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Trinity – Better Together | Comics

In their gloriously extensive super-hero career, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have taken on various enemies like Bane, Cheetah, Doomsday, The Joker and Lex Luthor individually but together they are capable of achieving greater triumph over evil.

The Final Days of Superman has left the world without a protector and then they discover there is another time-displaced Man of Steel around them who's been living among them with his family for some time. He is married to reporter Lois Lane, they have a ten year old son and they all are denizens of Prime Earth now.

Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince arrive on Smith Farm, Hamilton County when Lois Lane invited them. They decide to keep this simple but a still struggling to control his raw power, young Jon Kent blasts them away when he got startled by seeing Bruce's costume underneath his dress along with Diana's Bracelets of Submission and a dead wild boar using his x-ray vision.

Returning home from world saving, Clark discovers them on his land at the same time. All of them have a nice family dinner and The Trinity reunites in a nearby field recalling their old times from both worlds.

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Trinity – Better Together | Comics

Clark recalls of that one time from his early days, when Bruce wore a rainbow suit to draw everyone's attention and keeping them from finding out Dick Grayson's identity as Robin. Bruce then shares his first-hand experience of meeting Superman of this world who nearly killed him and Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

So, he could help but being curious about the identity of this Man of Steel from another world and came to find out who he really is. Diana took private time with Lois to talk and she assures that she isn't here to steal Clark or rekindle her relationship with him at all.

Suddenly, Clark hears a cal from inside the barn and goes inside to check out a mirror where he sees the reflection of his young self and his father Jonathan Kent. Following Clark, the three of them then journeys to a past where Clark has just discovered his power and is scared to see The Trinity in Kent Farm.

In Gotham, Bruce witnessed his parent's death again and dealing with his issues with Alfred Pennyworth and Dr. Harleen Quinzel at his side, while horrors like Man-Bat and Scarecrow constantly tries terrorizing him.

Their quest lead them to Themyscira, where Diana met her mother Queen Hippolyta and her younger self, followed by three of them being tested their skills and merit in games of Amazons. Meanwhile, Lois storms into barn with a car to discover the villainous Poison Ivy grabs a hold of her son Jon.

A night that started with a family-reunion soon escalates into a crisis of illusion constructed by one of their old enemy Mongul and his daughter White Mercy. Together, this father-daughter duo is about to put an end to The Trinity inside a world full of illusions and they cannot even help themselves either.

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Realm of Horror

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Here is your links to buy "Trinity – Better Together" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Trinity – Better Together (Softcover)

Trinity – Better Together (Hardcover)

As DC Rebirth impacts entire world of DC Comics, a long absent union of The Trinity is back again, formally with a brand-new ongoing series from comic-book writer/artist Francis Manapul (Legion of Superheroes, Witchblade), who were also aided by artists Clay Mann (Dark Reign – Elektra, Magneto – Not a Hero) and Emanuela Lupacchino in this venture.

The story-arc "Better Together" is the first one that is set in the continuity of Prime Earth and collects issues #01-06 from the second ongoing monthly series. Whereas every other ongoing series from DC Rebirth received a one-shot "Rebirth" issue to start with, Trinity took a different path by not including one.

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Trapped In Nightmares

This is also the first time when an alternate version of heroes, who is from pre-Flashpoint era, has joined their band and that actually gives a dynamic sense of diversity to this team. While discussing about stuffs of two different worlds, references of Green Lantern of Prime Earth and Robin of New Earth were mentioned.

A few unresolved issues like what happens to Mongul next will be further detailed in "Action Comics – The New World" story arc. The plotline will be followed up with the next storyline titled "Trinity of Evil", where The Trinity will seek help from another team of three superheroes to save three more and that already sound complicated as it is.
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