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Superman Unchained | Comics

superman unchained comic
Superman Unchained | Comics
When several satellites comes crushing down to Earth, Superman races to save the day from a horrific catastrophe, stopping 7 of them from crushing on Earth. However, unable to stop the 8th one which he let hit a deserted military base. It is suspected that the culprit behind this incident might be Lex Luthor, even if he is locked up in the prison. When all done with the satellite crush, Clark Kent writes an article on the occurrence and is informed by Lois Lane that there were 8 satellites and all of them were stopped from falling. Confused at the news, Superman goes on an investigation on the site of the impact, where the 8th satellite was supposed to strike. He observes that the 8th satellite was apparently stopped and redirected by some unknown superhuman being.

Superman is fired torpedoes at him from a submarine and General Sam Lane is seen to be working in a secret military base, boarding a mysterious hulking superhuman. Who according to him, had been covertly working for the government of United States for nearly 75 years and possess powers at his disposal superior than the Man of Steel. A modern-day terrorist group named Ascension has recently started their activities around the globe and Superman gets tangled with their plans as well as Lois Lane. He meets up with Batman regarding the satellite crush event and Cyborg managed to decode a threat message from Ascension. Finally, Superman meets his greatest challenge ever yet in person, known by the name Wraith who is with a mission to kill him.

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Here is your links for "Superman Unchained" limited series from DC Comics.

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The Colder Leap

Superman Unchained (Hardcover)

To celebrate the 75 years anniversary of the character, Superman Unchained was an idea DC Comics bring to light just before the release of the new Man of Steel (2013) motion picture; part of a new DC Cinematic Universe. Writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, The Wake) and master artist Jim Lee (Justice League – Origin, Justice League – The Villain's Journey) has joined force to create a new epic featuring the Man of Tomorrow in a nine issue limited series which was actually planned for a monthly ongoing in the beginning. Artist Dustin Nguyen (Batman – As the Crow Flies, Superman/Batman – Torment) also provided guest artwork for the epilogue pages at the end of the core story.
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