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Death | Comics

Her very existence sprung at the first creation of life and until the demise of the last living soul of the entire plane of existence, she will be there. When that event finally occurs she will put the rest of the Universe to rest in peace. She is one of The Endless called Death, who also happens to be the second eldest member of the group.

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Death | Comics

Nearly 80,000 years ago from now, Death and The Endless visited the necropolis to put the body of Despair to leave in rest. She has taken all the kings, emperors and rulers of worlds from the history to their afterlife upon their demise. Despite being the personification of life’s end, she actually is pale young Goth lady who is quite caring and kind to all the beings of existence.

As an immortal being that possess near omnipotence she is not bound by any rules like the other six siblings of her, she still has to follow a single custom. A day in every century she has to live an entire day as a mere mortal and die at the end of that day. So that she could comprehend the value of life and what it means to living actually.

During her journey to the eternal and out of the stars of our reach she occasionally visited earth while having the slightest confrontation with Captain Atom, Ambush Bug, Lobo, Legion of Super Heroes, Lex Luthor over time and The Flash too during the crisis of Brightest Day. It is also implied that there are multiple counterparts of many different character across the Multiverse but for all those universe there is only one Death.

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Death of The Endless

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A character that appeared in the second volume of The Sandman monthly ongoing series in 1989, Death is a fictional comics character who was created by Neil Gaiman (Angela, Eternals) and Mike Dringenberg for the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. Dringenberg made Death visually similar and taken inspiration from his friend Cinamon Hadley.

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Life of Death

Even though she represents the aspect of death, she emerges to the viewers in a more friendly appearance. She is one of the most popular character from comic book throughout Vertigo, DC Comics and in overall. Apart from her role in the Sandman stories she also had a few limited series of her own and made cameo in the regular DC Universe time to time.
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