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The Flash – Lightning Strikes Twice | Comics

As secrets from past beyond Flashpoint was coming back to him, Barry Allen is troubled with a wave of speedsters to take care of as The Flash.

As The Flash, Barry Allen is a gifted speedster and the fastest man alive on Earth, who also is a valued member of the Justice League. Recently, he's been struck with awe when Wally West from his past has made contact with him through the Speed Force, who was desperately seeking an anchor to hold on to this world to find his long-lost friends.

After Barry has reached out and acted as his "lightning rod", Wally successfully came out of the endless loop he was stuck in for the past 10 years. Now, there are also two other Wally West around from different timelines in this reality. The one that just came on Prime Earth has changed his costume and goes to find his friends in Titans.

Meanwhile, images of Wally and a strange apparition have been haunting his psyche as he was spending his days solving crime as a forensic scientist. He is waiting for a word from Batman about their recent "Revelation" about an artifact from beyond. It was a smiley face yellow button left behind by Wally earlier that night seeking help.

He races throughout Central City to lend a helping hand in need but feels that no matter how much he tries to help or does help, it's not enough ever. Barry reaches to a crime scene where he met Detective August Heart, his partner at Central City CSI and the only witness of the accident that gave him the speed-power after being struck with lightning.

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The Flash - Lightning Strikes Twice | Comics

August goes to S.T.A.R. Labs as a police escort while Barry heads for his lunch date with Iris and her young nephew Wally. Ever since his old apprentice has returned from past, he has been trying to spend more time with his loved ones. They were talking about how things were at work for him lately but are interrupted by a fire emergency.

He again rushes to aid for a house fire nearby before heading to the S.T.A.R. Labs transport that is attacked by the terrorist gang called the Black Hole. August was on the field and when one of the Black Hole goons shoots him following a confrontation, Barry makes a last ditch attempt to desperately catch the bullet before it could hit August.

Moments prior to The Flash could reach Detective Heart; a sudden bolt of lightning hit him out of nowhere and instantly turned him into a speedster. Apparently he got access to Speed Force and took down his attacker before anyone could see it. August breaks the ice about Barry's secret identity when he finds out that he has the same powers like him.

Then they two had to partner up to rescue Iris West from the clutches of Black Hole who kidnapped her for digging too much and asking too many questions about their motive of robbery. A Speed-Force storm then starts randomly striking the citizens of Central City, creating many other speedsters in the process before finally passing.

The ones that misused their newfound powers for crime eventually ended up behind the walls of Iron Heights and the good folks were all sent to S.T.A.R. Labs so that they learn to control their untapped power. Barry explains to his friend about how Professor Zoom has murdered his mother and is kept within a special holding cell in here.

They meet Meena Dhawan, director of the Speed-Force testing center in S.T.A.R. Labs who goes to help out some more speedsters in need with Flash. They go back to Iron Heights afterwards only to find out that all the criminals with speed powers are all drained out of their Speed-Force by a ruthless and powerful new speedster named Godspeed.

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Welcome to Speed City

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The Flash – Lightning Strikes Twice

Just as the DC Rebirth crossover mania hits the entire DC Universe to the core the way it once stormed with "Flashpoint", writer Joshua Williamson (Birthright, Nailbiter) and artist Carmine di Giandomenico (Daredevil – Battlin' Jack Murdock, Spider-Man – Noir) were to pitch a Flash storyline with a bold new direction that fits the vibe of "DC Rebirth"

Starting from the special Rebirth one-shot issue; the arc dazzles to a new peak taking point from there. Plus, there are two Wally West running around for Barry to mentor aside from his regular crime-fighting. He also will solve the mystery of "The Button" by working with Batman, which is going to be an upcoming Watchmen related crossover.

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No More Speedsters!

This story doesn't only feature protagonist Barry Allen with two different Wally West but also marks the debut of a new and menacing rival for Flash who is probably more powerful than anyone Barry had ever faced yet and he is called Godspeed. So, the question remains that how come the fastest speedster of the world defeat someone faster than him?

Alongside the Flash: Rebirth one-shot, the arc is covered in issues #1-8 from the fifth ongoing monthly volume of The Flash comic-book series and is about to be concluded in "Speed of Darkness" storyline up next, where the original Kid Flash will meet his Prime Earth counterpart and a villain from past named The Shade will return to haunt them.
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