, Death is a fictional comics character who was created by Neil Gaiman (Angela, Eternals) and Mike Dringenberg for the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. Dringenberg made Death visually similar and taken inspiration from his friend Cinamon Hadley.

chris bachalo death
Life of Death

Even though she represents the aspect of death, she emerges to the viewers in a more friendly appearance. She is one of the most popular character from comic book throughout Vertigo, DC Comics and in overall. Apart from her role in the Sandman stories she also had a few limited series of her own and made cameo in the regular DC Universe time to time.
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