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Spider-Man – One More Day | Comics

On the verge of losing Aunt May, Peter Parker desperately searches for a way to save her and perhaps will make a deal with the devil.

To show his support for the Super-Human Registration Act, Spider-Man previously revealed his secret identity to the whole world in a press conference but after his falling with Tony Stark, he is no longer living under the security of Stark Tower now and old villains are coming after his family and close friends.

In one such instance, Kingpin hires an assassin to settle past scores with the hero by either taking him out or any of his loved ones. The sniper missed Peter Parker and he even managed to save Mary Jane but the bullet eventually hit Aunt May.

She is quickly admitted into a hospital under the false name May Morgan and Peter cannot help but blame himself for her current state while her condition only worsens. The doctor in charge inquires about her health insurance for treatment and notifies to shift her in charity ward unless they have one.

He assures Peter that he is going to do whatever he can and he goes back to Stark Tower, leading a confrontation with Iron Man. After a brief tussle, he informs Tony about May and holds him responsible for her current predicament.

spider-man one more day marvel comics
Spider-Man – One More Day | Comics

Though he refused to get involved directly and let Peter walk away, he later sends Edwin Jarvis to see May and even pay for her bills. The doctor promises to make her last days comfortable but refusing to give up just yet, Pete says goodbye to Mary Jane before go looking for a way to save his aunt.

He stops at the door of Sanctum Sanctorum to see Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange to find out if there is anything that can work. He too confides that there is nothing that cannot be done but still offers him a chance to travel in space and time to look for help since Spidey refused to give up hope.

One by one, Spider-Man approached Nurse Anne Ghazikhanian, Beast, Black Panther, Doctor Curt Connors, Doctor Doom, Dead Girl, Doctor Octopus, Mister Fantastic, Mister Hyde, Morbius, Storm, Wizard and Yellowjacket with his urgency but all of them had the same answers.

Stephen Strange then goes inside to bring him a drink to relieve his stress and a curious Parker jumps into The Hands of the Dead to alter destiny only to be attacked by a group of Nightwalkers who watches over to prevent altering destiny.

A timely intervention by Strange saved him and brought back to reality before he was being assimilated by those beings. Failed with every attempt, he sits on the stairs of Sanctum when a red bird starting to say the same words spoken by Stephen earlier and he followed it into an alley way to find a little girl who leads him into an alleyway.

It turns out to be Mephisto and surprisingly enough, he isn't interested in taking Peter's soul at all. However, he wants Peter and Mary Jane to give up their bond of holy matrimony in return for saving May's life.

aunt may spider-man one more day marvel comics
The Inevitable Moment

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Following "Civil War" crossover event and "Back In Black" storyline, writer J. Michael Straczynski (Civil War – Spider-Man, The Other – Evolve or Die) and editor-in-chief cum artist Joe Quesada (Daredevil – Guardian Devil, Daredevil – Father) brings you the four part storyline "One More Day", which will change history of the web-slinger forever.

Marvel Comics published this storyline back in 2007 in four issues that span over three monthly ongoing series; Amazing Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Sensational Spider-Man, where Quesada served as a cover artist as well.

mephisto one more day spider-man marvel comics
One Deal Breaker

Straczynski's attempt to bring a major paranormal character as Mephisto into a Spider-Man story for creating a greater impact was a move they all planned long before and he decided to execute it before he finished his run on the series. Although many have initially protested against the idea but in a long-run, it created a burden for the hero to carry around.

In the aftermath of this story, the series sees a legendary run in "Brand New Day", which started a new status quo for everyone's favorite wall-crawler and his friends. Mary Jane Watson also stays around without her and Peter hooking up again. Plus, new characters like Carlie Cooper, Daily Bugle's new owner Dexter Bennett and Menace are introduced.
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