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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Amazing Spider-Man – Lifetime Achievement | Comics

J. Jonah Jameson is about to receive lifetime achievement award from Mayor Wilson Fisk and Spider-Man had to come to his rescue.

During his time at Daily Bugle as its editor in chief, J. Jonah Jameson had been publishing one hit-piece after another claiming Spider-Man to be a public menace to raise awareness, never knowing that one of his employee and young freelance photographer Peter Parker was actually the man behind that mask he hated for so long.

Most recently, Parker made a huge revelation of his identity to Jonah and entrusted him with responsibility of its secrecy. It made things awkward for both of them but JJJ is trying hard to make up for his mess. Although people are pretty skeptical about his abrupt change of stance on Spidey but Jameson is adamant that they all owe him.

Next thing he knows, Jameson received an invitation from Mayor Wilson Fisk to receive a lifetime achievement award from their mutual friend Spider-Man, which Peter saw him announcing on TV. He showed up at Century Club in a Limo and is greeted by Spidey but due to years of habit, started shouting at him immediately.

Parker tries to reason with him about not showing up at Fisk's party because of his criminal past but JJ believes that Parker owes him this, claiming Jonah has been trying to repair his reputation but Pete reminds him that Jameson himself has ruined it. Seeing no apparent way of convincing Webhead, he walks alone to the party.

amazing spider-man lifetime achievement nick spencer marvel comics ryan ottley
Amazing Spider-Man – Lifetime Achievement | Comics

The Enforcers showed up out of nowhere to kidnap Jonah and engage in a brawl with Wall-Crawler. Having no luck at faring against him, these old-school mobsters try to shoot Jameson only for Spidey trying to save him next and get beaten. Waking up after a while, they find themselves among the company of Mac Gargan AKA Scorpion.

A mystery voice from unknown brought J. Jonah Jameson here to tell him his own story and starts projecting events from his life. It shows how he made Spider-Man a sworn enemy to how his insane obsession to take him down eventually led to Gargan being subjected to experiment, birth of Human Fly and creation of Spider-Slayer.

Then he met his second wife Marla and his father but they all died including Frederick Foswell, fellow Daily Bugle reporter and friend turned crime boss named Big Man. However, he Jameson turned out to be a traitor when he finally become pro-Spider-Man after year of rallying people into fight against "Webbed Menace", turning his back.

To punish him for his alliance with Web-Slinger, his unforeseen enemy unleashes Mac Gargan, Human Flies and a Spider-Slayer. Among a bunch of clones and LMDs, only Scorpion was the real deal and with a little help from JJJ, they managed to defeat them all until a giant-sized version of Big Man breaks in to crush them for good.

A ghost of his past came back to haunt him for stance he took lately but things are resolved over as he worked with Spider-Man. Meanwhile, a beaten up Gargan got his payday cancelled moments before he is kidnapped by Black Ant and Taskmaster. He wakes up to find himself captive alongside with Cobra, Tarantula, Stegron and Vulture in a cell.

Following his association with Big Man earlier, assassin-for-hire Arcade lost a huge sum of money and then Kraven the Hunter came to Arcade Industries with a business proposition. Peter and Mary Jane joined Dr. Curt Connors and his family for lunch when May Parker got caught between a Rhino chase by hired mercenaries.

shock jock j jonah jameson pro spider man nick spencer ryan ottley marvel comics
Jameson Goes Pro-Spider-Man

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Amazing Spider-Man – Lifetime Achievement

Marvel Comics
hired writer Nick Spencer (Ant-Man – Second-Chance Man, Doctor Strange – Damnation) on board to take Amazing Spider-Man back into his roots. Assisting him on his third consequent run will be artists Chris Bachalo (Captain America – Homeland, Dark Reign – The Sinister Spider-Man) and Ryan Ottley (Haunt, Invincible).

After getting back to his regular superhero business in "Back to Basics" storyline and then opposing Odessa Drake leading a newly reformed Thieves Guild by teaming up with his former ally Black Cat in "Friends and Foes", Spidey is slowly approaching toward a new challenge set up by an old foe while a new one closely watches his every move.

amazing spider man j jonah jameson scorpion mac gargan nick spencer ryan ottley marvel comics
Saved by Webbed Menace

Peter Parker revealing his secret identity of being Spider-Man to J. Jonah Jameson is referenced through and through (Peter Parker – The Spectacular Spider-Man – Into The Twilight) and build premise of their latest misadventure. Hints of "The Clone Conspiracy" helped reflect on how Curt Connors has reunited with his formerly deceased family.

Webhead also faces Fancy Dan, Montana and Ox returning as The Enforcers from his early days of crime-fighting. A face-off between former Daily Bugle publisher, J. Jonah Jameson and current mayor of New York, Wilson Fisk was really unexpected. "Lifetime Achievement" collects issues #11-15 from current run and leads directly to "Hunted".
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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Amazing Spider-Man – Venom Inc. | Comics

Crossing over Black Cat and her gang, Lee Price rises to new levels of villainy to tangle with Spider-Man and Venom Inc.

Coming back from outer space after months, Flash Thompson loses his Venom symbiote following a confrontation with FBI. He then contacts Andi Benton AKA Mania in Philadelphia and she offers to help him locate his symbiote. He also tells her that a new Venom has already showed up in New York and is on news headlines as well.

While still on phone, Mania saves a woman from being mugged and took down a bunch of thugs. She then moves on responding to a nearby alarm at a jewelry store only to get ambushed by a gang lead by a man in the hood. They hit her up with flamethrowers and sonic cannon to separate her suit and leave her after claiming it.

Spider-Man has come across The Ringer and Tumbler trying to steal an art from Guggenheim Museum. As soon as he knocks them off, his Spider-Sense goes off as Black Cat came to strike at him with her bladed whip. Upon pinning him down under a heavy sculpture, she leaves to steal and Spidey gets a call from his old buddy Flash Thompson.

Peter Parker goes to see Flash and is surprised that he decided to meet him even after recent of collapse of Parker Industries. Flash reveals that his symbiote was stolen earlier and asked him to contact Spidey for help to get his suit back. Peter comments that even Spider-Man would probably want to destroy it only to get brushed off quickly.

Elsewhere, Venom was trashing Looter that night and almost attempts to kill him until Eddie Brock intervenes to stop his other. Struggling to keep his symbiote in check, he goes to see Dr. Steven at Alchemax to get some medication. Flash Thompson tries to get in following him and is thrown out but manages to grab one of the guards' ID cards.

amazing spider-man venom inc. marvel comics anti-venom spidey black cat maniac dan slott mike costa gerardo sandoval ryan stegman
Amazing Spider-Man – Venom Inc. | Comics

When Eddie was talking to Dr. Steven about recent behavior of his suit, Flash shows up to claim his former partner and surprisingly, it responds to him. Spider-Man watches his break in from afar and gets inside once he realize Brock is there. As both Eddie and Flash struggle to gain control over the symbiote, Spidey tries ripping parts of Klyntar.

He throws a piece of it in a nearby vat and the knocked one of them over upon learning that its liquid substance is harmful to symbiotes, which doused over and transforms part of Klyntar that bonded to Flash and made him newest Anti-Venom. He rips off Venom symbiote from Eddie before putting it into a canister and then leaves abruptly.

Since Flash was adamant on not letting go of his former host, Spider-Man invites him to an apartment that he shares with Mockingbird. Unwilling to disclose his secret identity to Thompson just yet, he suggests using Peter Parker's equipment to kill Venom symbiote but wanting to bond with it again, Flash refuses to let him do so.

Looter was sitting in a pub and gets a visit from former Venom host Lee Price wearing Mania symbiote. He infects all other patrons at the bar with gobs of symbiote biomass to turn them into his Inklings and bending them to his will. Together, they raided at Black Cat's hideout but she retaliates by telling her gang to tear them all apart.

One by one, all of her men fall prey to Price and his Made Men including Hammerhead, Killer Shrike and Scorpion. When all of her minions fell, Cat challenges Price to a one on one battle to settle scores and even she fell too. Spidey makes a symbiote compass, which lead him to a now turned Black Cat and her gang along with Anti-Venom.

Overwhelmed by a group of Venomized villains, these two tries their best to fight back almost to no avail. Felicia Hardy breaks out of Maniac's control by kissing Anti-Venom and got out only to stumble up on Eddie Brock. A strand of symbiote from Bobbi Morse's apartment escaped into sewers looking for him and they bond immediately.

Both heroes eventually get captured and Price sends a turned Spidey into a crime spree through New York. Andi Benton saves her mentor from being executed and Spider-Man was saved by a joint effort of Black Cat and Venom. As Lee Price plans to attack on notorious Five Families, they all band together to finally stop him for good.

amazing spider-man venom inc. marvel comics mania andi benton anti-venom flash thompson spider-man peter parker maniac lee price inklings symbiote black cat felicia hardy melter 8-ball scorpion mac gargan hammerhead percy and barton brothers grimm killer shrike looter norton fester dan slott mike costa ryan stegman
Black Cat and Inklings Gang

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01. Amazing Spider-Man & Venom - Venom Inc. Alpha 01

02. Amazing Spider-Man 792

03. Venom 159

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05. Venom 160

06. Amazing Spider-Man & Venom - Venom Inc. Omega 01

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Amazing Spider-Man – Venom Inc.

In a move to soft-reboot monthly ongoing Amazing Spider-Man and Venom comic-book series, Marvel Comics hired writer Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man – Graveyard Shift, Amazing Spider-Man – The Parker Luck) and Mike Costa (Venom – Land Before Crime, Venom – The Nativity) to conceive plot for "Venom Inc." crossover story arc in 2017.

Dan and Mike were assisted by artists Gerardo Sandoval (Age of Apocalypse – Warzones!, Guardians 3000 – Time After Time) and Ryan Stegman (Inhuman – AXIS, Inhuman – Genesis) for illustration with Stegman providing additional cover art.

amazing spider-man venom inc. marvel comics black cat felicia hardy venom eddie brock symbiote mania andi benton anti-venom flash thompson spider-man peter parker maniac lee price inklings scorpion mac gargan maggia dan slott mike costa gerardo sandoval david curiel
Reign of Maniac

A former host of Venom, Lee Price returns for a big score and plans to take over entire criminal underworld of New York with help from a new symbiote and his recruited Inklings. To stop him at all cost, Spider-Man forms an alliance with Black Cat, Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson and former Mania host Andi Benton, who bears a Hell-Mark.

Price starts his plan by stealing Mania symbiote from Andi, leading Flash to investigate and having Peter involved. Eddie was looking for a solution of his own problems at Alchemax, where he witnessed Thompson to become new Anti-Venom. Soon, Spidey got involved and all of them found a common cause to take a stand against Price.

Picking up from "Amazing Spider-Man - Secret Empire" tie-in and "Venom – Blood In The Water" storyline, Venom Inc. collects Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha and Omega, Amazing Spider-Man issues #792-793 and Venom issues #159-160 , continued in "Amazing Spider-Man – Red Goblin" and "Venom – Rex" up next.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Venom – Land Before Crime | Comics

Eddie Brock is back again with his Venom symbiote in time to save New York from Stegron, The Dinosaur Man!

Long after being apart from each other, Eddie Brock and his symbiote reunites as Venom once again. He wakes up from a nightmare sensing an urge to go out slinging and sees an armed robbery in progress that he stopped effortlessly. When police arrive, Brock flees from scene and kept wondering about a sudden temper of his partner.

Looking for answer, he ends up walking into Our Lady of Saints Church where they met at first years ago. After scaring off two goons away from there, Eddie talks to a priest about his faith to God and a recently resumed relationship from past. He tries to resonate with Brock in a way that agitates his symbiote, forcing him to leave abruptly.

Walking on street, he was having concern over how Venom symbiote is behaving lately and gets attacked by Scorpion. Upon learning that Eddie is back in business, Mac Gargan came after him to settle some old scores. Though he came fully prepared with flame and sonic-based weapons, Brock easily took him down using his fear of symbiotes.

Passing out from exhaustion of fight, Eddie wakes up in the church only to find a near-lifeless body of the priest he talked to earlier. His symbiote remarks that anyone trying to come between them will face the same fate. Lamenting at this, Brock took the priest to hospital and senses something is seriously wrong with his partner.

venom land before crime marvel comics cover
Venom – Land Before Crime | Comics

He decides to fix whatever causing his other to behave strangely and wonders if it has hurt more people when he was unconscious. In a room next to his, Eddie hears a horrified student explaining to a doctor how his friends were all torn apart by a monster with fangs in a sewer near Our Lady of Saints Church, leading him to investigate.

Though Klyntar assures that it was not involved in this recent attack, he refuses to believe that due to its outbursts lately. While examining bodies into the sewers, Brock is ambushed by a humanoid creature that looks like a dinosaur that he defeats by turning into Venom after a heavy brawl, he noticed "ALCHEMAX" tattooed on its chest.

He then pays Alchemax C.E.O. Liz Allen a visit at her office, bringing that monster from sewers that ate a couple of civilians. She asks whether he wants hush money since he brought it here but he asks for her help instead. Liz calls in Dr. Steven to help with his issues and struck a deal with Eddie to capture more of her escaped monster.

She reveals to him that Alchemax took a government contract to research on Stegron the Dinosaur Man for regenerative technologies, since Dr. Connors' formula was unavailable to them. However, he escaped with a bunch of test subjects that she wants back to clear government's mess in exchange for a cure to his symbiote.

Lurking around in sewers, Venom eventually finds a way to Stegron's lair inside a cavern, where he has amassed an army of dinosaur-hybrids and assumed in role of their god. As Brock was vying his options to come up with a plan, he is blasted off by a sonic screech of a nearby monster and his body is quickly seized by dinosaur-men.

Klyntar wakes him up in the middle of a fight against an army of dinosaurs but it quickly gets overpowered. Stegron is planning to transform him to include within his dinosaur society but Eddie manages to burst out of captivity. Entire cave gets flooded in moments and he swam outside to safety, coming across Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

She introduces herself and her red scaled theropod companion to Venom who came following a strange scent from sewers. He gets an experimental treatment from Alchemax as a cure for his symbiote and returns to underground to find Moon Girl planning an attack on dinosaur-men but ended up losing her friend Devil Dinosaur to Stegron.

Monsters of New York

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Venom 150

Venom 151

Venom 152

Venom 153

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Venom – Land Before Crime

To carry on events of from "Homecoming" storyline, writer Mike Costa (Amazing Spider-Man – Venom Inc., Venom – The Nativity) and artist Gerardo Sandoval (Age of Apocalypse – Warzones!, Guardians 3000 – Time After Time) returns for a follow-up in "Land Before Crime", collecting issues #150-153 from third Venom monthly series.

Eddie Brock had a reunion with his symbiote after long in current ongoing run of a re-launched Venom comic-book series from Marvel Comics. Having recently bonded to an abusive host, it has been acting aggressively and Brock had to seek help from Alchemax for a cure to prevent its violent outbursts every now and then before it's too late.

army of dinosaurs
Raging Army of Dinosaurs

Although official cover art for "Land Before Crime" features an image of Spider-Man being webbed up by Venom, there is no appearance of Wall-Crawler at all. However, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur showed up to help Eddie take down Stegron but her plan backfired and she almost lost her friend until Brock managed to bail her out.

Members of Spidey's expansive "Rogues' gallery" are butting heads with wicked web-slinger a lot these days and assuming his claim to fame as "Lethal Protector" once again, Eddie takes responsibility of remaining members of dinosaur society. He will soon be tussling with Kraven the Hunter in next storyline titled "Blood In The Water".
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Venom – Homecoming | Comics

No longer an "Agent of the Cosmos", Venom is back on Earth and found a new host that turns him into a slathering monster.

Former Army Ranger Lee Price was thinking about how choices in life are so easy for bad guys and how it takes a lot of strength to do the right thing at all times just to be a good guy. He is currently looking for a job in New York City so he could pay rents and his friend Tony has set him up for an interview with Mac Gargan, former Scorpion.

Trying to intimidate his new recruit, Gargan asks him if he has ever killed anyone during his time as a Ranger and what was the reason behind his discharge, to which Lee calmly responds by saying that he can kill people if its needed and shows off two of his fingers that blew up in the line of duty, which has him classified as "disabled" now.

Elsewhere, Venom symbiote was wandering without a host for some time after being separated from Flash Thompson. Lee and his friends showed up at their spot that night for a job offered by Gargan on behalf of Black Cat. It was an exchange with men sent by Tombstone who attempted to walk away without payment and pulled their guns.

Not expecting any shootout, Lee didn't bring his guns and Venom symbiote suddenly bursts in out of nowhere and almost immediately bonded with Lee. Surprisingly enough, he was able to gain total control over the suit and trashed his enemies. He kills his peers and a homeless man to eradicate all evidence from scene before heading home.

venom homecoming comic
Venom – Homecoming | Comics

Back at his place, his suit was struggling with Lee over having psychic control on him but fails due to his training in army. Next day, he goes to meet crime boss Black Cat to return her goodies back to her and decides to join her gang. Seeing Gargan working for her, his symbiote protests this idea and made him vomit to create a scene.

While rebuking his partner about pulling a dangerous stunt earlier, Lee returns to his apartment only to stumble onto an assassin named Firebug, who is here to take him out on behalf of Tombstone for murdering his gang. Against his fiery power of pyrokinesis, Venom finds it very hard to fight back but to save Lee's life, it helped anyway.

FBI Agent Bagman and Wambaugh have been keeping an eye on Lee for some time and decide to intervene at that very moment to take him into custody. Lee escapes but the agents find him again, forcing him to work for them whether he likes it or not as they are fully capable of neutralizing him anytime they want if he doesn't comply.

Meanwhile, Gargan visits Black Cat to talk about his suspicion about Lee Price killing all those men they sent to make a deal with Tombstone's gang. She sarcastically brushes him off but one of her right-hand man shows Mac Price's destroyed apartment, where no bodies were found and Mac Gargan decides to take matters in his own hand.

Agent Wambaugh asked Lee to meet near Parker Industries and Bagman came to him asking about who Spider-Man really is. Black Cat summons her new hired gun Lee Price to see what is really at play with him and sends him to scare off a Daily Bugle reporter from a story he's been working on, tagging him along with her pet Scorpion.

Lee talked to his symbiote to calm it down when he is at work but seeing Gargan, it became agitated. Instead of doing what they came for, Mac attempts to beat Lee Price to a pulp and their assignment quickly turned into a huge brawl. When footage of their brawl goes viral on social media, it even catches the eyes of Spider-Man.

gerardo sandoval venom
Badder Than Ever!

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Venom V3 06

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Venom – Homecoming

Marvel Comics hires comic-book writer Mike Costa (Web Warriors of the Spider-Verse – Electroverse, Web Warriors of the Spider-Verse – Spiders Vs.) and artist Gerardo Sandoval (Age of Apocalypse – Warzones!, Korvac Saga – Warzones!) to cook up a brand-new storyline to re-launch a new Venom monthly ongoing series in 2017.

"Homecoming" collects first six issues from third volume of Venom comic-book series and kick-starts a new status-quo. Klyntar finds a new host in Lee Price, who demonstrated his capability as a psychotic killer and to become a notorious villain. Classic Spider-Man villains like Black Cat and Scorpion also made special appearance for this arc.

spiderman vs venom comic
Deadliest Fanged Monster

Being one of Spider-Man's arch enemies for years, Venom has returned to Earth recently and has somehow got separated from Flash Thompson. Now they are not "Agent of the Cosmos" anymore and the alien symbiote has found itself a new host that is evil and not anything like a "Lethal Protector" that Eddie Brock ever was during his run.

Coming from a military background, Lee Price shows impressive control over his suit and quickly managed to get hired by New York's newest Kingpin of crime, Black Cat. However, his cover is blown due to his cockiness and all hell breaks loose. One of his former host returns for a plot twist that will be explored in next storyline "Land Before Crime".
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Spider-Man – Dying Wish | Comics

dying wish spiderman
Spider-Man – Dying Wish | Comics
In the aftermath of the global catastrophic “Ends of the Earth” event, a terminally ill Doctor Octopus was finally taken down with his newly reformed Sinister Six by Spider-Man after foiling his manic plan to eradicate billion lives on Earth as a last resort to be remembered forever. He was placed in the security prison facility created for the super villains called The Raft, under intensive medical care. From this inactive state, he struggles to utter a single word, “Peter Parker”. To the respond of his call, Spider-Man came to pay visit to him along with The Avengers in Raft. To a point of their conversation, it is finally revealed that Doctor Octavious has previously transferred his consciousness to Peter Parker’s young body during their last battle to escape death.

While Peter is trapped in his fragile body, which is slowly dying, the Octavious Spidey bids farewell to the dying Peter Parker with taunting him a little bit. With only a few hours to live, Peter managed to summon the Trapster, Hydro Man and Scorpion to invade Raft and break him out of the prison as Doctor Octopus in a desperate attempt so that he could face off and stop his arch-nemesis Octavious in Spider-Man’s body. After breaking out of the prison, Peter led the trio who believed him to be Doctor Octopus to The Avengers tower where all of Parker’s relatives are moved. In their confrontation, Octavious Spidey nearly kills the Scorpion by breaking his jaw that shocks Parker and he retaliates by engaging Spider-Man in a final epic-battle.

For more information on Spider-Man – Dying Wish storyline, you can check out these links below.

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Spider-Man – Dying Wish (Comics) Wikia

spiderman doctor octopus
Swapped Consciousness
Here is your links for "Spider-Man – Dying Wish" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Amazing Spider-Man 698

Amazing Spider-Man 699

Amazing Spider-Man 699.1

spiderman mary jane
A Day In The Life
Amazing Spider-Man 700

Here is your links for "Spider-Man – Dying Wish" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Spider-Man – Dying Wish (Softcover)

Spider-Man – Dying Wish (Hardcover)

Followed by “Ends of the Earth” story arc, Dying Wish is the final storyline from the longest running first volume of Amazing Spider-Man monthly ongoing series that started with legendary comic-book creators Stan Lee (Daredevil, Doctor Strange) and Steve Ditko (Beware the Creeper, Legion of Super-Heroes). With this the 50 years long run of the series has finally came to an end, Marvel and the creators had their plan of jump-starting a whole new title, “Superior Spider-Man”. Dan Slott (She-Hulk, Silver Surfer) and Humberto Ramos (Wolverine, X-Men) cooked up this four part epic tale that ran through issue #698-700 and is published by Marvel Comics in 2012.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Spider-Man – Big Time | Comics

spiderman big time
Spider Man – Big Time | Comics
After battling the villainous Doctor Octopus and his newly formed team of Sinister Six alongside The Avengers, Spider-Man was highly praised by his teammates for his exceptional wit and bravery in the fight. While having trouble with his paychecks and finding a place to live, Peter Parker eventually gets a job at the Horizon Lab on Maria Jameson's recommendation. Kingpin hires Roderick Kingsley; the current Hobgoblin for a task but he is later killed by Phil Urich, who also takes his place as Hobgoblin and proceeds with the task. A sample of a new experimental metal called "Reverbium" is stolen from Horizon Lab by the new Hobgoblin and even after a brief fight; Spider-Man was unable to stop him due to Urich's maniacal sonic scream laugh.

Soon, Spider-Man is aided by former cat-burglar and his old time crime-fighting partner Black Cat to get the stolen metal sample back from Kingpin's tower with quite a struggle against the Hobgoblin. Meanwhile, criminal Mac Gargan recently escapes the prison and is reformed with a new, improved Scorpion suit which was given to him as a means to save his life after removing the Venom Symbiote from his body. Inventor Alistair Smythe; the person who freed him, gathers people who has an issue with J. Jonah Jameson and gives them various cybernetic implants, thus creating an army of his own Spider-Slayers with the power like Spider-Sense for his own cause. The New Avengers soon joins Spidey to fight this latest threat of Smythe's new cyborg army of Spider-Slayers.

For more information on Spider-Man – Big Time storyline, you can check out the link below.

Spider-Man – Big Time (Comics) Wikipedia
humberto ramos spiderman
The Way of The Spider
Here is your links for “Spider-Man – Big Time" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Amazing Spider-Man 648

Amazing Spider-Man 649

Amazing Spider-Man 650

Amazing Spider-Man 651

Amazing Spider-Man 652

Amazing Spider-Man 653

Amazing Spider-Man 654

Amazing Spider-Man 655

Amazing Spider-Man 656

Amazing Spider-Man - Free Comic Book Day 2011
spiderman black cat
A New Goblin In Town

Here is your links for “Spider-Man – Big Time" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Spider-Man – Big Time (Softcover)

Spider-Man – Big Time (Hardcover)

Spider-Man – Big Time Ultimate Collection

Big Time is a Spider-Man storyline from Marvel Comics that was released on 2010, which ran from issue #648-656 from the first monthly ongoing volume of the Amazing Spider-Man series. This story was developed by writer Dan Slott (Superior Spider-Man, The Thing) with artist Humberto Ramos (Wolverine, X-Men) along with two other pencillers, who helped the latter. Big Time is a major storyline since the longest running tale "Brand New Day" and led to the crossover "Spider Island" and also paved way for the upcoming ground-breaking storyline “Ends of the Earth”.
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