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Green Arrow – Emerald Outlaw | Comics

After Green Arrow, Black Canary and John Diggle took care of the Ninth Circle, Ollie's sister Emi Queen was taken by her mother Shado. They all returned to Seattle, wreaking down the Empire Express on their way. Now, Ollie and his team along with computer geek Henry Fyff tries to set-up a new place to operate from in Rainier Wilderness, just outside of Seattle.

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Green Arrow – Emerald Outlaw | Comics

Seems like Seattle is already pretty hyped regarding the attack of the Emerald Archer on CFO Cyrus Broderick of the Queen Industries as reporter Victoria Much covers the news on television. Then there was the Empire Express incident on broad daylight. Folks of the town have a mixed reaction to this news whereas the homeless family that Ollie saved previously from Underground Men thinks that he is a savior.

In the city, Arrow had an encounter with Sgt. Scott Notting, who were beating up a civilian out of suspicion and video tape of that confrontation goes viral. This made Arrow a hero to many but Notting gets suspended. Mayoral candidate Nathan Domini gets a surprise visit from Oliver Queen for a favor on getting evidence against CFO Cyrus Broderick of Queen Industries. Meanwhile, people who spoke publicly about Green Arrow are shot by some deadly accurate archer.

Dinah and Oliver goes to investigate about it and learns from a street bum that there are many archers out there. Arrow and Canary offers their help to police but got being shot at and ran. A group of armed extremists led by Scott Notting started showing up in places and gunning down whoever they think is filth to the city, going by the name The Vice Squad.

In the middle of a game, Hawks' most beloved quarterback Cy Samson is shot with an arrow and Oliver if framed for the act on spot. The mystery killer is revealed to be League of Assassins member Dark Archer, who was trained by Ra's al Ghul. Dinah showed up at the scene with Seattle Police and Ollie took an arrow meant for Chief Westberg. The Vice Squad establishes a reign of terror and Emi returns as Red Arrow.

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The Shadow Death

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Green Arrow – Emerald Outlaw

Ever since Green Arrow has started his journey after the events of DC Rebirth, Oliver Queen has lost his sister, his fortune, almost died and got stranded from civilization but in the end, has found by his allies (The Death and Life of Oliver Queen). Succeeding from the beginning of Rebirth, writer Benjamin Percy (Teen Titans – Damian Knows Best, Titans – The Lazarus Contract) was brought in by DC Comics with artists Juan Ferreyra (New Suicide Squad – Kill Anything, Prometheus – Fire and Stone) and Otto Schmidt (Green Arrow – Island of Scars, Korvac Saga – Warzones!) to work on the third story-arc of the series.

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Rumble In Seattle

The story marks the return of one of Ollie's old enemy yet a lesser known villain Dark Archer and this also hints the possibility of League of Assassins and Ra's al Ghul showing up in the near future of the book. Collecting issues #12-17 from the sixth ongoing monthly series of Green Arrow, "Emerald Outlaw" arc is concluded to "The Rise of Star City".
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