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The Walking Dead – Whispers Into Screams | Comics

The new era of peace that Rick and his fellow survivors established in a post-"All Out War" period is now threatened with a new type of enemy.

Previously, a survivor named Magna and her group has been rescued from a massive horde by Paul Monroe and brought to Alexandria Safe-Zone. After their initial interview session with Rick Grimes, they decided to stay but her friends remain skeptical that the town is surely hiding something and sneaked into the basement to find an imprisoned Negan.

Though he claimed to have been tortured and wanted their help to get out of his cell, Magna brushes off his claims immediately saying he is lying and then they leave. The group then confronts Andrea about the events before their arrival and she fills them in on her relationship and stand with the community until All Out War era.

Carl has moved to Hilltop to become a blacksmith under the tutelage of Earl Sutton and despite being unwilling at first, Rick eventually agrees to his wishes. There, he reunites with Sophia and was slowly trying to settle down away from home until they got in trouble with two boys. Carl has almost beaten them to death for attacking his friend viciously.

Earlier, Ken and Marco went to an uncharted territory way past Hilltop Colony chasing a pack of wild horses but they faced a horde and were forced to flee. The latter made it back to Hilltop but Maggie Greene is skeptical about his story of whispering Walkers. Nevertheless, she sends a small search party of Dante and two other men to go find Ken.

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The Walking Dead – Whispers Into Screams | Comics

As they arrive near a countryside barn, a herd arrives out of nowhere and they fight back. When only few of them remained, one of them attacked with a knife, which scared Doug and two of them died except Dante. He discovered his slain victim is a human female under Walker skin and another disguised survivor holding a shotgun to his head.

Jesus goes to investigate a patrolman gone missing and a herd of whispering Walkers quietly followed his group. When they are about to go back, the living zombies ambushed on them that led to the death of all but Darius and Paul. Jesus managed to kill all of the Whisperers before taking one of them prisoner and his wounded friend back at Hilltop.

Jesus starts interrogating the Whisperer who is a 16-year-old girl named Lydia and learns more about her group who wear skins to roam among the Walkers. Though Sophia is treated, Maggie had to lock Carl up due to the serious outrage from fellow citizens. These two talk to each other about what is going on from their cells and slowly bond.

The bullies' parents furiously argue over the fact that their kids almost died yet Carl is running around free. Gregory suggests that they kill Maggie Greene and has him reinstated as their leader once again but no one really wants to follow this extreme idea.

The father of one of the bullies later approaches him about his plan but he wants Carl dead as well. When things get really heated up in the infirmary between the angry parents and Maggie, Gregory steps in to offer peace but tries to intoxicate her with a drink later in his trailer. Only for the timely intervention of Jesus, she was saved.

A small group of Whisperers showed up at Hilltop to get back one of their own in exchange for Ken and Dante and their leader introduces herself as Alpha. Although Carl is totally against the idea of giving Lydia back to her people for their savage way of life, Maggie deems it would not be a wise idea to get in conflict with these people.

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An Impending Doom

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The Walking Dead – Whispers Into Screams

The post-apocalyptic journey of The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series from Image Comics picks a new pace from the previous storyline "A New Beginning" and now heading towards another major arc with "Whispers Into Screams" by writer/creator Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files).

The story starts building a major challenge for Rick and his allied communities to live up to following their hard earned victory against the Saviors and their lunatic leader Negan. However, these are a new breed of enemies that literally run along with the undead march and have a philosophy towards life that is devoid of any emotion or attachment.

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Death Comes Whispering

Similar event of introducing these new enemies from the story is also adapted into the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead TV series Season 9, except for a change of character cast and a major shocking consequence for one of the good guys.

Although there hasn't been any major tension building up throughout the entirety of the book except for a few casualties, the upcoming "Life And Death" promises some groundwork for the gathering storm headed towards the survivor communities. Rick Grimes with his fellow group members will rise up to fight their biggest battle against Whisperers.
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