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Haunt Vol 01 | Comics

Catholic priest Daniel Kilgore is forced to get along with his brother Kurt Kilgore, a government agent following an accident and becomes The Haunt.

Daniel Kilgore visits prostitutes on a regular basis, has an anger-management issue, leads a sleazy life and happens to be an associate priest. When he returns to church after his usual "appointment" with a hooker, he sees his brother Kurt is here to meet him. It seems that Daniel has a sort of abhorrence for Kurt who regularly visits him for confession.

Because of the distaste he has for his brother, Daniel asks Kurt to get it done with but the latter points out that it doesn't feel like a confession this way. So, the priest agrees to bear with him and they gets inside a confessional box for the sacrament. When he is asked how many people he has killed this time the penitent, Kurt begins his narration.

He states that, unlike always he went on a covert mission for The Agency as a government agent and was sent to retrieve a genetic researcher named Dr. Shillinger from a secret research compound in Bolivia. Pretending to be a dead body, he reached there in a body-bag and found himself on the middle of a dumping ground of rotten corpse.

He sneaks on a guard before the others see him and caught into a firefight while he made it inside. He found the man he came to extract here from but the doctor insisted that they have to retrieve his test subject as well. Upon finding him running horrible genetic experiments on living test subjects, Kurt ends up killing Shillinger on spot in disgust.

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Haunt Vol 01 | Comics

He prompts to rescue the heavily gross hostages and a young mutated boy from the guards of the compound and lead them out while a mysterious female figure and steals the knapsack from the dead Doctor, which has gone unnoticed by everyone. He walks out of the church at the end of his confession upon failing again to bond with his brother.

Kurt is kidnapped by an unknown party who ambushed on him and then is tortured to death during the interrogation regarding the notes of Dr. Shillinger. Daniel didn't know any of it and after attending the funeral, Kurt's ghost talks to him about go to see his widow Amanda. They argue over the matter and he thinks all of this is just in his head.

Even though he goes to visit Amanda, with whom he had a long-history before she married his brother, there is an awkward silence and they don't talk to each other much. She asks Daniel to spend the night here and so he stays anyway. Later, he wakes up on the couch at the middle of the night when Kurt's ghost came to warn him of intruders.

Daniel brushes it off considering somewhere deep inside he still misses his dead brother but he then sees two assassins came looking for him and Amanda. When they starts firing at him, Kurt quickly jumps at his confused brother and transforms him into a white, ghostly apparition who lunges at the attackers and slashed their head clean off.

They go out taking down two more waiting in the van and then Kurt instructs Daniel to call for cleanup. Amanda goes to work next morning and Kilgore heads to church despite his ghost constantly urging to go after her to assure she is safe. He ran into a hired mercenary Cobra at church, working for some unknown party and had an intense fight.

The killer makes a quick escape knowing he cannot win and Kurt leads Daniel to The Agency to get help. They take him for interrogation to know more about the death of his brother and he turns into The Haunt when he is ambushed. With so many things coming at him, he still has to discover about rogue agent Mirage and a ruthless crime-boss Mr. Hurg.

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Secret Agent Kurt Kilgore

Here is your links to buy "Haunt Vol 01" from Image Comics in issues on Amazon.

Haunt 01

Haunt 02

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Here is your link to buy "Haunt Vol 01" from Image Comics on Amazon.

Haunt Vol 01

"Haunt Vol 01" is the collectible of the first five issues from a brand-new monthly ongoing Image Comics title Haunt by comic-book creator Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, The Walking Dead) in 2010. Artists Greg Capullo (The Creech, Violator), Ryan Ottley (Grizzlyshark, Invincible) and Todd McFarlane (Image United, Spawn) also helped along.

Artist Ottley does a fine job on the pages of this gory supernatural action series which tells the origin of an ectoplasmic entity of two brothers co-existing in a body. Capullo also delivered the exquisite covers for the series with series co-creator McFarlane himself.

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The First Transformation

The chronicles of Daniel Kilgore goes in a fast paced series of events following the death of his estranged brother and how he is forced to take a heroic path to save the lives of the ones he love. Though an action focused series, Haunt depicts the life of the involved characters riddled with love, betrayal and ruthlessness over and towards one another.

Because of his McFarlane's work on Spider-Man for many years in past, the titular hero bears a lot of resemblance and some of the characteristics of Venom as well. The storyline serves as a "Year One" type of story for the character that will meet new challenges and unravel more mysteries from the past life of Kurt Kilgore in "Haunt Vol 02".
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