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The Walking Dead – A New Beginning | Comics

War is over and away from The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes now lives a peaceful life among in Alexandria with friends.

A survivor named Magna and her group watches a few Walkers from over a trailer hitched to horses as they were going through the woods. She tells everyone to lie down when it emerged to be a larger horde and when one of them nervously suggests that they should get out of here on the horses, she points out that they will never made it out.

Some of the zombies get to a horse and the rest started to push the trailer over to drop everyone on the ground. Magna tells everyone to draw their weapon and make a hole among the crowd. She almost got bit in the arm when one of the roamers caught her but saved at the nick of time by the arrival of Paul Monroe AKA Jesus and his cavalry.

He instructs her team to cut the horses loose and get to the tree line nearby while they distract the horde. Magna and her group follow the instruction but one of them was not too fortunate to survive the mob. Eugene Porter, Heath and Rosita Espinosa join Paul in driving the massive herd away to further east by working collectively.

Eugene points out that the herd has moved direction approximately 10 miles away from The Kingdom. Though the trouble is averted, some of them are not happy about losing one of them but invited to Alexandria Safe-Zone, the group came along.

the walking dead a new beginning image comics
The Walking Dead – A New Beginning | Comics

In Alexandria, war has ended long ago and Rick Grimes lives a peaceful life as a family man with Andrea and his son Carl Grimes. He wears a prosthetic hand, grew a beard and has to walk with a cane these days. The community is rebuilt and has changed a lot too. They have new people living within those walls, got new crops, farms and houses as well.

Jesus brought in the survivors to Rick and they decide to stay after a brief introduction. He then heads to the munitions factory and asks Eugene not to go on herd duty anymore. Carl says that he wants to be a blacksmith and work with Earl Sutton of Hilltop Colony. Even though he does not want his boy to leave this place, he eventually agrees to consider it.

That night, Carl goes to the basement to talk to someone about class and after hour activities involving a girl he liked. The person in shadows offer him his perspective and when the boy was about to leave, asks if Carl still wants to kill him. He states his intentions are positive and that figure is revealed to be former leader of the Saviors, Negan.

The next day, Andrea is interviewing Magna and her friends on how they survived so long and how many were they. Later at their own place, she and her group talks among themselves about whether or not to trust Rick and his people because what they have here seems too good to be true and she thinks that Alexandria is hiding something.

Ken and Marco of the Hilltop Colony see a pack of horses on uncharted territory and even though the latter urges to go back, the former insists to bring them to Hilltop. A few zombies arriving out of nowhere caused him to fall from his horse and stuck underneath it. Marco carries Ken onto his horse after seeing a few more approaching.

They go a long way on horseback but then Ken falls off the horse and as his friend came to help, the horse ran off. These two then continue on foot and more Walkers begin to close in. Refusing to leave Ken back, Marco drags him to a nearby ditch and watches the horde leave. To their surprise, the duo hears the roamers whispering among them.

the walking dead magna group image comics
Magna and Her Group

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – A New Beginning" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – A New Beginning

The monthly ongoing series of The Walking Dead from Image Comics has returned with a new status quo, which is set long after the events of "All Out War" in 2014. Series regular writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) returns to usher "A New Beginning" of the post-apocalyptic world of undeads.

Collecting issues #127-132, the story brings in new survivors into the play and catches up to the aftermath of the Great War against the Saviors. Kirkman didn't cease to amaze by developing a larger concern for the survivors that they will be facing in future.

the walking dead whisperers war comic
The Whispering Herd

The story introduces a new group of enemies called The Whisperers, who are a major threat for Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors at Alexandria Safe-Zone and their leader, Alpha also makes her debut. This very dangerous group of people roams in group and wears Zombie skins as camouflage to blend within large number of hordes.

The above-mentioned adversaries make their live-action first appearance on mid-season finale of the Season 9 of The Walking Dead TV series on AMC. The Whisperers will make their presence fully known in the next story arc "Whispers Into Screams".
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