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Batman – I Am Bane | Comics

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Batman – I Am Bane | Comics
In her attempt to recruit Hugo Strange and Psycho-Pirate into Task Force X, Amanda Waller accidentally set them free. Strange then unleashed his Monster Men on Gotham (Night of the Monster Men) and Pirate to affect the psyche of super-hero siblings Gotham and Gotham Girl (I Am Gotham). Though her brother did not survive, Gotham Girl was suffering from phobia that only Psycho-Pirate could save. So, Batman assembled his own Suicide Squad to raid Santa Prisca and kidnap Pirate, which he did upon confronting Bane. Since, Bane brought Pirate to cure his own addiction to Venom, he decides to come to Gotham and break everyone Batman cares about. So, at Superman's Fortress of Solitude, Batman put Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin into a suspended animation.

Meanwhile, Alfred escorted Gotham Girl at Arkham Asylum under disguise and forces Roger Hayden to start her treatment with Psycho-Pirate's Medusa Mask. Bronze Tiger is taken down, Bane's accomplice Bird shoots down Catwoman, then Trogg and Zombie tries to sneak attack on Commissioner Jim Gordon, only to be taken down with the aid of Duke Thomas. Eventually, they end up getting captured by Bane, who asks for Psycho-Pirate in exchange for their lives. In Batman's refusal, a furious Bane charges at him and savagely beats him while they both recall their struggle as kids. In his last ditch attempt, Batman lured his nemesis into Arkham Asylum and freed all of the super-criminals to stop Bane. But can they really stop the man who once broke the Bat?
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Monsters of Arkham
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Batman V3 16

Batman V3 17

Batman V3 18

Batman V3 19

Batman V3 20

Batman V3 23

Batman V3 24

Here is your link for "Batman – I Am Bane" storyline from DC Comics.

Batman – I Am Bane
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An Unstoppable Challenge

From the beginning of the DC Rebirth wave, writer Tom King (Grayson – Agents of Spyral, Grayson – We All Die at Dawn) has started fabricating a plot that would lead to a story like this. After the events of "I Am Suicide", he is joined by artist David Finch (Brightest Day, Forever Evil) to draw a conclusion to his third venture with The Dark Knight. Also this story features the huge roster of Batman villains like Amygdala, Black Spider, Calendar Man, Copperhead, Doctor Phosphorus, Firefly, Flamingo, Hush, Mad Hatter, Man-Bat, Maxie Zeus, Mister Freeze, Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, Two-Face and Zsasz. The storyline collects issues #16-20, 23 and 24 from the third ongoing monthly volume of Batman comic-book series that will continue his ventures up next in "The War of Jokes and Riddles", featuring The Joker and The Riddler.
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