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The Maxx | Comics

Julie Winters is a freelance social worker, who had a terrible incident in her life earlier that changed her life forever. One day, when she stepped out of her car to help an unknown hitch-hiker on street who in turn, beats her severely, then raped her and left her to die afterwards.

This however, had a dark influence in her psyche which results her in spending more and more time in a dream world simply referred as The Outback, where she has established herself as an an all-powerful goddess "The Leopard Queen".

sam kieth maxx
The Maxx | Comics

Because of her tormented experience of the real world, she starts spending more time in The Outback and it starts an imbalance between the real and the dream world. She hit a homeless man one night in the street afterwards but instead of helping him to his feet this time, she left him covered with trash and got away.

A link is created between The Outback and that man Dave, is transformed into a superhero called The Maxx. He also starts shifting between the two worlds and becomes Julie’s protector in The Outback and her client in the real world.

The person who raped Julie, a serial rapist named Mr. Gone has also starts stalking her and gets in a clash with Maxx in both realities who shares a connection with Julie. A game of power play begins where Mr. Gone intends to manipulate The Maxx, Julie Winters and Sarah James, Mr. Gone’s estranged daughter.

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the maxx outback
The Maxx in The Outback

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An ongoing comic book series created by renowned comics book creator Sam Kieth (Aliens – Earth War, Friends of Maxx), The Maxx is first published by Image Comics and ran for 35 issues. Later the title was moved under DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint banner and after that, the series has recently moved to IDW.

the maxx julie
The Maxx and Julie

Along with artist Sam Kieth, who was responsible for both the story and art, writer William Messner-Loebs and veteran Alan Moore (Batman – The Killing Joke, Rogue Trooper) also share credits for plotting this fresh-new superhero saga.

The character Maxx also appeared on Savage Dragon, Youngblood and Gen 13 monthly ongoing comic series. The popularity of the comic book has led it to be adapted in TV Show for the MTV and by 2009, it was also made available on VHS format.
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