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New Avengers – Secret Invasion | Comics

Illuminati of Earth heroes journeying into Skrull throneworld to Raft breakout, all stories connects to "Secret Invasion".

Right after freeing his gang from S.H.I.E.L.D. captivity, The Hood launches an attack on New Avengers at Sanctum Sanctorum and thanks to Doctor Strange they were all defeated. Jessica Jones ran off with her child Danielle worrying about her safety and showed up at Avengers Tower, asking for asylum and willing to register.

Searching for his wife, Luke Cage goes to her old office of Alias Investigations but then figured out where she is at. They have an argument about principles that she has ditched now and this move has now endangered their marriage. Ms. Marvel and her Mighty Avengers showed up shortly after to break their heated conversation.

Danny Rand manages an apartment for renegade Avengers members that he got through his corporation. Echo seem not to believe in Skrull conspiracy theory Wolverine came up with and goes out looking for Daredevil. She gets ambushed by a Skrull posing as him and she was saved only for the timely arrival of Logan who followed her.

Years ago, right after members of Illuminati visited Skrull throneworld following Kree-Skrull War to warn them about interfering on Earth and destroyed their capital city; they were captured and tortured by running experiment. Before they successfully escaped back home, Skrulls extracted information vital about them.

new avengers secret invasion marvel comics brian michael bendis billy tan david mack jim cheung michael gaydos
New Avengers – Secret Invasion | Comics

Emperor Dorrek VII ordered his scientists to examine and start working on their recent findings to come up with a perfect solution for an infiltration on Earth. He is soon approached by a Skrull princess Veranke and her followers form a deeply religious sect Dard'van, who warns him of a prophecy that foretold an end for Skrull Empire.

Seeing his authority challenged, Dorrek declared her mad and exiled her on a deserted planet to die. Her words will eventually come true when Galactus would devour their homeworld during Annihilation War. Remaining survivors of her race finds Veranke and made her a Skrull Empress, who immediately resumed Secret Invasion on Earth.

In years of experimenting, Skrull royal priests of sciences have finally discovered how to create a new batch of Super-Skrull, who could infiltrate among humans without being detected by magic, mutant powers or tech. Veranke wishes to take a role leading their religious crusade and chose to pose as Spider-Woman to do most damage.

In Savage Land, Luke and his fellow New Avengers members go to check on a Skrull ship that just crash landed on. They are all scrambled when a T-Rex attacked and Spider-Man comes across natives led by Ka-Zar and Shanna. Though they were not the enemy he assumed, an imposter Captain America showed up out of Skrull ship.

He beat them all and attempted to get back to New York but not before he was shot with darts and his true form is revealed. Ka-Zar tells Spidey that he and Shanna discovered a rogue division of S.H.I.E.L.D. running a mining operation for vibranium months ago and their investigation has led them to a confrontation with these shape-shifting aliens.

At that time, Spidey came to Savage Land looking for Sauron with his friends and that entire operation was obliterated by S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Veranke comes to Earth after she changed into Jessica Drew back then and started working with Nick Fury, who disappeared after "Secret War", leaving her alone to do her own bidding.

She helped orchestrated a mass "Breakout" at Raft, got invited to join New Avengers and meets Hank Pym imposter to plan on taking down Wanda Maximoff. Even before they could do anything, they all disappeared from reality and "House of M" ended with a massive reduction of mutant population that helped them further their agenda.

secret invasion new avengers skrulls marvel comics brian michael bendis billy tan david mack jim cheung michael gaydos
Secrets of Skrull Invasion

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Building up to ambitious "Secret Invasion" crossover event from very first issue of New Avengers monthly comic-book series, Marvel Comics brought in writer Brian Michael Bendis (Daredevil – End of Days, Daredevil – Ninja) to continue his run on one of the flagship Avengers title that would see a major cataclysm to unfold in 2009.

Bendis was joined by group of artists Billy Tan (Darkness/Tomb Raider, Elektra/Cyblade), David Mack, Jim Cheung (Young Avengers – Family Matters, Young Avengers – Sidekicks) and Michael Gaydos (Daredevil – Redemption, Jessica Jones – Uncaged) on his eighth and ninth book since it came out in two part, collecting issues #38-47.

This tie-in storyline sheds light on first encounter of Illuminati against Skrull Empire (New Avengers – Illuminati), what happened after they came back home, how they figure out a way to successfully infiltrate among humans, Skrulls getting into superhero teams and finished on a note after Earth has been liberated from invading force.

Now that Skrull army is defeated, there is a new power shift which gets S.H.I.E.L.D. dismantled and its director gets replaced. More to a new chapter will be explored in next storyline "Power", slowly delving into "Dark Reign" event. Both Earth and New Avengers have been liberated from its biggest enemy but are not out of woods yet.
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