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Green Arrow | Comics

Growing up idolizing Robin Hood, Oliver Queen naturally had every quality to become an accomplished archer and so he kept practicing with bow and arrows. His life changed tragically when his parents were mauled by a lion and he paused without shooting it. But he grew up to be an irresponsible and drunken playboy inheriting the Queen Enterprises until his friend Hackett’s betrayal drifted him to Starfish Island only to confront a crime lord.

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Green Arrow | Comics

Determined to become a crime-fighter, he returned to Star City and took the name Green Arrow as well as a sidekick named Roy Harper AKA Speedy. With their non-lethal Trick Arrows, he and Speedy would go on patrol in costume. Ollie becomes a member of the JLA and eventually met JSA member Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary.

In his career, Oliver Queen has worked alongside Batman, Catwoman and mostly with Green Lantern Hal Jordan whom he also stopped when Parallax got him in Zero Hour. He grew flustered and Connor Hawke took his mantle. He dies in an accident while investigating the Eden Corps even after the best efforts of Superman. He was resurrected during Final Night by his friend Hal Jordan.

When the entire League faced Doctor Light for his actions against Elongated Man's wife Sue Dibny, Green Arrow picked a fight with Deathstroke that lasted quite long (Identity Crisis). One Year Later, Ollie becomes the Mayor of Star City and Deathstroke took a hit on him. Teaming up with Batman, he even fought Brick and Red Hood. Upon ending the clash, he finally marries Black Canary.

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Green Arrow and Speedy

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Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow was created as one of DC Comics’ fictional protagonist character by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, who debuted back in 1941 on the pages of More Fun Comics issue #73. Despite being a rich playboy like Bruce Wayne, he is a crime-fighting hero of his own right. Through the years of long publications, the character was a part of significant stories and events like Green Arrow – Year One, Justice League – Year One, Hard Traveling Heroes, Longbow Hunters, Cross Roads, Quiver, The Dark Knight ReturnsInfinite Crisis, Crawling through the Wreckage, Road to Jericho, Final Crisis, Cry for Justice, Blackest Night and Brightest Day.

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The Battling Bowman

Following the “Flashpoint” reboot, Green Arrow has moved to The New 52 timeline with his revised origins just like the other heroes of DC Universe. The character also appeared on animated TV series Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, The Batman and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Also actor Stephen Amell is responsible for the live-action portrayal of Green Arrow from 2012 on The CW television series titled "Arrow".
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