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Brightest Day | Comics

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Brightest Day | Comics
Following the “Blackest Night”, the Black Lanterns were gone and Black Hand goes missing. A White Lantern power battery is found in New Mexico where Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Star Sapphire; Carol Ferris and Sinestro appeared but none were unable to lift it. The twelve different individuals that were resurrected and died previously are suddenly revived. Firestorm senses some abnormalities in his matrix and then suddenly the Black Lantern version of him called "Deathstorm" emerges. He teleports Ronnie and Jason near the White Lantern and picks it up after tainting it with Black Lantern molecules. Someone from beyond who was controlling Deathstorm wanted the revived people back and so they are re-created and that someone is revealed to be the Anti-Monitor.

The Entity gives various assignments to the resurrected individuals in order to get their life fully restored before Boston Brand AKA Deadman can find a new bearer of the White Light. Firestorm defends the White Lantern, Hawkman and Hawkgirl went to close the gateway of Hawkworld, Aquaman took Aqualad to his side, Zoom released Barry Allen, Isis was freed by Osiris, Maxwell Lord prevented the events of Kingdom Come, Martian Manhunter, Jade and Captain Boomerang were also successful without the exception of Hawk, who failed to stop the boomerang thrown at Dove. All of them were absorbed into the ring and unleash them on Anti-Monitor. Finally, Boston Brand was given the task of finding the new bearer of the White Light as it wants to experience life.

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In the aftermath of the ground-breaking episode of Blackest Night, many dead characters both good and evil were brought back to life. Brightest Day is the follow-up event to the resurrection of the fallen heroes and villains who were raised to serve a purpose to the DC Universe. In 2010, writer Geoff Johns (Flash – Rebirth, Green Lantern – Rebirth) and Peter Tomasi (Batman – Arkham Knight, Black Adam – The Dark Age) led the artwork team of Scott Clark, Patrick Gleason (Green Lantern Corps, Superman – Son of Superman), Joe Prado, Ivan Reis (Infinite Crisis, Sinestro Corps War) and Ardian Syaf (Batman & Superman – Siege, Flashpoint – Emperor Aquaman) to the completion of the whole plot that became another best-seller from the banner of DC Comics. Brightest Day is then followed by The Return of Bruce Wayne on the end of the same year.
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