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Batman – A Death in the Family | Comics

After Dick Grayson; the first Robin was fired (Nightwing – Year One) for his disobedience and arrogance on the line of duty, Batman starts operating alone and soon have found a boy trying to steal the tires of Batmobile in the streets of Crime Alley.

He took that boy; Jason Todd to the Batcave and soon after the boy had successfully deduced Batman’s secret identity, is recruited as the second Robin. During their regular patrolling on field and training sessions, Jason proved himself to be very agile and also a bit aggressive.

a death in the family
Batman – A Death in the Family | Comics

While facing a mob group during their patrol, Batman was very dissatisfied with Jason’s arrogance on how to approach them and to help him, tries to talk some sense into him but Jason seemed to be quite reluctant to that issue. Afterwards, Bruce tries to talk with Jason regarding his parents, leading the boy to leave discussion and heads for the street.

Soon, he meets up with an old neighbour Mrs. Walker, who used to live by his parents and the lady gave him a box full of photographs and documents related to his parents but yet was not helpful enough to find them. However, he got a clue of his mother’s name initial being “S” and with help from the Batcomputer, Jason finds three possible match and one of them is the deadly assassin Lady Shiva.

As the impatient boy left home to find his mother, The Joker escaped from Arkham in the mean time, leading Batman and the Man of Steel; Superman to chase his tail. Yet, a great tragedy is about to take place in the life of The Dark Knight.

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A Clown's Madness

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Here is your links for “Batman – A Death in the Family" storyline from DC Comics.

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"A Death in the Family" is a famous Batman storyline that took place on issues #426-429 from the very first monthly ongoing series of Batman in 1988. The storyline was developed by writer/artist Jim Starlin (Cosmic Odyssey, Death of the New Gods), who wrote the plot and artist Jim Aparo took care of the illustration work. This four part story was later become one of the most important arc that would follow the “Hush” and “Under the Red Hood” storyline.

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A Tragedy of The Family

The reference of this arc is frequently mentioned in many other books from DC Comics as well as the crossover event of The New 52 titled “Death of the Family” in 2012, by Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn). An animation feature of the same name was also released from the line of DC Animated Original Movie in 2010.
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