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Friday, April 4, 2014

Venom – Savage Six | Comics

venom savage six marvel comics
Venom – Savage Six | Comics
Former host of Venom; Eddie Brock's been gunning down the offspring of the alien symbiote and took down Hybrid and Scream. Current Venom host Flash Thompson has been offered membership on Secret Avengers and his suit is kept in containment, only to sent back to him whenever needed through Pym Particles. He is tasked with Human Fly's prison transfer, where Hobgoblin breaks in to kill the prisoner on behalf of Kingpin but Fly escapes. He heads to Crime-Master's place, deciding to put an end to his reign of terror while secretly being watched by Eddie Brock. Crime-Master invited Human Fly to join his group consisting Death Adder, Jack O'Lantern and Megatak. As Flash was about to get the drop on the villain, Brock suddenly intervenes and got captured.

Venom has fled and Eddie Brock is forced to merge with the Toxin symbiote and complete his team of Savage Six. Betty Brant meets Peter Parker at Empire Java and after he leaves, Jack approaches her. Flash quickly breaks in as Venom to save Betty, but Megatak and Toxin joins the fight, overwhelming him. Venom takes her to safety and then reveals his secret identity as Flash. Meanwhile, Human Fly visits Flash's mother and he finds his brother-in-law killed by Jack O'Lantern. While he was busy saving his sister Jessie Thompson, Toxin returns to kidnap Betty. To check on his mom, Flash visits her apartment and is attacked by Death Adder. Now, Flash has to take out the Savage Six alone and Crime-Master has yet to reveal his secret connection with Betty Brant.
eddie brock toxin symbiote
Toxin's New Host
Here is your links for “Venom – Savage Six" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Venom V2 15

Venom V2 16

Venom V2 17

Venom V2 18

Venom V2 19

Venom V2 20

Venom V2 21

Venom V2 22

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Venom – Savage Six
venom vs jack o lantern
Gauntlet of Doom

After apparently saving the world from Mephisto's son Blackheart alongside Ghost Rider, Red Hulk and X-23, Venom gets his place among the ranks of Secret Avengers, alongside Beast, Captain America, Giant-Man and Valkyrie, who made their guest appearance in the story. Writer Cullen Bunn (Drax – The Children's Crusade, Drax – The Galaxy’s Best Detective) now joins series regular Rick Remender (Black Science, Tokyo Ghost) for the plot of "Savage Six", while collaborating with penciller Declan Shalvey (28 Days Later, Moon Knight), Kev Walker (Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper) and Lan Medina (Cable/Deadpool – Living Legends, Deathlok – The Demolisher). Artist Tony Moore (Fear Agent, The Walking Dead) served as the regular cover artist for the storyline that ran from issues #15-22 of the second Venom ongoing series from Marvel Comics in 2012.
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Venom – Circle of Four | Comics

Jack O'Lantern showed up at Flash Thompson's father's funeral on behalf of his boss Crime-Master with a deal that involves retrieving a package for him or see his family suffer. Given the situation, Flash had no other choice but to comply to keep his loved ones safe. This led him to steal the symbiote for himself when Captain America comes in to shut down "Project Rebirth" the next day and then he flees the facility. Cap gives Flash a chase into the forest and these two fights for control as the former unsuccessfully tries to convince to give up the suit.

Flash managed to best Captain America in combat and when he got back with the suit, he found himself teaming up with Jack O'Lantern to a road-trip. Cap then tasked Red Hulk with a solo mission to retrieve Venom symbiote and bring it back to base. The following day, Flash and Jack heads straight to Devil's Den Casino of Las Vegas, where they breaks in to get the Toxin symbiote for Crime-Master but as soon as Venom senses it, Flash loses control over his suit and things goes way out of hand.

ghost rider red hulk x23 venom marvel comics
Venom – Circle of Four | Comics

Whatever control Flash had over the symbiote is gone and tries to eleminate the Toxin symbiote so that it could not compete with Venom for a battle of dominance on Earth in future. Jack O'Lantern breaks in to secure the package and remind Flash to calm down as he puts the symbiote in a container. Venom completely ignores anything that Jack said and keeps violently pouncing at the villain to get the container back. Crime-Master suggests Jack to run for his life and he barely made it out of Flash's clutch by threatening his family if the latter doesn't comply.

Flash calls Betty and breaks up with her to cut ties with her and save her from Crime-Master and Jack O'Lantern. By the time, he calmed down, General Thunderbolt Ross AKA the Red Hulk was looking for the symbiote to take it back into custody. Seeing a hostile Rulk breaking-in, the suit tries to take over him and they blew up a gas station in the ensuing struggle. Meanwhile, Wolverine's cloned daughter X-23 gets into the casino tracking the trail of a vial of her blood and discovers a band of Symbiote Warriors cloned in tubes.

Devil's Den Casino owner Mr. Degli and his girlfriend Ms. Oyle goes to a satanic machine with hundred sinful souls to open a black doorway and sensing this, the new Spirit of Vengeance; Alejandra Jones heads to the location, leaving Johnny Blaze in the Nevada desert. While rushing into the scene, Alejandra accidentally helped activate the doorway as demons enters Earth. Mr. Degli and Ms. Oyle reveal them to be Blackheart and his lover Gari Oyle as Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, Venom and X-23 appears to fight Hell and Antithesis; the dark counterpart of their own to save Earth.

For more information on Venom – Circle of Four storyline, you can check out the link below.

Venom – Circle of Four (Comics) Marvel Wikia

ghost rider marvel
Smashing Symbiote of Vengeance

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Venom V2 10

Venom V2 11

Venom V2 12

Venom V2 13

Venom V2 13.1

Venom V2 13.2

Venom V2 13.3

Venom V2 13.4

Venom V2 14

Here is your links to buy "Venom – Circle of Four" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Venom – Circle of Four (Softcover)

Venom – Circle of Four (Hardcover)

"Circle of Four" is a six-part plotline that ran into the second monthly ongoing comic-book volume of Venom from Marvel Comics, written by Jeff Parker, Rick Remender (AXIS, Captain America – Castaway in Dimension Z), Rob Williams and drawn by Julian Tedesco, Lan Medina, Lee Garbett, Sana Takeda, Tony Moore (Deadpool, Punisher). The story is another father-son hatred battle to rise to power in Hell between the demon Blackheart and his father Mephisto. As always, Mephisto found some pawns to do his bidding and gave them something that they wanted in return like a master manipulator.

ghost rider red hulk x23 venom blackheart marvel comics
Circle of Damnation

This skirmish of Hell also added never before teamed-up characters like Ghost Rider, Red Hulk, Venom and X-23 side by side to work as a team, which also is homage to the New Fantastic Four storyline from the 90's. Though it was very hard to match their combined ego to go team but dire objective in hand really motivated them all to act as a group and they had no other choice left. Aside from the unusual alliance formed during the story, characters like Doctor Strange, Hellstorm, Secret Avengers member Beast and Giant-Man made cameo appearance into it at one point.
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crawl Space – XXXombies | Comics

crawl space zombies
Crawl Space – XXXombies | Comics
In 1977, adult film producer Wong Hung Low had a huge debt to pay to the Mafia, which he decides to pay back by shooting a couple of adult films frequently by over three nights. So, he along with actor Jeremy Ronald then planned to shoot a dozen of porn over night, have gathered the popular stars of the Adult Entertainment business under one roof for some non-stop shooting of hardcore porn. Meanwhile, a passenger plane crashed near Hollywood Hills area that got the attention of the nearby locals and medics who immediately ran towards the scene to care for the victims of the crush. But the gathered crowd was shocked at the revelation of a Zombie outbreak spreading in the city and by then the turned people had already started eating the living ones.

As the pause-less shooting of screwing was about to run on full throttle, the production unit of Wong also experienced some of the unexpected bizarre incidents. Despite all of these, Wong sees it as a great money making opportunity as he plans to use the zombified porn-stars in his films. During this time of madness, a rough and tough convoy trucker Mitch Hooper was busy busting his way through the zombie plague to get his daughter back home safe from the clutches of the greedy pornographers and the flesh hungry undeads. While the camera kept rolling, the Mafia were not happy about the delay of their debt and suddenly all the sleaziness turned into a game of death in 70's style.

For more information on Crawl Space – XXXombies storyline, you can check out the link below.

Crawl Space – XXXombies (Comics) Wikipedia
tony moore zombies
Los Angeles Gets Screwed
Here is your links for "Crawl Space – XXXombies" limited series from Image Comics in issues.

Crawl Space – XXXombies 01

Crawl Space – XXXombies 02

Crawl Space – XXXombies 03

crawl space comic
Beware The Undead Mafia

Crawl Space – XXXombies 04

Here is your links for the "Crawl Space – XXXombies" limited series from Image Comics.

Crawl Space – XXXombies (Softcover)

Crawl Space – XXXombies (Hardcover)

XXXombies is published on 2007 by Image Comics, a four issue 18+ only mini-series, for the line of horror comic book, called Crawl Space. The main plot of this grind-house of dread is delivered by renowned writer and artist Rick Remender (Sea of Red, Fear Agent) and Kieron Dwyer (Night Mary) served as penciller. The actual plot was cooked up by Remender himself with artist Tony Moore (The Walking Dead, The Exterminators) way back and Moore later did the alternate covers for this series. Also a few real life porn stars made their appearance in the series as zombie!
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire | Comics

While Rick and his group was facing a new threat by Dexter and his other fellow inmates at the prison, a Walker horde starts entering the prison yards for Andrew forgetting to lock the door. This forced all of the survivors to take a stand against the army of the undead corpses. To move an absolute obstacle from the way of a possible future dispute, Rick intentionally shoots Dexter in the middle of the ensuing chaos, which Tyreese saw but remained silent about it. In the aftermath of the fight, Axel made up with the team and Andrew ran off towards the massive horde outside.

Meanwhile, Otis is attacked by a group of Walkers outside the prison while approaching to the compound but a mysterious woman helps Otis fight the Zombies back with her katana. Introducing Michonne, a katana wielding lone femme fatale survivor of this dead world with two chained up crippled zombies tagged along with her. Otis and Michonne reach the prison gates but she is only allowed inside after she surrendered her weapon to Rick and beheads her pet walkers.

the heart's desire
The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire | Comics

Glenn and Maggie were working on slowly taking out roaming Walkers around the fences to clear out the area. During the cleanup of the prison blocks, Allen got bitten in his leg and Rick immediately amputates the limb to stop spreading the infection but he dies anyway after some time. Otis chastises Patricia for her siding with the homicidal inmate earlier, which was responsible for the death of two of Harshel's children.

As Carol and Tyreese were in the gym, Michonne enters there to lift weights and even recognizes him from his NFL days. This made Carol slightly upset and she leaves. Later, Michonne seduces Tyreese and gave him oral sex, which caused a break-up between Carol Peletier and him, followed by a mental breakdown that led her to suicidal attempt. Rick entirely blames Tyreese for this mess and they got into a heated argument.

This argument quickly turned into a fight and Tyreese got the upper hand in the brawl. He questions Rick's sanity, causing him to step back as the leader of the survivors' group. Still, considering his contribution to the group's survival, they chose to make him one of the "co-leaders" of the group alongside Dale and Hershel. Andrea finds Michonne talking to an imaginary person which made no sense to her.

For more information on The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead - The Heart's Desire (Comics) Wikia

walking dead tyreese
Life Behind Fences

Here is your links to buy “The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

The Walking Dead 19

The Walking Dead 19 Michonne Special Edition

The Walking Dead 20

The Walking Dead 21

The Walking Dead 22

The Walking Dead 23

The Walking Dead 24

Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – The Heart's Desire

"The Heart's Desire" is a storyline from The Walking Dead monthly ongoing comic-book series and consists of issue #19-24 by writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). The storyline is published by Image Comics in 2005 and is the continuation of "Safety Behind Bars". This volume has introduced Michonne, a character who will play important role in the upcoming surviving chronicles. Also this is the final volume of The Walking Dead series that features the covers illustrated by artist Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher).

walking dead michonne
Introducing Michonne

Though, Michonne's character has made her debut on issue #19, which is the first chapter of this entire plot, the character was introduced on the first episode of Season 3 from AMC's The Walking Dead TV show. Compared to comic-book storyline chronology to the show's timeline, she appeared almost half the season later. Michonne's character was portrayed by actor Danai Gurira for the series. Later, the story continued in "The Best Defense" arc, exploring the saga in depth from here.
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars | Comics

With nowhere else to go, Rick Grimes and his band of survivors found home in an abandoned prison complex.

Following an incident that caused death to many children of Harshel Greene, he forced Rick Grimes and his group to leave his farm. However, Glenn left behind from their group to his farm to pursue his newly formed relationship with Maggie. Once again, Rick and his fellow survivors came out on open road-trip they started from Atlanta.

After few days of scavenging, Dale and Andrea finally came across a completely abandoned prison facility over the hills and showed it to Rick. Though it is now infested with walkers, they all decide to reside there permanently if possible. Not willing to spend any more nights in RV, Rick, Andrea and Tyreese starts cleaning up its outer yard.

Using only their regular melee weapons, they pick up some roaming zombies until more of them pour in from inside and they start shooting. Rest of the group members was none too excited to stay put inside RV to look after the children. Allen was outside of fence keeping a watch and saw Andrea coming back to fetch more bullets.

Soon, those three cleaned up most of the Walkers and then used firepower when more of them start pouring in. Doing their assigned clean-up jobs next day inside the prison compound and hoping to get to a possible stockpile of canned food, they found four remaining inmates; Dexter, Andrew, Axel and Thomas sitting in cafeteria.

the walking dead safety behind bars image comics robert kirkman tony moore twd season 3
The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars | Comics

After introducing themselves to surviving prison inmates, Rick and his group are welcomed to dinner table and allowed to co-exist with them. Dale and Rick then decides to invite Harshel Greene in prison to learn growing food and farming inside these fences, to which he agrees as there are frequent Walkers attacks on his farm these days.

Harshel expresses his gratitude to Rick for an opportunity to start a new life here by welcoming his family to prison and apologizes for angrily kicking him out of his farm earlier. Later that night, they all learn that people can still get turned after death even if they are not bitten by zombies from a failed suicidal attempt by Chris and Julie.

This incident reminds Rick of taking care of an unfinished business and he heads to their former campsite location. Wandering around inside, Glenn and Maggie finds barber shop and gets naughty before giving each other a haircut. Seeing them, both Susie and Rachel insisted for a haircut as well so, Maggie took them to barber shop.

Tyreese decided to clean up gym are with Andrea, Billy Greene and Glenn with a plan to stick together as a group but he soon gets swarmed by a herd of Walkers, which have his friends assume his demise and leave quickly. Harshel came looking for the twins only to open up door of barber shop to see their decapitated heads in horror.

Shortly afterwards, Maggie came to check in on her father and discovers him around a bloody mess of her twin sisters. Glen shoots their reanimated heads and Lori angrily accuses Dexter of this heinous deed before putting him behind bars. Rick came back to prison a day after the incident and Dale updates him on all recent events.

Glenn then informs him about how Tryeese went into a suicide run in gym and they had to leave him behind as he got swarmed. He goes to talk to Dexter about whether or not he killed the girls but he claims to be innocent in this case. He suggests that Rick might as well look within his group for a murderer instead of them.

For more information on "The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars" storyline, you can check out the link below.

The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars (Comics) Wikia

the walking dead zombies image comics robert kirkman tony moore twd season 3
Tenants of Prison

Here is your links to buy "The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

The Walking Dead 13

The Walking Dead 14

The Walking Dead 15

The Walking Dead 16

The Walking Dead 17

The Walking Dead 18

Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – Safety Behind Bars" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead Vol 03 – Safety Behind Bars

"Safety Behind Bars" is third storyline from monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead from Image Comics, narrated by series creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). Cover arts featuring single issues were all done by artist Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Punisher).

Finding a new life inside prison grounds, Rick and his gang attempts to settle in after a long time on road. He even invites Harshel and his family to stay with them but then a gruesome murderous event took place inside those cell blocks that completely shatters everyone and surviving inmates are the only ones to suspect.

the walking dead safety behind bars rick grimes tyreese williams image comics robert kirkman tony moore twd season 3
When Dead Comes Knocking

Collecting issues #13-18 from titular series, entirety of the story has served as primary inspiration for early episodes of Season 03 of The Walking Dead live-action TV series aired on AMC. Even though source material from comics has inspired TWD in beginning, it starts to differentiate too much from roots as they keep progressing.

In a six-issue tale, survivors have faced deaths of some beloved and started to realize larger threats other than ravenous zombies lurking among them. Driving all characters towards another major arc, "Safety Behind Bars" is following tragic events of "Miles Behind Us" from earlier and continues in "The Heart's Desire" up next.
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