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Action Comics – Path of Doom | Comics

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Action Comics – Path of Doom | Comics
With The Final Days of Superman have ended, Lex Luthor decided to take up the mantle of the fallen hero and declared himself as the new Superman. When he stopped a robbery on on broad daylight in live television with an S-Shield on his chest, Clark White was watching it in his house with his wife Lois Lane and son Jon Kent. Thinking him as the same old evil Lex Luthor he fought all his life on another Earth, Clark dons his cape and flew to Metropolis. Interrupting Lex’s speech mid-way, Superman appears hovering over and claiming himself as the real protector of the city but Lex simply accuses him of being an imposter. As Superman was about to approach Luthor, his warsuit responded by attacking automatically in self-defense and a fight broke in on the mid-air of Metropolis.

Their fight draws attention and to cover the story, Perry White sends the best reporter of Daily Planet to aid Jimmy Olsen cover the story; Clark Kent. The heist that Luthor earlier stopped was a cover for another theft of a top-secret package from Geneticron. However, it suddenly wakes up and crashes in the middle of the fight. Before Luthor could react, Superman recognizes it as the only abomination that killed him; Doomsday! Both Superman and Luthor charges at the beast with everything they got but it proved to be too strong even for the combined might of them. Reporter Clark Kent gets in the path of Doom. Meanwhile, a mysterious hooded figure watches all of these from an undisclosed location, who has an agenda of his own which is larger than all that’s going on.
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Wrath of Doom
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Action Comics 957

Action Comics 958

Action Comics 959

Action Comics 960

Action Comics 961

Action Comics 962
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The Last Stand!

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Action Comics – Path of Doom

With the usher of the “DC Rebirth”, writer Dan Jurgens (Aquaman, The Death of Superman) has joined forces with artist Patrick Zircher (Green Arrow – New 52, Suicide Squad – New 52) and Tyler Kirkham (Deathstroke – New 52, Green Lantern Corps) to debut a new era on the new Action Comics monthly ongoing with the first story titled “Path of Doom”. It ran through issue #957-962 of the series that features the return of Doomsday, a reformed Lex Luthor, Superman of New Earth, reporter Clark Kent who is not the Man of Steel and a certain Amazonian princess; Wonder Woman of Prime Earth. The result of the Convergence and Darkseid War crossover event was also pointed out with the presence of Pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lex Luthor in a warsuit powered by a mother box to become Superman.
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