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The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire | Comics

While Rick and his group was facing a new threat by Dexter and his other fellow inmates at the prison, a Walker horde starts entering the prison yards for Andrew forgetting to lock the door. This forced all of the survivors to take a stand against the army of the undead corpses. To move an absolute obstacle from the way of a possible future dispute, Rick intentionally shoots Dexter in the middle of the ensuing chaos, which Tyreese saw but remained silent about it. In the aftermath of the fight, Axel made up with the team and Andrew ran off towards the massive horde outside.

Meanwhile, Otis is attacked by a group of Walkers outside the prison while approaching to the compound but a mysterious woman helps Otis fight the Zombies back with her katana. Introducing Michonne, a katana wielding lone femme fatale survivor of this dead world with two chained up crippled zombies tagged along with her. Otis and Michonne reach the prison gates but she is only allowed inside after she surrendered her weapon to Rick and beheads her pet walkers.

the heart's desire
The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire | Comics

Glenn and Maggie were working on slowly taking out roaming Walkers around the fences to clear out the area. During the cleanup of the prison blocks, Allen got bitten in his leg and Rick immediately amputates the limb to stop spreading the infection but he dies anyway after some time. Otis chastises Patricia for her siding with the homicidal inmate earlier, which was responsible for the death of two of Harshel's children.

As Carol and Tyreese were in the gym, Michonne enters there to lift weights and even recognizes him from his NFL days. This made Carol slightly upset and she leaves. Later, Michonne seduces Tyreese and gave him oral sex, which caused a break-up between Carol Peletier and him, followed by a mental breakdown that led her to suicidal attempt. Rick entirely blames Tyreese for this mess and they got into a heated argument.

This argument quickly turned into a fight and Tyreese got the upper hand in the brawl. He questions Rick's sanity, causing him to step back as the leader of the survivors' group. Still, considering his contribution to the group's survival, they chose to make him one of the "co-leaders" of the group alongside Dale and Hershel. Andrea finds Michonne talking to an imaginary person which made no sense to her.

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Life Behind Fences

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Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire

"The Heart's Desire" is a storyline from The Walking Dead monthly ongoing comic-book series and consists of issue #19-24 by writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). The storyline is published by Image Comics in 2005 and is the continuation of "Safety Behind Bars". This volume has introduced Michonne, a character who will play important role in the upcoming surviving chronicles. Also this is the final volume of The Walking Dead series that features the covers illustrated by artist Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher).

walking dead michonne
Introducing Michonne

Though, Michonne's character has made her debut on issue #19, which is the first chapter of this entire plot, the character was introduced on the first episode of Season 3 from AMC's The Walking Dead TV show. Compared to comic-book storyline chronology to the show's timeline, she appeared almost half the season later. Michonne's character was portrayed by actor Danai Gurira for the series. Later, the story continued in "The Best Defense" arc, exploring the saga in depth from here.
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