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Superman – New 52 | Comics

Before the formation of Justice League (Justice League – Origin), Superman used to fight crime and battle super-villains alone on his own terms. He as Clark Kent and Lois Lane works for two different leading newspaper and is not ever married, not even dating each other.

After the battle with David Graves, (Justice League – The Villain's Journey) he starts dating Wonder Woman, which would continue for a while. The Legion of Super-Heroes traveled in time with him to save him from Anti-Superman Army.

superman new 52
Superman – New 52 | Comics

He had given up his Clark Kent persona into a firefighter of Metropolis, "Johnny Clark" due to his accidental revelation of identity. Johnny Clark would continue on his own but Batman helped him out to resurrect the “Clark Kent” persona again for him.

He and reporter Lois Lane may have cross paths and will not come in same terms with each other but they both have a respect for each other. He also has Superboy; a clone of himself and his cousin from Krypton; Supergirl at his side in many adventures in time to time as well. With them at his side as well as the Justice League, Superman was successful in halting H’El’s plan to destroy Earth (H'El on Earth) and nearly killing Superboy.

He battles villains like Darkseid, Biomass, Vyndktvx, Lex Luthor, Helspont and a deadly infection of the ultimate Kryptonian killing machine Doomsday (Superman – Doomed) while playing his role as reporter Clark as well. Then he met another super-power being Ulysses (The Men of Tomorrow) from Dimension Four.

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superman vs darkseid
Superman Confronts Darkseid

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When the timeline of reality itself is changed by The Flash of New Earth, during ‘Flashpoint’, Superman gained a whole new origin story of his own. With all of DC Comics titles re-launched in The New 52 timeline, initially veteran comic-book creator George Pérez (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis – Legion of 3 Worlds) became writer for third ongoing volume of Superman comics with Jesús Merino as artist

man of steel
Man of Tomorrow

However, more of his origin details are cleared out in the second volume of Action Comics series in The New 52 era that ran in a similar timeline to the events from the life of Superman.
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