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Batman – Year One | Comics

Orphaned at his early youth, Billionaire Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City after 12 dedicated years of intensive training throughout the globe to hon his skills to be the greatest crime fighter of the world. Captain James Gordon has also moved to Gotham recently with his family to join the Gotham City Police Department as a protector of the city.

batman year one
Batman – Year One | Comics

Both men are utterly disgusted at the corrupt way of the city from their own viewpoint. With no actual planned goal in mind, Bruce kept on his training even after returning in Gotham in care and guidance of their trusted family butler Alfred Pennyworth. Assigned by Commissioner Loeb to team up with the corrupt fellow Detective Flass, Gordon was also having a hard time adjusting in Gotham.

While on patrol at night in disguise, Bruce Wayne engages in a brawl with a pimp and Celina Kyle got involved in the quarrel while trying to protect an underage prostitute Holly Robinson, injuring him badly in the process. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce barely escaping from police asks for guidance in front of his fathers' bust statue and then he saw a bat on his window.

He got his inspiration of becoming The Bat, to become the entity of fear himself and strike terror in the hearts of his enemies. Jim Gordon also tries to adjust himself in the vileness of this city, while getting unexpected aid from the Batman occasionally. District Attorney Harvey Dent becomes an ally of Batman in his crusade against crime and that's how the Year One starts for the Gotham Knights.

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An Ally In Darkness

Here is your links to buy "Batman – Year One" from DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Batman 404

Batman 405

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Batman 407

Here is your links to buy "Batman – Year One" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Batman – Year One (Softcover)

Batman – Year One (Hardcover)

"Year One" is a four part storyline that is considered top on a list of 25 Greatest Batman Graphic Novel of All Time, intending to explore the gritty original story that turned Batman into who he is today. Writer Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again) and artist David Mazzucchelli (Daredevil, Daredevil – Born Again) produced this epic Batman tale of all time that till date has inspired many other films, graphic novels and other media related to Batman.

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An Orphan In Crime Alley

Though Miller did some twerks and twists in the novel, it remained faithful to the original material created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Actually taking place in the long running first volume of Batman comics from issue #404-407 published by DC Comics in 1987.
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