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Darkseid – New 52 | Comics

There was a time when immortal Old Gods existed; who craved for prayers of mere mortals yet had no care for them. Uxas was a mud grubber, who opposed this idea and eventually made them go on a war against each other by planting hate among them. When the Old Gods were dying, Uxas stole their power and become Darkseid.

His brother Izaya, too, was bestowed with same power by a dying Old God as a gift for his obedience, becoming a New God, Highfather. Izaya plead to Darkseid for restoring peace but the latter destroyed the world and Apokolips was born. His firstborn Kalibak became a brute warrior, Orion is traded by Highfather's son Mister Miracle from New Genesis and his daughter Grail was secretly raised by her mother, an Amazon named Myrina Black.

darkseid new 52 comics
Darkseid – New 52 | Comics

As Darkseid build an empire under his strict rules, Kaiyo, The Chaos Bringer defied him and ran, leading him to chase her to worlds after worlds. When he witnessed the superior might of Kal-El from Earth 2, an overzealous Darkseid laid waste to it (World's End). When he stepped on Prime Earth, he led an invading army only to be opposed by Aquaman, Batman, Cyborg, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman; members of Justice League and sent back to Apokopils.

When his long-lost daughter Grail brings a powerful ancient being named Mobius AKA Anti-Monitor on Earth, he sent his general Steppenwolf and son Kalibak to confront them. Darkseid then showed up in a battle against Anti-Monitor in a losing battle and paid with his life.

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darkseid dc comics
Master of Omega Sanction

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A fictional antagonistic character that was originally created by comic-book creator Jack Kirby (Captain America, Fourth World) for the New Earth continuity and later, in the aftermath of "Flashpoint", Darkseid was re-invented for The New 52. Writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and artist Jim Lee (Batman – Hush, Superman – For Tomorrow) brought him to DC Comics' rebooted timeline of Prime Earth, in issue #3 of second monthly ongoing volume of Justice League (Justice League – Origin).

justice league vs darkseid
Dark God of Apokolips

Darkseid's debuting storyline on The New 52 was later adapted into a direct-to-video titled Justice League – War (2014) from from DC Universe Animated Original Movie line. Though, this version of the character was a bit over powerful than his original counterpart, he met his end during "Darkseid War".
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