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Friday, November 20, 2015

Punisher – Last Days | Comics

mitch gerads punnisher last days comic
Punisher – Last Days | Comics
Getting out of his regular territory of New York, The Punisher took out the Dos Sols cartel of L.A. and then took care of some business with Crossbones. Now, Hector Del Sol took the operation of Dos Sols and ushered a reign of chaos. Returned to Los Angeles to stop the gang violence, Frank Castle realizes his relatives are kidnapped by the Howling Commandos to get to him. He responds by bringing the entire force of L.A. gangs behind him to the abandoned hotel they kept the hostages in by lighting up the building with his signature skull symbol. Myers, Ruby Red and Sidewinder of the Commandos prepares for the confrontation with him, seeing him only as a former marine but Frank packs a lot more with him than that! Their fight turns the hotel into a freaking war-zone.

As both parties finally face each other, Frank takes down Ruby Red and Sidewinder but then Myers shot him down from the top. An execution order for Frank Castle came from above but he eventually manages to get to the guy responsible for all the mess from Mexico and so, he abducts the secretary of U. S. government and interrogates him about all that happened. This led him to an encounter with the current Captain America; Sam Wilson. They fought gallantly and Frank then gave him something to take care of before running off. As the entire world was about to face an imminent destruction by the Incursion of Worlds (Time Runs Out), the Howling Commandos flies him to Tikrit, Iraq to fight out a terrorist cell named Black Dawn to deliver the final punishment.
punisher war zone comic
War In The Streets!
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The Punisher V9 13

The Punisher V9 14

The Punisher V9 15

The Punisher V9 16

The Punisher V9 17

The Punisher V9 18

The Punisher V9 19

The Punisher V9 20

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captain america vs punisher
Capital Punishment Force

Punisher – Last Days

As the world ending "Secret Wars" crossover event is about to shatter the entire Marvel Universe, writer Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow – The Finely Woven Thread, Black Widow – The Tightly Tangled Web) and artist Mitch Gerads (Punisher – Black and White, Punisher – Border Crossing) returns with Frank Castle one more time to raise hell before all goes to hell. Collecting issues #13-20 from the ninth Punisher ongoing monthly series, "Last Days" is a tale of the final adventures of the vigilante Punisher before the end of the world. Even though, this storyline is just a continuation of two of its early predecessor, it served as a tie-in plot to Secret Wars, leaving everything open to a chance.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Batman – Zero Year – Dark City | Comics

batman zero year
Batman – Zero Year – Dark City | Comics
Even though he failed to save Red Hood One from his fate in Ace Chemical Plant, Bruce Wayne successfully foiled the evil plan of the Red Hood Gang and saved the citizens of Gotham as the vigilante Batman. But just as an evil fell, another rises as Bruce’s uncle Philip Kane’s personal strategist Edward Nygma appears on TV and announces himself as The Riddler, who wants to make Gotham smarter. He plunged the whole city into darkness and it’s up to The Dark Knight to solve his riddle and save the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious killer named Doctor Death goes on a murder spree, who causes his victims bones to grow like vines and ripped apart by their own skeletons. Jim Gordon meets Bruce to praise him for his stand against the Red Hood Gang previously.

With Gotham completely blacked out now and it's citizens all panicked, Commissioner Loeb is still adamant on going all up against Batman instead of The Riddler and that makes it a devil's playground. Bruce Wayne goes to see Lucious Fox to know more about Dr. Death and the former appears there. Only for the timely intervention of Jim Gordon, Bruce and Lucious barely made it alive. Bruce and Jim still could not get along well for a shared past event from Bruce’s childhood. Batman soon gets framed by Dr. Death and as soon as the GCPD arrives there, they started showering bullets on him. After turning the whole city lights off, The Riddler unleashes more chaos by flooding entire Gotham City and blocking all way in or out. This is Zero Year!

For more information on Batman – Zero Year – Dark City storyline, you can check out the link below.

Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Comics) DC Wikia
batman savage city
A Knight In Savage City
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Batman V2 25

Batman V2 26

Batman V2 27

Batman V2 29

Batman V2 30

Batman V2 31

Batman V2 32

Batman V2 33

batman new 52
The Last Riddle
Here is your links for "Batman – Zero Year – Dark City" storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Softcover)

Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Hardcover)

The New 52 groundbreaking crossover event “Zero Year” comes to a conclusion with “Zero Year – Dark City”. This storyline followed “Secret City” and also comprised of two arcs; Dark City and Savage City. The whole act has run through issues #25-27, 29-33 from the second monthly ongoing volume of the Batman series from DC Comics. Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn)’s Zero Year did to The New 52 Batman what Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again)'s “Year One” did to the Batman of New Earth continuity but on a grander scale. Not only the whole plot builds up the origin of The Dark Knight but it also introduced potential future allies and enemies as well.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Batman – Zero Year – Secret City | Comics

batman zero year secret city
Batman – Zero Year – Secret City
 | Comics
Returned back to Gotham City after many years, Bruce Wayne starts taking disguises to fight Red Hood Gang and was able to stop their leader Red Hood One from killing six men. Bruce denies being aware of his own inadequacy and is continuously in debate with his trusted butler and aide, Alfred Pennyworth about it. They both quarrels on how to take on the new age of villainy in Gotham City, which is now organized and more ruthless. When his maternal uncle Philip Kane met with him, he turned down the plan of reversing his own legal death to public. Meanwhile, Philip's strategist Edward Nygma suggests Philip to kill Bruce Wayne, so that he could gain public sympathy and get steer clear of the power struggle that he is going to face with Bruce in near future.

Even after Philip’s rejection, Nigma plans on to murder Bruce with the help of the Red Hood Gang. Elsewhere, crime lord Oswald Cobblepot is rescued by Bruce Wayne from Red Hood One and during their short confrontation he acquires a blood sample of the gang leader but surprisingly he could not found any match for it in any records. Against his will, Philip unveils Bruce to the public and after moving from there he meets Edward Nygma. When he reaches to Brownstone, it blew up and he meets the Red Hood Gang, who was expecting him. Red Hood One and the gang beat the living hell out of Bruce, shot him twice and left him to die. But a near-dying Bruce refuses to give up to the death-beating and slowly crawls though the wreckage of destruction to his road to redemption.

For more information on Batman – Zero Year – Secret City storyline, you can check out the link below.

Batman – Zero Year – Secret City (Comics) DC Wikia
red hood gang
Red Hoods of Gotham
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Batman V2 21

Batman V2 22

Batman V2 23
batman zero year
A Knight Rises

Batman V2 24

Here is your links for "Batman – Zero Year – Secret City" storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – Zero Year – Secret City (Softcover)

Batman – Zero Year – Secret City (Hardcover)

The New 52 smash-hit creator duo of the second monthly Batman ongoing series; writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and artist Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn) starts “Zero Year” crossover event with the storyline titled Secret City. It ran from issue #21-24 in the ongoing monthly series and depicted the rise of the mysterious Red Hood One as well as the evil mastermind Edward Nygma. This DC Comics storyline is actually the first part of the three that fabricates the entire event which is focused on the debutante year of The Dark Knight and a few of his popular villains, followed by "Dark City" arc next.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Predator – Fire and Stone | Comics

After a salvage mission tuned into a massacre at the hands of Xenomorphs residing on LV-223, Weyland-Yutani spacecraft Geryon's former chief of security Galgo Helder deemed it wise to leave his captain Angela Foster and everyone else behind except for his old friends Piper and Higgins. Yet, chaos followed him anyways in form of an evolving Elden and his Xenomorph friends hell-bent on killing everyone else but then a hunting party of Predators attacked them on-board Geryon and Galgo abandoned it by escaping in The Perces.

However, he did not know that a lone Predator still managed to sneak into their patrol ship before it took off. Sensing its presence shortly afterwards, Galgo wakes up Piper and Higgins from their cryo-sleep to hunt it down after briefing them about the horrific events that took place when they weren't awake. Keeping ship's safety in mind, they held back from using any firearms and plan to flank it out in open. Although not willing to fire up, Galgo decides to keep his scavenged Alien weapon by his side at all times as he wishes to use it for a huge payday from their company!

predator fire and stone comic
Predator – Fire and Stone | Comics

Piper separates himself from Galgo and Higgins to main corridor in search for the Yautja, believing he can take it out by himself and eventually encounters it on a fight. Even though it was cloaked, he manages to hit it and then got blown to bits by its Plasmacaster. Realizing what they are dealing with, Galgo uses Higgins as bait and closed a hatch between them. He then opened the airlock seeing it appear on his tracker to flush out the beast into space. The old hag suffocated into the merciless vacuum of space and the stowaway hunter then revealed his presence by finally confronting Galgo.

After a futile and short fight, the Predator captured him with wire net when he thought he was done for but instead of killing him it freed him and showed him a hologram of an Engineer that he seeks. With his hands completely tied against his will, Galgo struck a deal with his captor to take him to LV-223 in exchange for his own freedom. It appears that, this Yautja is a trophy collector, who has been hunting worthy opponents around the galaxy for a century now and he wants an Engineer head on his plate this time.

Upon landing on the barren moon of LV-223, Galgo bids the Predator farewell but it wanted him to follow up. A gauntlet linking them with a laser-like wire is placed on his hand and is forcibly taken outside for sightseeing. The duo came across a few huge piles of dead Xenomorphs before meeting Angela, Chris and Jill still wandering around. Stuck between all these overwhelming odds, Galgo reflects on his unknown future where he is either destined to be torn apart by Xenomorphs, brutally killed by Engineer, taken down by his former peers for ditching them or worse, stuck there for rest of his life?

For more information on Predator – Fire and Stone tie-in limited series, you can check out the link below.

Predator – Fire and Stone (Comics) Wikia

predator vs engineer comics
The Last Great Hunt

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Predator – Fire and Stone 01

Predator – Fire and Stone 02

Predator – Fire and Stone 03

Predator – Fire and Stone 04

Here is your links to buy "Predator – Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Predator – Fire and Stone

Set in Aliens/Predators/Prometheus shared universe from Dark Horse Comics, "Predator – Fire and Stone" is a part of a major crossover event "Fireand Stone". This storyline was developed by comic-book writer Joshua Williamson (Birthright, Nailbiter) and artist Chris Mooneyham (Five Ghosts, Predator Vs. Judge Dredd Vs. Aliens – Splice and Dice), while Lucas Graciano was serving as regular cover artist and Alex Maleev (Halo – Uprising, Hellboy & the B.P.R.D.) provided a variant cover for first issue. Mooneyham brings his unique art style on table to give the book a different vibe than its other related series.

predator vs engineer
Duel of Supremacy

Purpose for this four-issue limited series was actually to tie-in with three other inter-connected stories; Aliens – Fire and Stone, Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone and Prometheus – Fire and Stone. Even though, it was meant to be a bridge between its companion stories, the plot also distantly connects with live-action Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) movies. A connection between Aliens and Engineer is already explored in live-action films and now, another long-running feud between Engineers and Yautja is revealed. More of these ties with extraterrestrial species and their age-old clashes will be seen in upcoming "Life and Death" crossover.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man – Spider-Verse | Comics

Morlun of the Inheritors is coming with his family to hunt down all Spider-Totems of Multiverse.

J. Jonah Jameson calls Peter Parker up from his sleep and starts shouting at him to go over at Armstrong Park, where a super-villain is apparently trashing the place down and he wants pictures of that. Quickly donning his suit in a rush, he starts swinging and within no time, he reached the park seeing a shadowy figure waiting for him.

It was Morlun who came after him and quickly drained the life-force of a completely unaware Spider Moon-Man. Back in Loomworld, his brother Daemos and sister Verna were preparing for a hunt when he arrived home. Before going on a hunt, Verna slightly teases him and Morlun approached his brother for answer.

Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man wakes up in the morning at his apartment next to Cindy Moon, currently going as Silk, who came to talk about a solution of their problem of getting into an insatiable urge for mating while staying in close proximity and then she jokingly suggests that Pete should move to moon.

They came outside bumping into Looter but Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman and Spider-Man 2099 arrives to talk to him. Peter' alternate reality daughter Mayday Parker AKA Spider-Girl, Spider-Ham and Spider-UK also joins them shortly.

spider verse marvel comics
Amazing Spider-Man – Spider-Verse | Comics

All the Spider-Men from other dimensions have gathered for a serious recent issue about The Inheritors, who are hunting down every Spider-Totem in existence to feed on them. These heroes all banded together to seek his help because he is the only one across the entire Multiverse who faced Morlun more than once and survived.

Everyone has gathered at their current safe zone in Earth-13, where lives an Enigma Force empowered Cosmic Spider-Man to protect them all. On Earth-610, Verna and her hounds attacks on an unsuspecting Miles Morales out of nowhere.

Meanwhile, Daemos was trashing New Warriors members Justice, Nova, Sun Girl and Water Snake on Mount Wundagore but saved Scarlet Spider for last. During his monologue, Kaine hits him with his stinger like spikes in a fit of rage, which actually managed to hurt him for once and Daemos deemed him as The Other.

As Kaine was about to bite the dust, cavalry arrived from a portal to rescue him and engaged the hunter. One of them was Gwen Stacy and he thought it was a clone from Jackal but Ben Reilly of Earth-94 assured him that she isn't one.

They all regrouped quickly to get out but Bruce Banner Spidey died at the hands of the Inheritor. Back in Loomworld, Morlun had a tiff with his elder brother regarding Daemos secretly entering into his reserved hunting ground Earth-616.

He is confronted by his entire family over his ability to conquer the assembled Spider-Army to rule over the web of life and destiny forever on the dinner table. They all then feast and then prepare to lead an onslaught upon their prey but completely forget about their outcast brother Karn, who has the ability to turn the tides of this war!

amazing spiderman spider verse comics
Spider-Clan of Multiverse

Here is your links to buy "Amazing Spider-Man – Spider-Verse" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Amazing Spider-Man V3 09

Amazing Spider-Man V3 10

Amazing Spider-Man V3 11

Amazing Spider-Man V3 12

Amazing Spider-Man V3 13

Amazing Spider-Man V3 14

Amazing Spider-Man V3 15

Here is your link to buy "Amazing Spider-Man – Spider-Verse" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Amazing Spider-Man – Spider-Verse

Tying-in with widely spanned "Spider-Verse" crossover event, "Amazing Spider-Man – Spider-Verse" contains the major conflicts and happenings. The storyline is plotted by writer Dan Slott (Spider-Man – Big Time, Spider-Man – Dying Wish), collecting issues #9-15 from Amazing Spider-Man volume three.

Artists Giuseppe Camuncoli (Superior Spider-Man – My Own Worst Enemy, Superior Spider-Man – Necessary Evil) and Olivier Coipel (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Siege) were helping Dan portray this crossover from the Multiverse of Marvel Comics. At one point, a showdown between real Peter Parker Spider-Man and a time-displaced Superior Spider-Man was one of the defining moments of the story.

spider verse superior spider man
Amazing Vs. Superior

A vendetta that started back in 2001, when energy vampire Morlun was introduced through "Coming Home" storyline and he kept coming after Spider-Man was actually hinting at more future encounters, has finally paid off to readers. Daemos and Verna will probably be on spotlight of some future story arc as there are tons of potential to explore their character for some interesting narrative build and some awesome action.

Character like Spider-Gwen made her significant debut during this event and holds a great promise to be on many future stories as well. However, threat of The Inheritors is far from over even if they are halted for now, because Morlun has returned from dead more than once now and a sequel event "Spider-Geddon" is scheduled to take place in 2018.
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