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Green Lantern Corps | Comics

As the Guardians of the Universe’s age old attempt to create a unique inter-galactic peace keeping force that will serve justice and maintain order, the Green Lantern Corps were born. Picking up worthy candidates from around the galaxy, the Guardians armed them with a magnificent weapon; a power ring of Ion that is fueled by the willpower of its bearer.

green lantern corps
Green Lantern Corps | Comics

From the beginning of the corps the Green Lanterns are being stationed to patrol over various fractions of the universe that is referred as sectors. Over time, the corps has enlisted many alien species to its rank including a few humans from earth. Former gym teacher Guy Gardner, an architect John Stewart, a freelance artist Kyle Rayner and there came test pilot Hal Jordan who were the human host of the power of ion.

All the Lanterns chosen from earth managed to make a name for them and among whole corps, Hal Jordan is considered as the greatest of them all. Kyle Rayner has also made it large to be remembered as one of the greatest. They were also members of JLA, Justice League International and various other teams. From Crisis on Infinite Earths to the Sinestro Corps War, the Lanterns always made their stand against evil’s way.

The Corps was instrumental along with Superman of the two Earths in stopping Superboy-Prime’s rampage during Infinite Crisis that cost them many corps member just to tame the unstable Kryptonian. The foretold events of Blackest Night, the Corps almost got dismantled in the wake of the demon Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps.

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The Corps Assembled

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Following the creation of the fictional Green Lantern character, writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane has made up the idea of the Green Lantern Corps series that made its first appearance in 1959 from DC Comics. After the Flashpoint event, most of the DC Comics monthly ongoing has undergone a drastic change, where the series remains mostly unchanged and unaffected in The New 52.

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Warriors of Light

Over the course of its monthly publication various writers like Steve Englehart, Joey Cavalieri, Dave Gibbons, Keith Champagne, Peter Tomasi (Black Adam – The Dark Age, Forever Evil – Arkham War) and Sterling Gates and also a bunch of talented illustrators like Joe Staton, Gil Kane, Patrick Gleason (Aquaman, Noble Causes), Luke Ross, Ardian Syaf (Brightest Day, Flashpoint – Emperor Aquaman), Tyler Kirkham (Deathstroke – New 52, Earth 2 – World's End), Scott Kolins (The Flash, Superman/Batman) and Freddie E. Williams II (Green Arrow, Seven Soldiers – Mister Miracle) has contributed to the progress of the series.
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