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Justice League – New 52 | Comics

justice league comics
Justice League – New 52 | Comics
When Darkseid, the evil god from Apokolips came to Earth with an army of Parademons, rampaging on the cities around the world looking for the Anti-Life Equation for their master, the prominent superheroes of Earth took it upon themselves to make a stand together to repeal the invasion (Justice League – Origin). As the battle was a success, they banded them together to work as a team to protect mankind and serve justice, thus forming the Justice League. Then a mystically powered villain David Graves showed up but eventually dealt off (Justice League – The Villain's Journey). When there is a crisis, the League is there to respond to it. Even the members of the team are individually operational to their own heroic duty or vigilantism and the duties of a solo hero.

Apart from taking on major league of super villains like Amazo, Felix Faust or even the Crime Syndicate, they even engage to other threats like Court of the Owls and other solo villains of the team members on occasion. The initial roster of the team consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, Aquaman, Barry Allen as The Flash and Cyborg, while the other members like Atom, Hawkman, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Aquaman's wife Queen Mera, Deadman, Element Woman and Lady Luck are to join as additional members in the future. The Justice League exists alongside two other superhero teams, Justice League Dark and Justice League International, both of whom operate separately with their own mission.

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Justice League of Prime Earth
Here is your links for "Justice League – New 52" comics from DC Comics.

Justice League Vol 01 – Origin (Softcover)

Justice League Vol 01 – Origin (Hardcover)

Justice League Vol 02 – The Villain's Journey (Softcover)

Justice League Vol 02 – The Villain's Journey (Hardcover)

Justice League Vol 03 – Throne of Atlantis (Softcover)

Justice League Vol 03 – Throne of Atlantis (Hardcover)

Justice League Vol 04 – The Grid (Softcover)

Justice League Vol 04 – The Grid (Hardcover)
justice league dc
The Fight for Justice

Justice League Vol 05 – Forever Heroes (Softcover)

Justice League Vol 05 – Forever Heroes (Hardcover)

Following the conclusion of the 'Flashpoint' event in 2011, all DC Comics ongoing titles were cancelled and re-launched from issue #01 for a new fresh start-up point with a new beginning line and DC's continuity was rebooted again into The New 52, like it did after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Justice League of America monthly series was re-launched as the second volume of Justice League, written by Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and drawn by Jim Lee (Divine Right, Superman Unchained) and was the first of the new titles released, coming out the same day as the final issue of Flashpoint. The ongoing title debuted in a high note with provided great artwork by Jim Lee and it was way too extra-ordinary! After the first 12 issues, Jim Lee is succeeded by fellow artist Ivan Reis (Infinite Crisis, Sinestro Corps War).
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