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The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars | Comics

With nowhere else to go, Rick Grimes and his band of survivors found home in an abandoned prison complex.

Following an incident that caused death to many children of Harshel Greene, he forced Rick Grimes and his group to leave his farm. However, Glenn left behind from their group to his farm to pursue his newly formed relationship with Maggie. Once again, Rick and his fellow survivors came out on open road-trip they started from Atlanta.

After few days of scavenging, Dale and Andrea finally came across a completely abandoned prison facility over the hills and showed it to Rick. Though it is now infested with walkers, they all decide to reside there permanently if possible. Not willing to spend any more nights in RV, Rick, Andrea and Tyreese starts cleaning up its outer yard.

Using only their regular melee weapons, they pick up some roaming zombies until more of them pour in from inside and they start shooting. Rest of the group members was none too excited to stay put inside RV to look after the children. Allen was outside of fence keeping a watch and saw Andrea coming back to fetch more bullets.

Soon, those three cleaned up most of the Walkers and then used firepower when more of them start pouring in. Doing their assigned clean-up jobs next day inside the prison compound and hoping to get to a possible stockpile of canned food, they found four remaining inmates; Dexter, Andrew, Axel and Thomas sitting in cafeteria.

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The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars | Comics

After introducing themselves to surviving prison inmates, Rick and his group are welcomed to dinner table and allowed to co-exist with them. Dale and Rick then decides to invite Harshel Greene in prison to learn growing food and farming inside these fences, to which he agrees as there are frequent Walkers attacks on his farm these days.

Harshel expresses his gratitude to Rick for an opportunity to start a new life here by welcoming his family to prison and apologizes for angrily kicking him out of his farm earlier. Later that night, they all learn that people can still get turned after death even if they are not bitten by zombies from a failed suicidal attempt by Chris and Julie.

This incident reminds Rick of taking care of an unfinished business and he heads to their former campsite location. Wandering around inside, Glenn and Maggie finds barber shop and gets naughty before giving each other a haircut. Seeing them, both Susie and Rachel insisted for a haircut as well so, Maggie took them to barber shop.

Tyreese decided to clean up gym are with Andrea, Billy Greene and Glenn with a plan to stick together as a group but he soon gets swarmed by a herd of Walkers, which have his friends assume his demise and leave quickly. Harshel came looking for the twins only to open up door of barber shop to see their decapitated heads in horror.

Shortly afterwards, Maggie came to check in on her father and discovers him around a bloody mess of her twin sisters. Glen shoots their reanimated heads and Lori angrily accuses Dexter of this heinous deed before putting him behind bars. Rick came back to prison a day after the incident and Dale updates him on all recent events.

Glenn then informs him about how Tryeese went into a suicide run in gym and they had to leave him behind as he got swarmed. He goes to talk to Dexter about whether or not he killed the girls but he claims to be innocent in this case. He suggests that Rick might as well look within his group for a murderer instead of them.

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Tenants of Prison

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead Vol 03 – Safety Behind Bars

"Safety Behind Bars" is third storyline from monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead from Image Comics, narrated by series creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). Cover arts featuring single issues were all done by artist Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher).

Finding a new life inside prison grounds, Rick and his gang attempts to settle in after a long time on road. He even invites Harshel and his family to stay with them but then a gruesome murderous event took place inside those cell blocks that completely shatters everyone and surviving inmates are the only ones to suspect.

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When Dead Comes Knocking

Collecting issues #13-18 from titular series, entirety of the story has served as primary inspiration for early episodes of Season 03 of The Walking Dead live-action TV series aired on AMC. Even though source material from comics has inspired TWD in beginning, it starts to differentiate too much from roots as they keep progressing.

In a six-issue tale, survivors have faced deaths of some beloved and started to realize larger threats other than ravenous zombies lurking among them. Driving all characters towards another major arc, "Safety Behind Bars" is following tragic events of "Miles Behind Us" from earlier and continues in "The Heart's Desire" up next.
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