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Secret Invasion | Comics

Skrulls have been planning to invade Earth for long and launches a "Secret Invasion" to replace all heroes with imposters!

For ages, Earth has been a major target of invasion by many alien cultures and races, including Skrulls. However, each time they attempt for assault has been successfully prevented by various superhero groups, most notably Fantastic Four. Nevertheless, they still believed the planet is rightfully theirs because of an ancient prophecy.

After Earth has survived Kree-Skrull War, a group of heroes formed The Illuminati to repel such attack in future and traveled to their homeworld, Tarnax IV to warn them not to make any further moves against Earth but not only their warnings are ignored, they captured and tortured the group before they managed to flee.

Emperor Dorrek VII ordered his men to create a new breed of Super-Skrulls for an invasion. He was warned by Princess Veranke of a prophecy but she and her followers of Dard'van religious cult were all banished to a distant planet. Her words came true in later years as Galactus decimated Skrull homeworld during Annihilation War.

Without a planet of their own and nowhere to go, surviving Skrulls have sought Veranke out and elect her as their new Skrull Empress, who planned an invasion on Earth. They slowly start replacing their agents among super-human community before "House of M" and Veranke posed herself as Spider-Woman to join New Avengers.

After "Death of Captain America" and Civil War coming to an end, they infiltrated every group of 50-State Initiative. With Scarlet Witch thinning out mutant population and Thor being dead, all they had to worry about was Doctor Strange and Sentry. World War Hulk took care of Hulk and Nick Fury went underground following Secret War.

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Secret Invasion | Comics

Things became more evident when Elektra is killed by Echo in a battle against New Avengers, she is revealed to be a Skrull and Spider-Woman informed Iron Man about this. Then Illuminati member Black Bolt of Inhumans came out as another Super-Skrull in disguise that fought all of its teammates before being killed by Prince Namor.

Tony Stark brought in Henry Pym and Reed Richards to examine the corpse of Elektra-Skrull to find out how to detect them as they are prone to magic, mutant powers and even technological scans. He then is called by Agent Brand of S.W.O.R.D. to inform about a Skrull ship crash-landing on Savage Land and leaves immediately.

Both teams of Mighty Avengers and New Avengers reached to crash site, where they see their counterparts from 1970 coming out of Skrull ship. At that exact moment, an imposter Dum Dum Dugan blows up S.W.O.R.D. headquarters and Iron Man armor starts malfunctioning due to an alien virus being uploaded to his mainframe.

As Tony collapses down, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier lost control and Commander Maria Hill ordered everyone out. Another breakout at Raft occurs, freeing villains like Armadillo, Doctor Doom, Mandrill and Shockwave. Baxter Building of Fantastic Four gets sucked into a large portal of Negative Zone by a Skrull agent disguised as Susan Storm.

When Mister Fantastic finally figured out how Skrulls have managed to become undetectable, Hank Pym shot him with a laser weapon. Asking for help from the void of space, Agent Brand sees invasion fleet of Skrulls heading towards Earth.

Ares realizes this to be a trap and advises his fellow heroes to head for mainland but things quickly got heated between them. Two opposing sides assembled in Savage Land engage in a massive brawl that is soon broke up by a rampaging dinosaur. Tony gets busy to rebuild his armor in Mutate Citadel and sends Ms. Marvel away to fight.

A group of Super-Skrulls arrives at Manhattan and only members of Young Avengers were there to face them. Meanwhile, Fury has been assembling a team of new Howling Commandos and joins battle to turn its tide. As things starts getting intense, a certain God of Thunder appears out of nowhere along with a Star-Spangled Avenger.

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Skrull Impostors Taking Over

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Several years in making, "Secret Invasion" is a major Marvel Comics crossover event that is collected in an eight issue limited series by writer Brian Michael Bendis (Uncanny X-Men – Revolution, Uncanny X-Men – The Omega Mutant) and artist Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers – Revolution, New Avengers – The Trust), published in 2008.

A number of mini-series and monthly ongoing series like Avengers – The Initiative, Black Panther, Captain Britain and MI-13, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Incredible Hercules, Iron Man, Mighty Avengers, Ms. Marvel, New Avengers, New Warriors, Nova, Punisher War Journal, She-Hulk, Thunderbolts and X-Factor served as tie-in.

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An Event of Cosmic Relevance

Bendis actually worked on a lot of those interconnected books and it all finally comes together in the end. Building up a subplot from Kree-Skrull War to an encounter in Tarnax IV and then their destruction before setting sights on Earth again, all of that is explored in "New Avengers – Illuminati" five-part limited series from earlier.

A power dynamic that was shifted during Civil War was heavily manipulated by Skrulls and it took life of some characters. Many who returned among friends and family are having trouble coping with a world that sees them as impostors.

Aside from many fractions of Earth heroes, The Hood lead his criminal gang battling against invading aliens and even Norman Osborn has participated with his Thunderbolts team. When Skrulls were all defeated for good, another great threat slowly starts arising from shadows and a "Dark Reign" is ushered, leading to another event.
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