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The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars | Comics

Rick Grimes and his group were forced to leave Harshel Greene's farm behind after an incident that caused the death of many of Harshel's children. Glenn however, left behind from the group to the farm to pursue his relationship with Maggie. The group once again came out on the road-trip that they started from Atlanta. Dale and Andrea finally came across a completely abandoned prison facility over the hills and they all decide to reside there permanently if possible.

Not willing to spend any more nights in the RV, Rick, along with Andrea and Tyreese makes a plan and starts cleaning up the outer yard of the prison from Walkers using only their regular melee weapons. Rest of the group members were to stay put inside the RV and look after the children. Soon, the trio cleaned up most of the Walkers and then they killed off all the rest by using firepower in the end as more of them starts pouring in.

safety behind bars
The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars | Comics

The next day when the group was doing their assigned clean-up jobs and looking inside the prison compound, hoping to get to a possible stockpile of canned food. They find out four remaining inmates; Dexter, Andrew, Axel and Thomas behind a barricaded closed door to the cafeteria. After introducing themselves to the prison inmates, Rick and his group of survivors were welcomed to the dinner table and allowed to co-exist with them as the inmates showed them way around.

Rick and Dale approaches Harshel Greene to join them back in the prison and he agrees as the farm was being attacked by the Walkers very often these days. They learn from a failed suicidal attempts by Chris and Julie, that people can get turned by not even have been bitten, which reminds Rick of taking care of an unfinished business and he heads to the location of their campsite. In an attempt to clear the gym, Tyreese was seen getting swarmed by the herd of Walkers inside, noting his seeming demise.

Harshel expresses his gratitude to Rick for welcoming his family to the prison that became his new home and apologizes for kicking him out of his farm earlier. Glenn and Maggie find the barber shop of the compound and gets naughty before giving each other a haircut. A gruesome murderous event took place inside the cell blocks that shatters Harshel completely and the inmates are the only ones to suspect for this.

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Walkers At The Gate

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Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead Vol 03 – Safety Behind Bars

"Safety Behind Bars" is the third storyline of the monthly ongoing series The Walking Dead from Image Comics, published on 2005. The storyline is narrated by series creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files), collecting issues #13-18 from The Walking Dead monthly series. Cover arts featuring the single issues of the arc were all done by artist Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher).

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When Dead Comes Knocking

The story "Safety Behind Bars" has served as the primary inspiration for the Season 03 of The Walking Dead TV series aired on AMC. Even though the source material from the comic-book was what started to inspire the show in the beginning, it starts to differentiate from the roots as the TV show progressed. This story follows the events of "Miles Behind Us" and later the saga follows "The Heart's Desire" story of the series.
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