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The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom | Comics

The Whisperers have lost in battle but unleashed a sea of dead bring about a certain doom for all that is living.

After a failed attempt of ruining Alexandria and Hilltop in retaliation for the death of their leader, The Whisperers have managed to regroup for launching a full-scale attack on them. Though they are defeated, a furious Beta refuses to rest until Rick Grimes and his community members perished by a wave of undead march.

Eugene came back home with a huge supply of ammo for an impending conflict but soon collapses due to over exhaustion. Dwight and his group returned shortly afterwards bearing news of their victory but when he shared to Rick that they fought hundreds of Walkers, he freaked out because Alpha showed him thousands of them.

Just like a roaring ocean, a massive herd of countless undeads is led to Alexandria by Beta and his followers. Seeing an army of walking corpses marching towards them, Dwight rushes to lure them away like Eugene and his crew used to do. Andrea tagged along in driving parts of the herd from street and many falls into the trench they dug.

On road, Michonne decides to take down a few of them on foot to keep them following and then switches with Jesus. People in Alexandria takes a stand with weapons as Walkers passed the trench by running over their own. Negan was standing there without a firearm and he picks a knife to kill a few trying to push through their fence.

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The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom | Comics

Paula, Siddiq and other have joined him but then roamers eventually knocked it down and everyone ran. Amidst this chaos, Paula is grabbed by them and Rick fell down but just as he was about to get swarmed, Negan came back to drive him to safety. Just from afar, John and Tara of the Saviors watch over how they are holding up.

Carl, Lydia, Maggie and a few other Hilltop residents came to see that Alexandria has already been overrun. Michonne and Jesus join them shortly after a quick roundup to go together again for luring more zombies and dumping them into ocean. Annie and Siddiq bursts into Eugene's house to hide but discover his radio equipment lying there.

Inside their walls, Negan and Rick find an empty house to take shelter in from a rampant herd. Andrea came just in time to lead them away with a horn and they slowly start to thin out. When Rick wants to go out, Negan tells him to stay inside and cover for him by the door while he doo some stabbing as he might need some help.

When he is surrounded, Rick starts shooting to clear a path for him and then they try it on a different door. Soon, other survivors join them in taking out whatever roamers left and cleaning up this mess. So far, the idea of leading the herd to ocean was working great but Andrea and Eugene notice a part of them are still wandering around.

He decides to run those Walkers away on his own but fell off from horse when surrounded, leading Andrea to come back. Magna and Yumiko kept shooting to clear a small path but remained skeptical whether or not they would make it.

Knowing their defense would be weak, Carl and Lydia comes helping with a handful of survivors to help out getting rid of some zombies. Sherry leads a few Saviors to overwhelm a weary Dwight and his group to clean up whatever is left. Tensions are high on both sides and their leaders have come to an inevitable confrontation.

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Here is your link to buy "The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – A Certain Doom

Post-apocalyptic survival saga of The Walking Dead monthly ongoing comic-book from Image Comics has seen its biggest Zombie crisis yet in "A Certain Doom" storyline of 2017 by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files), collecting issues #163-168 from the series.

Rick and his friends are probably facing something even bigger than "All Out War" but it was a fight against the living back then. Of course, The Whisperers have helped escalating the whole situation when their attempt of destroying Alexandria and Hilltop failed miserably but a massive army of dead itself is a threat enough on its own.

Rick even allowed his former arch-enemy Negan to fight alongside Dwight and his militia, who has proved his worth out there. He saved Rick when their walls are compromised by a swarm of Walkers and helped him to find safe shelter. Also, he handled a tensed situation when they were outgunned by remaining Saviors led by Sherry.

Dead will perish and opposing rebellions will fall eventually with a heavy cost of lives from each sides. When all are going to be settled for good, a major character will bite the dust and nothing will ever be same for remaining survivors. TWD will take a major shift from this point and head to a new direction in upcoming "Lines We Cross" storyline.
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