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The Walking Dead – Life And Death | Comics

Michonne has returned to Alexandria after long and Carl goes after the Whisperers looking for Lydia, leaving Hilltop behind.

When Jesus went looking for two of their missing patrolman, he encountered and then captured a member of the Whisperers, who wear walker skin as a camouflage. His captive turns out to be 16-year-old girl named Lydia and is kept in holding cells only for her people to show up with their leader Alpha, to retrieve her daughter.

Though she goes back with her group willingly, Carl was rebellious of letting her go because of the ways her people treat her and even argues with Maggie for not giving her up to Whisperers but she chose to trade for her unharmed Hilltop members Ken and Dante. So, he decides to start following them on his own outside of their walls.

Sophia informs Maggie that Carl is not in his room and after conversing with Jesus, she came to a conclusion that the boy went after Lydia, which actually worries her thinking they might assume Carl as a spy sent after them. Alpha finds him resting under a tree and after exchanging some banter with each other, she takes him along with her group.

Ezekiel and a few of his men from the Kingdom were killing some zombies on their way of heading towards the coast. Rick Grimes and his group came across him to see a fishboat arrive, bringing Michonne. She apologizes for leaving without telling anyone talks to Rick for some time about her past life, abandoning her children for work.

Rick is a bit mad at her for the way she disappeared, because he could've loose people looking for her but she explains that despite she being happy with Ezekiel in his Kingdom, there was a calling she needed attending to. He informs her that there would be a fair they are arranging and states Carl would like to see her now that she is back.

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The Walking Dead – Life And Death | Comics

Back at Hilltop, Gregory is imprisoned for attempting to kill Maggie by poisoning her to take her position in leadership. Though he appeals and begs to people saying he was framed, no one believes him. Maggie interviews bullies' parents to confirm whether or not they knew about Gregory plan to take her life and learns they were aware.

In Alexandria, Negan is taking a bath in a tub as two men holds their gun pointed at him and Olivia trims his hair. Andrea came to make sure if everything is going fine and keeps him locked behind his cells again. Moments later, he discovered that the cell door was actually left open contrary to what Olivia believed before leaving.

Back from his trip to coast, Rick meets Dwight at the gates that came here to talk about stepping down from the leadership of the Saviors and the former advised that they have an election. Andrea greets Rick inside and he goes to see the cell to find out Negan lying on his back, sarcastically joking at him with the door open.

Seeing Rick trying to reach for his gun, the maniac taunts him that he could have sneak attacked or booby-trapped their safe-zone but he didn't do any of that, because he want Rick to trust him a little. Negan then taunts him saying that he is only kept here to remind himself that Rick is better than him by showing him mercy.

On Hilltop Colony, Gregory is hanged for attempting murder of Maggie before she heads to Alexandria to attend the fair. Learning about Carl's disappearance, Rick decides to immediately go look for him, accompanied by Andrea, Dante and Michonne.

Elsewhere, Carl continues his journey with Lydia and the Whisperers to a place where a large group of their people was staying. Alpha reminds him that he is a captive here and brought here to carry out a message to his people about who these people are.

To learn more about the communities and know more of their ways, she then infiltrates the fair. Meanwhile, Rick and his gang enter Whisperers' territory but quickly surrounded by a group of them who took him to his son. An already stressed out session between father-son duo is interrupted when Alpha joins the conversation.

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – Life And Death" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – Life And Death

Returning once again to collaborate on The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series from Image Comics, creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) continues their post-apocalyptic journey in "Life And Death" storyline that collects issues #139-144 of the series in 2015.

One of the most popular characters from the series, Michonne returns after she went rogue following "All Out War". Her departure throughout "A New Beginning" and "Whispers Into Screams" arc was chronicled into 2016 episodic survival horror graphic adventure game The Walking Dead: Michonne by developer/publisher Telltale Games.

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A New Union

The Walking Dead TV series on AMC channel has adapted various plot elements from the story into Season 9. Unlike the show, few important characters are still alive and kicking as Kirkman is developing their roles to fit more properly. Negan seem to have been going towards a change from who he was all along, holding so much promise for a better future.

Rick Grimes and his survivor group of Alexandria has unfortunately come across one of the most ruthless group that would probably force their hand into a war against Whisperers and tensions are already building towards that conflict between leader of two groups, which will be explored further in upcoming "No Turning Back" story arc.
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