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Green Lantern | Comics

As an immortal blue-skinned ancient intelligent life form of the universe, the Guardians of the Universe of the planet Maltus existed even before the creation of Earth and many other planets of the star system. With passing time they became thinkers and decides to free the entire universe of all evil that besets among them. So, residing at the planet Oa, which is said to be the center of the Universe, first they created a robot-like race of the Manhunrters for peace-keeping purposes. Then The Halla’s were created to act as a force of order but that one was scrapped too upon meeting failure.

When they first learned to use Ion as an energy source that is made of the collective willpower of the residents of the entire Universe, giving it unimaginable and unlimited power that can be channeled through a power ring. As the Guardians learned to harness this power to restore peace and balance to the Universe, they created a Power-Battery at Oa to fuel energy for the power rings. The appointed wielder of the ring is called the Green Lantern, who is a member of an inter-galactic police force known as Green Lantern Corps.

Over the course of its existence, the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps have enlisted members to their ranks from across the vastness of Universe and that includes various alien races as well as a sentient planet named Mogo. Around the time after they became a well known space-authority, the Corps starts recruiting from Earth. One of the first Earthmen to joining the ranks was test pilot Hal Jordan. He is succeeded by hot-headed gym teacher Guy Gardner, former Marine Corps member John Stewart and finally a freelance artist Kyle Rayner.

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Green Lantern | Comics

The Golden Age
Alan Scott was among the first one to be called Green Lantern, who never used an Ion-powered ring. In fact, it was a magic lantern that he found near a railway crash and it helped him forge a magic ring to wield. For some time, Scott had been operating within New York City by taking down everyday criminals and thugs. Then he had encounter with the immortal tyrant Vandal Savage and the undead super-villain Solomon Grundy. Because of his do-gooder reputation, Alan Scott was also made a member of Justice Society of America.

Sinestro Corps War
A renegade yellow power ring that Kyle Rayner has managed to capture is brought to Oa to show it to the Guardians but it suddenly transports Kyle to Qward. There he finds himself in front of Sinestro, who removes the Ion entity from Kyle's body and is possessed by Parallax. Sinestro assembles Anti-Monitor and his heralds Superboy-Prime and Cyborg Superman for his war against the Corps. At the same time, the Sinestro Corps led an assault on Oa that got many Green Lanterns killed.

Hal, John and Guy alert the Justice League of the Anti-Monitor's return. Many Corps member from each side were killed during this hostility and in the ensuing chaos of the battle, two of the big-guns from both rival Corps; Arkillo and Kilowog have a chance to take on each other. Jordan was also absorbed by Parallax and once inside, he helps Kyle get out of his own trapped mind. Finally, Hal and Kyle faced Sinestro over Coast City and ending the war by defeating him in combat.

Blackest Night
Hal Jordan and Barry Allen go to Gotham City and stumbled into Martian Manhunter, who is resurrected as a Black Lantern. Kyle and Guy Gardner returns to Oa to find out that it is now under attack by black rings, transforming everyone into Black Lanterns. Nekron emerges from the Central Power Battery and then destroys it. To stop this madness, Kyle took an Alpha Lantern Power Battery a dive into the crowd to destroy all the Black Lanterns in a massive blast while also seemingly sacrificing his own life.

The grieving anger of Kyle's death turns Guy into a Red Lantern but he is shortly revived by Star Sapphire Miri Riam. The gravity of the situation made Hal consider an alliance with Atrocitus, Sinestro, Larfleeze, Saint Walker and Star Sapphire. He even allowed the fear entity Parallax to possess him in order to have a better fighting chance against Nekron. He eventually became one with the Entity and turned the resurrected heroes into White Lanterns before taking down the demon.

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Power of Will Versus Fear

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Considered as one of the most popular mainstream comic-book character and franchise, Green Lantern is a monthly ongoing comic book series that is being published from DC Comics for a long time. Back in 1940, the character of a Green Lantern ring-wielder was first created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell. Later in 1959, John Broome and Gil Kane re-invented the name and over the years, the series went under a variety of change. Among all of the creators who have worked magic on the series, writer Geoff Johns (Batman – Earth One, Flash – Rebirth) seems to have constructed the modern day legacy of the Corps and undoubtedly ushered a new era.

One of the recurring protagonist Hal Jordan turning into the dark side by becoming the villainous Parallax and later restored back to his normal state a few times till now and the entire Corps facing massive destruction a couple of time would be a great example. After the “Flashpoint” event, DC Comics has rebooted each of their ongoing titles under The New 52 wave and the series starts with the sixth volume. Not only Hal Jordan was back but he was also working with one of his arch-nemesis this time. It appears that The Flash's meddlig with time-travel has rewired reality itseft for everything except for the Green Lantern Corps and their inter-galactic affairs.

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Hal Jordan Becomes Parallax

In the Justice League animated TV shows, the character Green Lantern was voiced over by Phil LaMarr. Actor Ryan Reynolds portrayed the character of Hal Jordan in 2011's live-action Green Lantern movie, which was heavily criticized. As part of DC Extended Universe, a character resembling to Corps member Yalan Gur briefly appeared in 2017's Justice League movie in a fight against Steppenwolf and more members of the Corps are to appear in 2020's Green Lantern Corps movie.
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