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The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross | Comics

Alexandria is thrown into turmoil as Rick, Dwight, Eugene and Negan have all lost too much in recent event of wars.

While sitting near Andrea's grave, Lydia approaches to a mourning Carl who tells her how he had to kill Ben after he become a psychopath and killed his own brother Billy (Fear The Hunters). In spite of learning that from him later, Andrea still loved him and he came to accept her as her mother by start calling her mom.

Walking through burial ground, Rick Grimes came across Maggie Greene and knowing what she wants to talk about, invites her in. She angrily asks him why Negan is free from his cell and after trying to compare how they both acted a lot alike by killing many, Rick states he cannot kill him but he won't be allowed within their walls either.

Eugene Porter has been working on something from even before when people of Alexandria and The Whisperers went to war with each other. When Alpha came visiting their community, he picked a CB radio when shopping and became busy with it after losing Rosita but surprisingly, he received a response from a stranger.

They talked, laid down some ground rules to establish trust among both parties and eventually the radio survivor revealed her name to be Stephanie. They came to share where they are from at one point before Eugene got involved in "The Whisperer War" to produce bullets for Dwight and his militia to help them fight an upcoming war.

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The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross | Comics

Then waves of walkers broke into Alexandria, survivors took shelter in houses nearby and Siddiq got into his house along with Annie, seeing his equipments on table. Eugene tries to contact Stephanie to inform their state after they throttled an imminent danger of The Whisperers but Rick showed up at his doorstep to talk.

He obviously learned about the radio from Siddiq and knowing what has been going around, wants to talk with her now. Eugene vouched for him to his friend over radio and she agrees to talk to him even though reluctant. Rick suggests to her about building a route over to her community as they need help rebuilding a lot here.

He then plans to send a small scout team with Eugene but Dwight not only denies helping him out on this, he suggests running Alexandria instead of Rick. Michonne comes to volunteer for trip to Ohio and he suggests her presence is required elsewhere, maybe in Kingdom but she insists on going with Magna, Yumiko and Siddiq.

Seeing Hilltop residents packing their stuffs up, Carl wishes to go with them and Maggie asks him what if his father needs him here. He meets Rick to bid him goodbye and they hug before departing. Dwight keeps an eye on Negan as he picks up supplies before leaving Alexandria and Maggie asks Dante to have an eye on him.

On road, Michonne and her team were attacked by a small pack of walkers at night, which forced them to move camp and head to Pennsylvania. Rendered a ghost town, they settled for the night and Siddiq confesses to Eugene about something he was not prepared for at all but they both decided to keep it to themselves.

Next day, they come across a survivor named Juanita Sanchez, who wishes to be called Princess and wants to tag along with them. To start off a new life together, Aaron and Jesus decide to move to Hilltop colony but little did they know that Beta of The Whisperers quietly came to take his revenge on them with a pack of zombies.

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Dwight Steps Up

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The Walking Dead 169

The Walking Dead 170

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The Walking Dead 174

Here is your links to buy "The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – Lines We Cross

After Rick Grimes and his community of survivors in Alexandria has survived "The Whisperer War" and "A Certain Doom", creator/writer Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) wraps up loose ends to start a new story arc for Image Comics monthly ongoing series The Walking Dead.

Collecting issues #169-174 from TWD comic-book series, current storyline titled "Lines We Cross" permanently closed off The Whisperers chapter. With that, a new chapter full of unknown events is just opening up. Michonne and a few others go on a lookout for another survivor community that Eugene has discovered earlier.

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A Solitary Life

Even Maggie Greene had her closure regarding Negan after a confrontation that was long overdue. Things between Rick and Dwight start falling off slowly to a bitter end, where the latter sees both the former and Negan are alike. However, Laura tries to be a voice of reason for his recently changed viewpoints toward Grimes.

Introducing newest character Princess before meeting a new group of people will likely to cause some interesting turn of events and new people will be bringing up new troubles. Next storyline, "New World Order" is set to change some status quo for all parties and survivors may face something sinister than the threat of roaming walkers.
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