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Batman – The Long Halloween | Comics

The Falcone family are one of the most influential crime families of Gotham City and Carmine "The Roman" Falcone was desperately seeking a means to dry-clean the dirty cash of his family business. So, he tries to tamper and book the most powerful personalities of the city; including the president of Gotham City Bank to Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne.

the long Halloween
Batman – The Long Halloween | Comics

But Bruce refuses to co-operate with the mob and got warned by them for his denial. Before getting into his regular crime patrol, Bruce met Selina Kyle at the party and they dance together which Falcone's sister Carla Viti watches attentively. A serial killer appears on Gotham City killing people on holidays, quickly dubbed as the Holiday Killer.

Batman, along with Police Captain Jim Gordon and the enthusiastic new District Attorney Harvey Dent takes it upon themselves to end Falcone's rule over Gotham City and Catwoman unexpectedly offers Batman her helping hand in doing so. At night, they secretly invade Roman's penthouse but is forced to flee upon the arrival of guards.

While trying to solve the mystery of who the actual killer is, Batman steps in the middle of an ensuing gang-war between Gotham's two most powerful crime families. Psychotic villains like The Joker, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and The Riddler appears in the scene with their own chaotic schemes to terrorize Gotham. District Attorney Harvey Dent; a former ally in crime fighting, tragically reforms to a villain named Two-Face after his face got disfigured by a horrific accident that dissolved part of his face.

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The Halloween Rogues

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Absolute Batman – The Long Halloween

Writer Jeph Loeb (Batman – Hush, Emperor Joker) and artist Tim Sale (Batman – Haunted Knight, Challengers of the Unknown Must Die) brought up the story arc of Batman – The Long Halloween during 1996 to 1997. It was a thirteen issue monthly limited series published by DC Comics. It is believed to be the continuous story of "Batman – Year One". Batman – The Long Halloween is considered number five of the 25 Best Batman Graphic Novels of All Time.

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Holiday Madness

It worked as an influence for the movie Batman Begins (2005) and several of its elements are later used in the sequel The Dark Knight (2008). Following the success of Batman – The Long Halloween, the same creative team of Loeb and Sale later worked on two limited series, Batman – Dark Victory and Catwoman – When in Rome afterwards, which was also well received and praised by the fans.
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