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Batgirl – Silent Running | Comics

Cassandra Cain begins her journey as Gotham City's newest protector Batgirl while Batman digs deeper into her past.

Assassin David Cain hires a group of mercenaries to fight his daughter Cassandra Cain while he films it and as they are told to pick a knife from floor to cut her with it, she made a mess of them within a few seconds. Currently, she is training with Barbara Gordon in fight sticks and is impressed by her skills even though Babs was sitting in a wheelchair.

Oracle finishes her workout with new Batgirl and then goes back to research more on her past. Whether she was bought or kidnapped at birth by Cain is unknown to them except that the girl escaped nine years ago and has been drifting on her own. They go out next day to talk about her issues but she ran off since she can't express them.

Barbara feels bad for Cassandra to have nightmares each night while sleeping and she talks to Batman about it. He tells her that despite her inability to talk, she can read body language very well and skilled in lethal combat. She also learned stick fighting from him a week ago in five minutes, which explains why she was so good against Babs.

Already in costume, Batgirl is called by her new mentor show her skill and not only did she impressed him, he allowed her to patrol Gotham city on her own with only the condition of not facing any costumed criminals like Bane, Joker or Penguin alone.

batgirl silent knight dc comics
Batgirl – Silent Running | Comics

The next night, she would save a man named John Robinson from a mob who goes missing later. John is kept in a prison-like building which she finds out with help from Oracle and goes to rescue him. The man dies due to his severe injuries and an infuriated Cassandra beats down every other thug down the compound before leaving them for cops.

When Batman came to check in on her, he and Barbara had an argument over what happened in case of John Robinson that ends with the latter threatening not to tell Cassandra that she failed or else he wouldn't be welcome at Gotham Clock Tower anymore. He then takes his young protégé to rescue a kidnapped young girl from mobs.

She took out all of them but then when a metahuman among them showed up, The Dark Knight hands her the girl and tells her to stay away from him. The superstrong brute came after her again and she managed to knock him down with some effort. In Batcave, Bruce watches an old video tape in shock where a man gets killed by a young Cassandra Cain.

He reflects back at her super efficiency that impressed him so much and gets concerned with his choice to take her as the newest Batgirl after seeing the footage. Alfred Pennyworth points out that the video could be fake, which takes Bruce to go to Macau to solve the case. In Gotham, Cassandra saves a young man from being gunned down.

Unbeknown to her, the man had psychic powers and he somehow repaired her lack of understanding verbal language after sensing it. However, when an armed mercenary shows up next to collect the bounty on the guy, she jumps in to face her only to realize that she couldn't read the body language of her attacker anymore and gets beaten.

Master assassin David Cain gets a surprise visit from the Caped Crusader who came here following a lead and confronts him about the tapes. Even though Cain tells the true reason for his daughter to wear a costume to him, Bats refused to believe it. Meanwhile, Cassandra slowly come to terms with her diminished ability and tries to fix the situation.

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Altered Speech Capacity

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Here is your link to buy "Batgirl – Silent Running" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batgirl – Silent Running

After the long absence of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl following the tragedy of "The Killing Joke", a new candidate for the mantle is introduced during the events of "Batman – No Man's Land". Collecting issues #01-06 from the first ongoing run of Batgirl monthly series, "Silent Running" is the first storyline featuring the Cassandra Cain version of the character.

DC Comics hired writer Scott Peterson (Batman – Kings of Fear, Underworld Unleashed) and Kelley Puckett (Batgirl – Death Wish, Batgirl – Fists of Fury) in the year 2000 to co-write the first story arc of the titular series focused on the untold origin of the character with artist Damion Scott (Robin/Batgirl – Fresh Blood, Robin – To Kill a Bird).

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The Righteous and The Profane

A major part of the plot takes time to establish her as a silent knight from a teenage assassin. Throughout the story, Alfred Pennyworth, Dick Grayson/Nightwing and Tim Drake/Robin showed up in cameo appearance to help the plot progress.

In process of discovering the past of his newest successor, Batman also encounters world's premier assassin David Cain who is the presumed father of the young prodigy. By the end of the plot, she loses her incredible skills but still proves her worth to take up the cowl, which will be further explored in the next arc "Batgirl – A Knight Alone".
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