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DC Universe Online – Legends | Comics

dc universe online
DC Universe Online – Legends | Comics
Following an all-out brawl between JLA and the League of Super-Villains led by criminal mastermind Lex Luthor, all are massacred but Lex Luthor, Superman and The Joker. But Superman finally met his fate with Luthor impaling him with a Kryptonite spear after tricking him and claiming his years of yearning victory over the lifeless body of Man of Steel at last. But as he does so, he notices a warship armada of Brainiac starts entering Earth’s atmosphere without any super-hero left to oppose him. Brainiac starts unleashing exobytes all over the planet to turn humanity into a force of meta-humans under his command, informing Lex that once he is done collecting all data on Earth, he will eventually destroy it and then takes control over Lex’s exo-suit.

With help from a dying Black Adam, a desperate Luthor frees himself from Brainiac's control over him and escapes via an emergency pod. He is able to gather few remaining super-heroes and villains including The Atom, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Cheetah, Doctor Fate, Mr. Freeze and Power Girl to make a final stand against Brainiac and eventually made a direct hit on him but Brainiac overpowers them. Seven years ago in the present, Brainiac has also launched an attack on Earth allied with Luthor and thwarts JLA badly with crippling the Superman of the present and ruining his reputation in public. Amidst all chaos, the grand conspiracy of an invasion on Earth is plotted and when all others have fallen, only Batman seems to have what it takes to stop this invasion.

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"DC Universe Online - Legends" is a 26 issue limited series published by DC Comics on 2011 to serve as a tie-in to massively popular "DC Universe Online" video game title's core plotline. Writer Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Deathstroke the Terminator), who also co-written the video game’s story with Tony Bedard served as the storyteller along with popular artist Howard Porter (Underworld Unleashed, Trials of Shazam), Adriana Melo, Norman Lee, Mike Miller and Bruno Redondo. The series took place in an alternate timeline similar to DC’s mainstream continuity and explores the event in details. There the characters have almost all the similarities in their source of origin but the story of the series sets everything apart from its path and thus a new timeline with an alternate reality begins.
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