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Suicide Squad | Comics

Before various super-villains with different histories were rallied to form a team to work for the government, Rick Flag formed the original version of the group back in his days during the period of World War II. They were re-assigned as Task Force X when the Justice Society got disbanded but ended up upon Rick Flag’s demise.

suicide squad comics
Suicide Squad | Comics

Later, Rick Flag Jr. stepped in his father’s shoes to form the team again and a congressional aide named Amanda Waller found the classified files of the program and Task Force X resurfaced as Suicide Squad. Initially, members with reputation like Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Blockbuster, Captain Boomerang and Enchantress signed up as expendable agents for the team who will go on life-threatening covert missions assigned by Waller.

In the prison of Belle Reve, Louisiana, the Squad set up its base of operation and they were quite instrumental on the Manhunter invasion during “Millennium” as well as fighting the Female Furies of Darkseid from Apokolips. Batman eventually discovers the existence of the team and threatens Waller to expose the truth in public but she also made him leave by threatening to reveal his identity.

When General Frank Rock run the team, many of the members dies but over time, villains like BaneHarley Quinn, Mindboggler, Plastique, Nemesis, Nightshade, Killer Frost, Slipknot, Heat Wave, Count Vertigo, Doctor Light, Shrike, King Shark, Knockout, Chemo, Plasmus and Shrapnel has joined the ranks of the team with President Luthor and General Lane in charge.

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General Rock's Suicide Squad

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Debuted in 1986 as a monthly ongoing title of from DC Comics, Suicide Squad is an anti-hero team of comic book villains created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru which is also known as Task Force X and sometimes it also goes by the name Checkmate. Although receiving its independent series in the eighties, the team actually first appeared on the pages of the 25th issue of The Brave and the Bold ongoing series in 1959. Over the course of its run, the series and its starring characters have been a part of crossover events like Legends, Millennium, Our Worlds at War, 52 and Blackest Night.

suicide squad dc
Formation of Task Force X

However, following the “Flashpoint” event, the entire DC Comics titles have shifted to The New 52 timeline with the team of Suicide Squad also with its own altered history and a much harsher scenario. As a part of DC Extended Universe; a cinematic universe of movies based on various DC Comics properties, Suicide Squad got it's first live action adaptation in 2016, directed by David Ayer.
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