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Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year One | Comics

On top of a building in Gotham City, Batman watches over as silence takes over and he recalls to the events of five years prior when the world he knew was changed forever. It all begins on the night when Superman woke up hearing the heartbeat of his unborn child inside Lois Lane.

They both shares a moment of joy before Lois departing to chase an anonymous tip and Clark rushes to find out Batman in Metropolis, with whom he shares the news. Meanwhile at the docs, the tip turned out to be a trap as Jimmy Olsen is shot dead and Lois is kidnapped by The Joker and his girlfriend Harley Quinn.

injustice gods among us year one dc comics
Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year One | Comics

In S.T.A.R. Labs, Batman investigates a theft of Kryptonite while a freaked out Superman asks him for help upon finding Lois missing and Jimmy's dead body on the docs. Batman calls every available members of Justice League to look for Lois and Flash finds the corpse of Scarecrow.

Following Wonder Woman's lead, Superman manages to find out the submarine, where Joker kept Lois. There, he sees Doomsday and immediately takes off with him for space. Batman eventually realizes that Joker used Kryptonite and fear toxin to mess with Superman's mind and he alerts Clark. By it was too late when Clark realizes that in his hallucination, he actually caused the death of Lois and his unborn child.

A planted warhead destroys Metropolis that was connected to Lois' heart. With that, the Man of Steel snaps as he kills Joker, forced a worldwide cease-fire, enemies became friends and heroes of the world are separated over this.

superman vs the joker
No More Laughter

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Injustice – Gods Among Us (Comics) Injustice Wikia

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Injustice – Gods Among Us Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year One – The Complete Collection

Based on the massively successful fighting game "Injustice – Gods Among Us" of 2013, DC Comics has developed a line of comic book series that delves deep into this alternate reality, where heroes of the DC Universe divided in two fractions over their ideals and perspectives.

injustice gods among us year 1
Ascension to Tyranny

"Year One" of the series is written by Tom Taylor (Star Wars – Blood TiesStar Wars – Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir) and drawn by artists Bruno Redondo, Jheremy Raapack (Batman – Arkham Unhinged, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Origins of Eternia), Mike S. Miller, Tom Derenick and many more, which starts as a prequel that ends up focusing on the events of the game. Since the story is set in an alternate reality, many of our regular continuity doesn't fit here and the plot is continued in "Year Two".
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