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Justice League – Darkseid War | Comics

Justice League – Darkseid War | Comics
For eons, Metron has been an observer of events of the universe, destruction and rebirth of worlds sitting in his Mobius Chair. Though he is never to interfere, he did it in past when Apokolips and New Genesis went on war and arranged a pact between Darkseid and Highfather to exchange their sons Orion and Scott Free respectively. He was a witness of that time when Anti-Monitor caused a Crisis on Infinite Earths, Parallax ushered Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis threatened the Multiverse and Zoom created Flashpoint paradox. With all these crisis over existence put reality into peril, he finds Anti-Monitor on the ruins of Earth 3 and tells him to stop as Anti-Monitor's actions may lead to Darkseid's wrath and looks like he wants a war with the Dark God of Apokolips.

Mister Miracle confronts Darkseid in his throne room but forced to evade via Boom-Tube and ended up finding the mother of Uxas' daughter. Kanto and Lashina goes to Earth looking for a woman named Myrina Black and their opening of Boom-Tube alerted Cyborg, who brought Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Power Ring, Shazam, Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman to the scene. Using Barry Allen as a dimensional portal, a gray-skinned woman arrives and took down all of them before facing Diana. With Superman and Lex Luthor stranded on Apokolips, rest of the Justice League made a failed attempt to stop Grail and she brings Anti-Monitor on Earth. What would happen when the powerful Anti-God and Dark God finally goes toe to toe against each other?

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Justice League – Darkseid War (Comics) DC Wikia
Darkseid Vs. Anti-Monitor
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Exploring the aftermath of Injustice League and Forever Heroes storylines, while crossover events like Convergence and Forever Evil paves a new way for upcoming arcs, "Darkseid War" is a groundbreaking step stone for many of the future tales and a new status-quo of The New 52. Though writer Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Brightest Day) and artist Jason Fabok (Batman – Detective Comics – Emperor Penguin, Batman – Detective Comics – The Wrath) was primarily responsible for creating this event from DC Comics, artists Kevin Maguire, Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens (Metamorpho – Year One, Superman/Doomsday – Hunter/Prey), Jerry Ordway, Scott Kolins (Legion of Superheroes, Superman/Batman) and Jim Lee (Divine Right, Superman Unchained) also took part as guest-pencillers. Originally, the core plot of Darkseid War took place on issue #40-52 from the second monthly ongoing Justice League series and couple of other tie-in issues were added afterwards. Reference from Justice League – Origin was made and the story itself would influence "The Final Days of Superman" and beyond.
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