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Harley Quinn | Comics

Before starting her criminal career and a twisted love affair with Gotham’s very own Clown-Prince of Crime, Harleen Francis Quinzel was a brilliant graduate from the Gotham State University. She possessed a genius-level intellect and had a scholarship on gymnastics while studying Psychiatry from Dr Odin Markus. Harleen believed that a person can break the law if he commits a crime or is in love.

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Harley Quinn | Comics

She was doing great with her graduation and having a good relationship with her boyfriend Guy Kopski until he died in a freak incident that convinced her that she was responsible for pulling the trigger. She realized she finally understood the concept of The Joker and decides to study him in Arkham.

With reference from her mentor Doctor Markus, Doctor Quinzel entered Arkham Asylum and eventually got her way to The Joker. The Clown sees the love in her eyes and laughs when she says she wouldn’t mind if he even calls her Harley Quinn. The Joker escaped Arkham couple of times with her help and after repeating it several times, Harley was caught and kicked out.

Then she pursued a criminal career with The Joker as her new boyfriend, led her to face Batman and his Bat-Family as well as other Gotham City villains like The Riddler and Killer Croc. She made an alliance with with Poison Ivy and Catwoman; forming the all-girl alliance Gotham City Sirens. She was also briefly associated with groups like Secret Society of Super Villains, Secret Six and the infamous Task Force X; AKA the Suicide Squad for once.

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Harley Quinn's Big Opening

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Joker's Asylum II

Introduced as a new super villain for the DC Universe, Harley Quinn was first appeared in the 1992 animated TV Show titled "Batman – The Animated Series", created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Then in 1993 the character first appeared in comics and soon bagged her monthly ongoing series from the creative team of Karl Kesel (Hawk and Dove, The Final Night), Terry Dodson (Wonder Woman, Teen Titans – Earth One) and Rachel Dodson as well.

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Poster Child For Crime

Apart from starring in her own series, she frequently appears in other Bat-Titles and also was a part of the “Joker – Last Laugh” crossover event. In the aftermath of “Flashpoint” the entire DC Comics was changed and even Harley Quinn received her solo monthly ongoing as well as a new origin story for The New 52 timeline, where she starts of as a member of Task Force X of the Prime Earth.
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