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The Joker – New 52 | Comics

Always a homicidal maniac and an agent of chaos, The Joker is perhaps the most mysterious villain that ever walked on Gotham. Even Batman's superior detective skills failed to discover his identity and the lunatic himself never cleared anything about it. Long before he debuted as The Clown Prince of Crime, he used to terrorize Gotham with his Red Hood Gang as "Red Hood One" (Zero Year).

With tip from Edward Nygma, he intended to kill Bruce Wayne and left him heavily wounded, only to be him coming back as Batman to foil his plan to take over Gotham and Red Hood One fell into a massive vat of chemical at Ace Chemical Plant (Secret City). He'd come back as a mutated and reformed persona only to start wrecking havoc and taunting Batman again (Dark City).

joker new 52
The Joker – New 52 | Comics

The Joker was responsible for the transition of psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel into Harley Quinn, who became his girlfriend. In Arkham, he told the Dollmaker to carve his face off (Faces of Death) and one year later, he returns to torment The Dark Knight and his allies (Death of the Family).

Aside from his rivalry with Batman over his career, Joker also strikes at the Bat-Family by paralyzing Barbara Gordon, killing Jason Todd and even chopping off Alfred's right hand. He returned as orderly at Arkham Asylum named Eric Border long after faking his own death. Joker sent the Justice League to take down Batman after heavily drugging them and revealed his Endgame. In an ultimate face-off, they fought to death and in the end, they both resurfaced as amnesiac.

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That Murderous Clown

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DC Universe – Rebirth

As the legendary enemy of The Dark Knight he is, The Joker was originally a concept by Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger and Bob Kane in 1940 for DC Comics, which is considered as the run of New Earth continuity. When the "Flashpoint" crossover-event introduced a new rebooted timeline, The Joker is born anew on the pages of second ongoing volume of Detective Comics by Tony S. Daniel (Adrenalynn – Weapon of War, Superman/Wonder Woman). Later popular Batman storyteller duo of writer Scott Snyder (Flashpoint – Project Superman, Superman Unchained) and Greg Capullo (Angela, Haunt) worked on the character in a newly portrayed Gotham to develop his new legacy.

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Worse Than A Joke

Aspects like the idea of him being immortal, his antagonizing attitude towards Suicide Squad member Deadshot, menacing the Teen Titans, disguise as a civilian and the unwillingness to know Batman's secret identity were interesting. His infamous act in The Killing Joke and A Death in The Family also took place in The New 52, only with a different result. The Joker's most recent live-action portrayal in the 2016's superhero movie Suicide Squad by actor Jared Leto resembled a lot after his Prime Earth counterpart.
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