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Catwoman – When in Rome | Comics

Catwoman is having a weird dream where she was on a heist and she met Batman, The Joker and Two-Face all on her tail as she ended up realizing that it was all just a bad dream, which did not end well. Previously, she tangled along with The Dark Knight during the menace of the mysterious Holiday Killer and Hungman Killer in Gotham City.

catwoman when in rome
Catwoman – When In Rome | Comics

When Batman was busy solving the murder mysteries left by these new breed of psychotic criminals of Gotham, Selina Kyle took off to Rome with Edward Nygma aka The Riddler, the disgraceful bad-guy for running some investigation of her own and figuring out the edges of some long unsolved mysteries. There they met with The Blonde, Italy’s top reigning hitman and their only contact in the entire Italian underworld.

The Blonde eventually arranges a meeting for Selina with one of the local mobster, Don Verinni but he was later found dead using the infamous Joker venom and she was framed for Verinni’s murder. What disturbed her most is the nightmares she was constantly having with all the villains and Batman chasing her always and she really started losing it.

During another meeting gone wrong, she is freezed with Mr. Freeze's freezing gun, attacked by the villainous Cheetah but all three of them managed to escape death in joint effort. Worst of them all, The Riddler sneaked into her room while she was dressing up and surprisingly kisses her. In between these confusing situation, all she was looking for the real identity of her father to finally know her origin that led her to Rome.

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A Feline's Knightmare

Here is your links for "Catwoman – When in Rome" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

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Here is your links for the "Catwoman – When in Rome" limited series from DC Comics.

Catwoman – When in Rome (Softcover)

Catwoman – When in Rome (Hardcover)

Catwoman – When in Rome is the six issue limited series from DC Comics that serves as the third installment of a Batman-Noir trilogy written by Jeph Loeb (Batman – HushEmperor Joker) and drawn by artist Tim Sale (Batman – Haunted Knight, Challengers of the Unknown Must Die).

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A Murder Mystery

This limited series was published on 2004 as a follow up of Batman – The Long Halloween and Batman – Dark Victory by the same creators. However, being part of the Batman focused story line, the limelight of the series was mainly centered on this female super-heroine and her little venture out of Gotham City.
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