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Amazing Spider-Man – Graveyard Shift | Comics

Peter Parker returns home to discover Parker Industries being invaded by corporate saboteur and infamous super-villain Ghost.

Returning home recently after leading a group of Spider-People from Multiverse against an inter-dimensional murderous family of The Inheritors to victory, Peter Parker is back as The Amazing Spider-Man. Although not at his top form, Pete is more confident than ever to lead his company Parker Industries towards a better future.

Fighting over Morlun and his family took a lot of life force out of him lately and therefore, he was having a bit hard time against reptilian super-villain Iguana. Amidst his struggle, he gets a call from Aunt May, who was worried for not hearing from him for days and wants to know if Peter is still bringing Anna Maria Marconi to dinner.

May wasn't aware that he and Anna are not dating anymore, which makes him uncomfortable. He then gets a call from Anna shortly afterwards and when Iguana realizes that Spidey is on phone, his lack of mannerism greatly bothers him. Anna reminds Peter that he has been missing for days and now is needed for an important meeting soon.

His co-worker Sajani Jaffrey cuts in to tell him to arrive there and present his idea to committee for a prison contract. As he explains how people need to show compassion and understanding towards bad-guys, he was beating down Iguana. When Pete hears that they are competing against Alchemax for the deal, he quickly wraps things up.

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Amazing Spider-Man – Graveyard Shift | Comics

Alchemax co-founder Liz Allan was slightly worried seeing Peter since he always manages to win in the end and wished that he wouldn't succeed this time. Overhearing this, her stepbrother Mark Raxton who was former super-villain Molten Man and Ty Stone then plans on hiring corporate saboteur Ghost to infiltrate Parker Industries.

During dinner at Aunt May and Jay's apartment, Anna Maria covers a break-up story for Peter and she had him change suit to swing back at HQ. There, Sajani was going nuts over Parker Industries trying to create a super villain prison is a bad idea but former criminal Clayton Cole points out that Pete is also focusing on reforming them.

They are interrupted by a security guard who reports of a system anomaly only to see Anna and Peter making an entrance. This really surprised her as she has upgraded system after Black Cat broke in earlier and was supposed to get a text from Pete. Sajani gets annoyed knowing they came through a secret door that she didn't know about.

In their security hub, Ghost has broken in and after sealing all exits, deactivated all means of communication to outside. He took out a guard and then turned all security measures against employees of Parker Industries. In an attempt to save his co-workers from bot attacks, Peter starts using his powers before changing into Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, former jewel thief turned tough as nails mob-boss Black Cat is set to establish her name in criminal underworld and since she can't steal everything, someone needs to pay. When her lackey Melter and Killer Shrike brought Ringer to her back room, she made an example out of him for due payment and trying to get a drop on her.

Trying to be one of the good guys didn't work well for Black Cat in past and she decides to take back what was once hers. So, she kidnaps Jay Jameson and May Parker alongside jealous millionaire Regina Venderkamp before stealing everything she bought earlier from an auction that once belonged to Felicia to set them all on fire.

amazing spider man graveyard shift marvel comics peter parrker anna maria marconi parker industries christos gage dan slott humberto ramos
Life Outside of Work

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Amazing Spider-Man – Graveyard Shift

After wrapping up "Spider-Verse", biggest Spider-Man centric crossover event till date, Marvel Comics reassigned writers Christos Gage (Civil War – House of M, Thunderbolts – Secret Invasion) and Dan Slott (Spider-Man – Big Time, Spider-Man – Dying Wish) to have everyone's friendly neighborhood Web-Head to go through more trouble.

Teaming up with artist Humberto Ramos (Deadpool Team-Up – Good Buddies, Spectacular Spider-Man – The Hunger), Chris and Dan drag Spidey back to his regular routine of taking out bad-guys and handling his own business. He is trying to do more than catching them to send to prisons these days and wants to rehabilitate them.

amazing spider man graveyard shift marvel comics parker industries peter parrker anna maria marconi living brain sajani jaffrey clayton cole clash christos gage dan slott humberto ramos
Peril at Parker Industries

Spidey is still dealing with some loose ends from past events of "The Parker Luck" and trying to move forward with new ideas for his company. One of those unfinished business came to bite him back as Black Cat when she kidnaps Aunt May and Jay Jameson to get one of the items they got from auction that sold all of her prized possessions.

"Graveyard Shift" collects issues #16-18 from third monthly ongoing volume of Amazing Spider-Man comic-book series and Annual #01. Spidey will be busy dealing with underworld of New York City that sees a massive change all of a sudden in its power hierarchy as he is joined by an uneasy ally in upcoming storyline "Spiral" next.
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