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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chew – Bad Apples | Comics

chew volume 7 bad apples tp
Chew – Bad Apples | Comics
As the Chu family found out about the demise of Tony's sister Antonelle Chu, the whole family and friends gathered to show their respects. When his wife Min Tso-Chu died years ago, he shattered and this created a distance in relationship with his daughter Olive as she grew up in his sister Rose-Mary's care, which he tries to reconcile. As it hits him hard and breaks from the inside as he mourns for Toni, he and his friend John Colby are recruited again as FDA agents by director Mike Applebee. Tony works his ass-off to bust a conspiracy by Thin-Ex Industries and their connection to Divinity of the Immaculate Ova. Several other terrorist attempts by egg-worshiping cult are foiled and high priestess Sister Alani Adobo declares a Holy War on anyone who eats chicken.

While working with colleague Caesar Valenzano, Colby realizes by connecting the dots that he is still working with Savoy and they got into a brawl but the latter agrees to meet Mason Savoy. Since he has no tolerance for bullshit now, Tony sidelines Applebee and Colby comes to rescue. Tony goes to Yamapalu Island for an assignment with U.S. Navy to investigate a training camp of Immaculate Ova ran by Oscar Chalaza. After a brief fight with his bodyguard, Chu finally manages to discover a link that leads him straight to the location he was looking for. At an undisclosed location of Eastern Europe, FDA operative Tony Chu finds himself as a guest on a dinner table with his sworn enemy; The Collector. In a surprise turn of events, John Colby finally joins Mason Savoy.
tony chu comic
The Chicken Prophecy
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Chew 31

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Chew 34

Chew 35

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chew image comics
Cop! Crusader! Cannibal!

Chew – Bad Apples

'Bad Apples' is the seventh storyline by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory for monthly ongoing Image Comics' series Chew, that is preceded by previous storyline 'Space Cakes'. For what the whole plotline has been building for the past couple of books from the series, Bad Apples expands the Chew universe to a new extend, creating many openings for future conflicts with Tony's arch-nemesis The Collector, John Colby's unexpected alliance with Mason Savoy and Olivia Chu's growing into her own shoes just like her father. The story collects issues #31-35 and is concludes to the next arc 'Family Recipes'.
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Chew – Space Cakes | Comics

chew space cakes tpb
Chew – Space Cakes | Comics
FDA operative Tony Chu's sister is an agent of NASA, which becomes the most powerful government organization after the fiery alien script showed up in sky (Just Desserts). Aside this, she also possesses a food-power that lets her see oncoming events upon chewing onto something living. This does helps her take important decisions about her love life and after she "Hit the Sack" with her director and lover Paneer Sharma for a couple of times, she bit him in the neck to learn what the future holds for her. Soon, she pays a visit to his severely injured brother Tony at the hospital and her elder brother Chow Chu showed up to enlist her help. With her assistance, Chow humiliates Barnabas Cremini for stealing his recipe and insulting him in an auction earlier.

When she returns, she meets Tony's colleague Caesar Valenzano, who believes that they have met before but in spite of that being true, she denies. She teams-up with Paneer to bust D-Bear when one of her friends show up reporting abduction of his Psychedelic Frogs that causes hallucination. Then Caesar, John Colby, Special Agent Vorhees and a completely stoned Tony on a wheelchair go rescuing a genetic engineer from E.G.G. Terrorists with help from Poyo. After one more operation with Caesar and John, Antonelle Chu finally says yes to Paneer when he proposes. Valenzano still tries to figure out where he met Toni before. Sensing the foreseeable future, Toni starts preparing for her wedding day with her friend and family waiting to witness the epic moment.
tony chu comic
Dance With The Devil
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03. Chew – Secret Agent Poyo

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05. Chew 29
chew image comics
Cibo-Voyancy and Future

06. Chew 30

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Chew – Space Cakes

As the continuation of the story from the previous arc "Major League Chew", Space Cakes is the sixth chapter in the Chew monthly ongoing series from Image Comics by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory. This story arc picks up issue #23-30 from the series and Secret Agent Poyo One-Shot. Also, a "Death in the Family" or so to speak, takes place which will pave road to the grand-finale of the plot and shake everyone attached to the character emotionally. Space Cakes eventually concludes to the next storyline titled 'Bad Apples' by the same creative team behind the series.
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chew – Major League Chew | Comics

chew image comics
Chew – Major League Chew | Comics
As the efforts of FDA agent Tony Chu and his partner John Colby’s effort to bust the Egg Worshippers of Divinity of the Immaculate OVA group spectacularly fails (Chew – Flambe), FDA director Mike Applebee suddenly gets too happy about it. He finally got Chu where he wanted and fired him to the Municipal Traffic Division as a Meter Maid. Even Colby fails to impress Applebee and got transferred straight to United States Department of Agriculture, where he has partnered up with a lion named Buttercup. While Tony was greatly upset about all this, his new boss Lieutenant Marshall Mellow was more than excited and appreciative to have a real hero in the department. As his days were passing by giving people parking tickets, it soon got better and then worse.

On a remote location, Mason Savoy and Caesar Valenzano were having a pretty rough time with Tony’s daughter Olive Chu cooperating whom Mason had kidnapped previously to train and work with them. Tony soon solved a major robbery case with his cibopathic abilities but got into major trouble the next day on road with Amelia’s ex-boyfriend Dan Franks. Not only Dan has a grudge on him, he also wants Tony because of his food-power. Dan wants to write a book on dead former superstar baseball players detailing the historically accurate, extensive and explicit facts of their sex lives. For that purpose, he wants Tony to eat the decomposed body of all the deceased baseball stars he threw at him. Tony too has no options other than getting repeatedly beat if not complied.
tony chu comic
Absolute Bondage Beatdown
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Chew 21

Chew 22

Chew 23
major league chew
Decomposed Diet For Dinner

Chew 24

Chew 25

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Chew – Major League Chew

The fifth addition to the series of storylines running in the monthly ongoing ‘Chew’ by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory, ‘Major League Chew’ consists of issues #21-25 from the series. This storyline puts a near ignored character into some good use and also relocates the others into different positions. As all of this comes to a major turn of events next on ‘Space Cakes’, this is just a path paved for the upcoming mayhem for Tony Chu and the entire Chew Universe from Image Comics.
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Chew – Flambe | Comics

chew flambe comics
Chew – Flambe | Comics
During the big-fat family reunion of the Chu Family, giant fiery-writings mysteriously pops-out in the sky all over the world and everyone took it as a sign of the end of the world. As soon as the fiery-writings appeared, the government and the FDA seem to give no damn about the chicken prohibition anymore. So, people are back in the chicken business and FDA agent Tony Chu along with his partner John Colby goes looking for a Voresophic named Daniel Migdalo who is also a former FDA agent. But Colby gets drunk in the middle of the day and Tony is forced to team-up with agent Caesar Valenzano. The guy they were looking for is the smartest person when he is eating and they found him in a state that the agents did not have ever anticipated before.

Tony and John then goes for a school boy turned food-terrorist named Peter Pilaf from Tony’s daughter Olive Chu’s class. After confronting him, they are led to believe that he was also responsible for the destruction of the Fisher-Okroshka international space station the night before. All the confusions about the Fisher-Okroshka station soon gets cleared to Tony when he goes on a mission with his sister and a NASA operative; Antonelle Chu. Seeing a prophetic vision of the upcoming future, Mason Savoy goes out to recruit the aid of an extra-ordinary individual, while Tony and John goes to scope things out about Divinity of the Immaculate OVA and face their doom. Plus, special agent Poyo goes up against General Jontongjoo of North Korea.
rob guillory chew
A Prophetic Vision
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Chew 16

Chew 17
chew image comics
Divinity of The Immaculate OVA

Chew 18

Chew 19

Chew 20

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Chew – Flambe

Writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory has brought the fourth arc of the fun-filled food-venturous universe of Toy Chu in the Chew monthly ongoing series from Image Comics. Following the success of “Taster´s Choice”, “International Flavor” and “Just Desserts", this storyline takes place in between issues #15-20 and while it slowly builds itself toward a grand event for the series, Flambe heads the timeline of Chew to the “Major League Chew” storyline.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Chew – Just Desserts | Comics

chew just desserts
Chew – Just Desserts | Comics
On a mission on Yamapalu Island, FDA agent Tony Chu has rescued his elder brother Chow Chu and his love interest reporter Amelia Mintz from the Governor Nomi Haupai. A mysterious Vampiric entity invades to rescue a Cibolocutor called The Great Fatanyeros and the governor shoots himself afterwards realizing he has brought doom to Yamapalu. Back on the office, Chu failed to explain his departure to his boss Mike Applebee and he is surprised at Applebee’s new and improved behavior, courtesy of his partner John Colby. They both are sent to a murder scene at the horse track and found a corpse of the son of the dead senator David Haman-Taschen, with a rare grey tailed Pygmy Marten shoved through his throat.

The trail of the dead senator’s son led them to the office of reporter Amelia Mintz where Colby scans through the related files and Chu discusses with Amelia over the topic that the senator was a member of an exclusive Diner's Club, where the meats of the endangered and rare kinds around the world are served twice a year for its exclusive members. Amelia shows Tony a ticket to the invitation for the diner that she got from the murder victim earlier and they decide to go there posing as guests. With agent Tony Chu out there, the so-called date turns out to be a lot more unexpected and unconventional as it could get. Plus, an overdue family reunion awaits for Chu and Amelia.
chew image comics
A Date With Destiny
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Chew 11

Chew 12
rob guillory chew
Mammoth for Dinner

Chew 13

Chew 14

Chew 15

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Chew – Just Desserts

Just Desserts is the third story arc from the monthly ongoing comic series Chew by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory. This storyline takes place from issues #11–15 from the Chew series of Image Comics publications. This storyline was preceded by “Taster´s Choice” and “International Flavor” and is followed by the fourth arc titled “Flambe” afterwards.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Chew – International Flavor | Comics

chew international flavor
Chew – International Flavor | Comics
FDA agent Mason Savoy is busted by fellow agent Tony Chu, for his involvement in killing another agent Evan Papper for his own agenda. Before losing his badge, Savoy managed to bit off Tony’s left ear to use it against him if he ever comes after him. Back in FDA, Chu meets his former partner John Colby, who is back from the hospital after recently joining the FDA in exchange for the cybernetic implants on his skull. Upon seeing Chu in the office he tries to start a fight for what happened to him and out of the hatred for Tony, their boss Mike Applebee thinks that they should partner up and help the NYPD with a special case of robbery.

As they progress with their day, they pay a visit to D-Bear, investigate and analyze info that led them to catch the robbers at Marina Bill enjoying a chicken diner along with the loot. The FDA storms out the boat and Tony determines the diner is not made of chicken but a fruit by tasting it. The plant looks like a pineapple with octopus like tentacles at its bottom that originates in the island of Yamapalu, where Tony is headed for further investigation and met U.S.D.A. agent Lin Sae Woo who was also after Tony's tail for some time. They were about to work together on this case but before that she is ambushed and killed by a very formidable assailant. Unaware of this, Tony learns of a local fighting chicken named Poyo and found disturbing evidence that warns him of a presence of vampire behind all the conspiracies he has unveiled recently at Yamapalu.
rob guillory chew
A Vampire Conspiracy?
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Chew 06

Chew 07
chew image comics
The Chicken Fruit

Chew 08

Chew 09

Chew 10

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Chew – International Flavor

The second story arc of the ongoing comic series Chew titled International Flavor consist issue #06-10 from Image Comics publications. The plot and the surrounding contents are created by John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and Rob Guillory who also worked on the previous arc Taster´s Choice. As all the stoylines are inter-connected, this one led us to the following chapter titled Just Desserts from the Chew series.
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