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Batman – Zero Year – Dark City | Comics

batman zero year
Batman – Zero Year – Dark City | Comics
Even though he failed to save Red Hood One from his fate in Ace Chemical Plant, Bruce Wayne successfully foiled the evil plan of the Red Hood Gang and saved the citizens of Gotham as the vigilante Batman. But just as an evil fell, another rises as Bruce’s uncle Philip Kane’s personal strategist Edward Nygma appears on TV and announces himself as The Riddler, who wants to make Gotham smarter. He plunged the whole city into darkness and it’s up to The Dark Knight to solve his riddle and save the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious killer named Doctor Death goes on a murder spree, who causes his victims bones to grow like vines and ripped apart by their own skeletons. Jim Gordon meets Bruce to praise him for his stand against the Red Hood Gang previously.

With Gotham completely blacked out now and it's citizens all panicked, Commissioner Loeb is still adamant on going all up against Batman instead of The Riddler and that makes it a devil's playground. Bruce Wayne goes to see Lucious Fox to know more about Dr. Death and the former appears there. Only for the timely intervention of Jim Gordon, Bruce and Lucious barely made it alive. Bruce and Jim still could not get along well for a shared past event from Bruce’s childhood. Batman soon gets framed by Dr. Death and as soon as the GCPD arrives there, they started showering bullets on him. After turning the whole city lights off, The Riddler unleashes more chaos by flooding entire Gotham City and blocking all way in or out. This is Zero Year!

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Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Comics) DC Wikia
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A Knight In Savage City
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Batman V2 25

Batman V2 26

Batman V2 27

Batman V2 29

Batman V2 30

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Batman V2 32

Batman V2 33

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The Last Riddle
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Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Softcover)

Batman – Zero Year – Dark City (Hardcover)

The New 52 groundbreaking crossover event “Zero Year” comes to a conclusion with “Zero Year – Dark City”. This storyline followed “Secret City” and also comprised of two arcs; Dark City and Savage City. The whole act has run through issues #25-27, 29-33 from the second monthly ongoing volume of the Batman series from DC Comics. Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn)’s Zero Year did to The New 52 Batman what Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again)'s “Year One” did to the Batman of New Earth continuity but on a grander scale. Not only the whole plot builds up the origin of The Dark Knight but it also introduced potential future allies and enemies as well.
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