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Nightwing – New 52 | Comics

An acrobatic prodigy from his very childhood, Dick Grayson was a part of the famous Flying Graysons Act alongside his parents John and Mary Grayson in the Haly's Circus. The immense success of their act made Grayson arrogant and brought distance with his friends. When Haly's Circus had arrived in Gotham City, The Riddler culminated the “Zero Year” on the city and Dick managed to return to Haly's camp upon surviving the catastrophe.

nightwing new 52
Nightwing – New 52 | Comics

Soon, he lost both of his parents on the day of his mother’s birthday because of gangster Tony Zucco. Witnessing the incident, billionaire Bruce Wayne approaches Dick to take care for him. As he was kept at the Wayne Care Center, he routinely sneaked out of there at night looking for Zucco and the boy’s raw talent drew attention of Batman.

He was drafted to the lifelong crime-fighting path as The Boy Wonder; Robin and is trained by Batman. During his time as Robin he met Batgirl, fought Harley Quinn and The Joker as well as other criminals of Gotham. Years after serving as Batman’s sidekick, he moved from his mentor’s shadow and took the alias of Nightwing.

As Haly's Circus returned to Gotham after many years, it brought an age-old dark secret along with it. Once Batman has discovered the existence of the Court of Owls, he also found a link between them and Dick’s ancestors, who used to train Talon assassins for The Court. Just as the Night of the Owls descends upon Gotham, Nightwing fought them alongside the Bat-Family.

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Conflict With The Mentor

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Known as one of the best superhero sidekick ever, former circus acrobat Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing is a popular fictional protagonist character owned by DC Comics. The character Dick Grayson was originated from the creators of his mentor Batman; Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Dick made his first appearance in issue #38 of Detective Comics and later he outgrown into the character Nightwing on the pages of Tales of the Teen Titans in 1984.

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One Dark City Night

Following the “Flashpoint” crossover event, the entire DC Comics timeline is rebooted and becomes The New 52. Nightwing also received a solo ongoing series as well, which is written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by artist Eddy Barrows. Aside from his regular appearance in his own series, he was also a part of few Batman related titles and crossovers like Death of the Family and Forever Evil.
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